France September 2017: Best September since 2009 but up a shy 1.1%

Mercedes is the only carmaker posting double-digit gains in the Top 10 this month.

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The French new car market maintains itself in positive territory for the fifth consecutive month with September sales up 1.1% to 170.652, the largest score for the month since 2009 (183.248), leading to a year-to-date total up 3.9% to 1.560.885 registrations. The market is in positive solely thanks to company sales up 8.1% while private sales remain stable at +0.9%. Tactical sales, for once, are in decline: short-term rental sales are down 11.5% to 5.85% share, carmakers’ self-registrations down 4% to 1.75% share and demo sales down 2.6% to a still very high 18.6% market share.

The new generation 5008 helps Peugeot up 4.7% this month. 

Renault is stable this month at -0.1% to a strong 21.5% share – as is its tradition for end of quarter sales, however its sales mix is completely reshuffled, with private sales up 11.9% to 17.541, company sales up 20% to 12.834 and demo sales down 47% to 3.650. Peugeot beats the market with a 4.7% gain to 17.1% share, helped by company sales up 15.9% to 9.271 whereas private sales are down 4.9% to 12.724. Despite the recent launch of the new gen C3 and the arrival of the C3 Aircross in demo sales, Citroen remains at a historically low level at 8.8% share of its home market, up just 3.3% on an already paltry performance in September 2016. Private sales are down 4.6% to 5.719, company sales down 10.4% to 3.471 and demo sales up 50% to 4.519, more than Renault. This month demo/tactical sales represent almost one in three registrations for Citroen… Clearly not the sign of a healthy brand.

The Renault Captur is back on the French podium but down 8% year-on-year.

After being outsold by Dacia for the first time last month, Volkswagen post another disappointing performance at -14.8% to 6.1% share with private sales down 11.1%. According to Thierry Lespiaucq interviewed by local outlet Autoactu, Volkswagen Group France President, this is solely due to the generation transition of the Polo. Dacia (+3.5%) returns to a more traditional 5.2% share after its exceptional performance of last month, while Toyota confirms it is now the #2 imported brand in France with sales up 2.8% to 3.7% share. Mercedes leads the premium segment for the second month in a row thanks to deliveries up 12.9% to an outstanding 3.7% share, distancing Audi at 3.2% (+4.3%) and BMW at 3% (-2.8%). Opel (+3.2%) returns inside the Top 10 at #10, Fiat is up 11.8% to #11 but owes its score to tactical sales. Kia (+7.1%), Skoda (+9.3%), Suzuki (+24.5%), Seat (+26.9%^) and Mazda (+32.6%) impress.

Volkswagen (-14.8%) is waiting for the new Polo (pictured) to get back in positive. 

Model-wise, the Renault Clio celebrates 13 consecutive months in pole position thanks to sales up 9% to 5.8% share whereas its archenemy the Peugeot 208 is down 10% to 4.6%. The Renault Captur is back up 7 spots to #3 but down 8%, distancing its rival the Peugeot 2008, down 4% to 3.2% share in 4th place. The Peugeot 3008 is up one rank on August to #5 and remains #3 year-to-date. The new gen Citroen C3 hasn’t managed to stick to the top of the ranking near its rivals the Clio and 208: it is down four spots on last month to a disappointing 8th place. The Renault Twingo (#10), Scenic IV (#11) and Kadjar (#13) get a ranking boost due to Renault’s traditionally back-ended end-of-quarter sales, but don’t perform that well overall. With the VW Polo down 31%, the Golf is the best-selling foreigner this mont at a low #15, meaning the Top 14 best-sellers are locals. Finally, notice the new gen Peugeot 5008 maintaining itself inside the French Top 20 for the 4th month in a row.

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Full September 2017 Top 20 brands and models below.

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France August 2017: Dacia above VW to rank #4 for the first time

The Dacia Sandero hops on the French podium for the first time in four years. Picture

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The French new car market is up a robust 9.4% in August to 107.455 registrations, bringing the year-to-date tally up 4.2% to 1.390.240 units. If private sales are up 5.7% year-on-year to 52.686 units, they trail the market and fall to 49% share vs. 50.7% in August 2016. The market is pulled further up by company sales (including long term leases) up 17% to 25.6% share vs. 23.9% a year ago and demo sales up 27% to 17.139 units and 16% share. Note French manufacturers are responsible for the company sales surge with Peugeot up 30%, Citroen up 29.5% and Renault up 25%. In the overall market, Renault manages to reclaims the #1 brand title in-extremis off Peugeot with sals up 8.7% to 18.092 vs. 18.011 (+10.8%) for Peugeot. Both manufacturers hold 16.8% of their home market, below their respective YTD levels of 19.6% and 17.5%. Citroen (+1.9%) trails the market and slumps to a disappointing 9% share vs. 10% YTD.

The C-HR helps Toyota up 16.2% this month, now #6 YTD in-between VW and Ford. 

The hero of the month is without contest Dacia whose never-ending success story continues in France: thanks to deliveries up a whopping 21.8%, it outsells Volkswagen for the very first time to snap a best-ever 4th place overall in the brands ranking with 7.3% market share. If Dacia has ranked at this place and even in third place when only considering private sales, this is its first time at such a high level in the overall market, having consistently ranked 5th every month since October 2015. This performance translates in an even more impressive way into the private sales market where Dacia holds 12.2% thanks to 6.425 registrations, placing it at #3 not far at all from traditional leaders Renault (13.6%) and Peugeot (13.4%) and far above Citroen (8.1%) and Volkswagen (7.5%). Back to the overall market: below Volkswagen knocked down to 5th, Toyota gains 16.2% to bypass Ford for the 6th place YTD. Nissan surges 58% to 7th place but this is due to demo sales (+150%) and short term rentals (+580%) whereas private sales are only up 3%. Mercedes (+3.5%) tops the premium order above Audi (-1.9%) and BMW (-0.1%). Suzuki (+16.9%), Hyundai (+17.8%), Mitsubishi (+20.9%), Alfa Romeo (+21.1%), Fiat (+21.1%), Mazda (+21.9%), Skoda (+32.8%) and Tesla (+154.8%) also shine.

Skoda gains 32.8% in August, the largest improvement among the Top 20 brands.

Model-wise, the Renault Clio soars 31% year-on-year to solidly hold onto the top spot with 5% share vs. 4.1% for the Peugeot 208 (-17%), threatened this month by the Dacia Sandero up 18% to 4% share on the third step of the podium. This is the first time in four years that the Sandero manages to crack the French podium and the fourth time ever (#3 in July and August 2013 and #2 in March 2010). The Sandero obviously dominates the private sales ranking this month, selling 71% more than the #2, the Peugeot 208 (-20%) and Dacia places two models in the Top 5 with the Duster up 22% to 5th place. Back to the overall ranking where the Citroen C3 III remains in 4th place while the Peugeot 3008 II drops three spots on its record July to #6 but remains in 3rd position year-to-date. Both the Peugeot 308 (-3%) and 2008 (-7%) lose ground year-on-year, but not as much as the Renault Captur, down 13% to #10. The VW Polo (+33%) is the only foreigner in the Top 10 at #9, distancing the Toyota Yaris at #12 (+26%) and the Nissan Qashqai at #13 (+71%). Among recent launches, the Renault Scenic IV is down 5 spots to #16, the Peugeot 5008 up 222% to #18 thanks to the new model and the Nissan Micra up 137% thanks to the new generation. Note also the Nissan X-Trail up 130%, the Renault Zoe up 111% and the Ford Ka+ up 19 ranks on last month to break into the French Top 50 for the first time at #43.

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Full August 2017 Top 35 brands, Top 10 models (private sales) and Top 260 models below.

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France July 2017: Peugeot 3008 on podium for the first time

First ever podium ranking for the Peugeot 3008 nameplate at home. 

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For the third consecutive month, the growth of the French new car market (+10.9% in July to 147.514 registrations) is spread relatively evenly across distribution channels. Private sales are up 11.1% to 75.423 units and are back above the symbolic 50% share mark at 51.1%. Company sales (including long-term rentals) also beat the market at +12.7% to 36.230 units, and demo sales are up 15.4% but stock sales are down 17%. The year-to-date total is now up 3.8% to 1.282.860 units. As it has become ethnic routine, given Renault loads up its end of quarters (March, June, September and December), itfalls to 2nd place in July despite gaining 18.2% to 16.3% share vs. 19.9% YTD. Peugeot (+12.6%) is in the lead at 18% share and Citroen (+17.9%) holds onto the third spot at 10.5% share. Note all three French manufacturers see even larger private sales gains: Renault is up 34% to 11.607 through this channel, Peugeot up 16.7% to 11.593 and Citroen up 13.3% to 7.185. Overall, 49.1% of Renault sales are private this month, with this ratio dropping to 46.2% for Citroen and 43.6% for Peugeot. Peugeot is the most generous to long-term leases (14.5% of its sales), with Renault at 7.9% and Citroen 8.5%. Finally when it comes to business sales, Renault gives them 21.% of its sales vs. 16.7% for Peugeot and 15.7% for Citroen.

Volkswagen sales are up 13.4% year-on-year in July. 

Among foreign manufacturers, Volkswagen impresses at +13.4% but remains down 3.4% YTD, with Toyota (+22.7%), Nissan (+19.7%), Opel (+19.4%), Kia (+24.5%), Seat (+13.8%), Suzuki (+25.6%) and Skoda (+18.3%) all posting double-digit gains inside the Top 20. Further down, Alfa Romeo (+72%), Porsche (+66.1%), Smart (+38.8%) and Lexus (+21.2%) also shine. Looking at sales by channel, 27.3% of Nissan sales are demo sales this month (new Micra and facelifted Qashqai), for Opel this ratio is 23.4% due to the start of the Crossland X and for Volvo it is 22.5% due to the XC60. Fiat, up 7.3% to #9 overall, only has a 39.4% private sales ratio and 24.9% are demo sales in July. Audi (#7) is by far the most popular premium brand in France this month with sales up 6.9%, distancing Mercedes (#10) up 0.4% and BMW (#13) down 12.2%. Only 37.8% of BMW sold this month are private sales vs. 46.5% for Mercedes and 49.2% for Audi. 20% of Mercedes sales are demo sales vs. 14.9% for BMW and 12.5% for Audi.

The Dacia Sandero remains #1 with private buyers in July. 

Over in the models ranking, the Renault Clio soars 28.5% to 7.065 registrations and 4.8% share, reclaiming the July pole position off the Peugeot 208 down 1.3% to 6.571 units and 4.4% share. But the big news come from the Peugeot 3008: ranked #1 halfway though the month, Peugeot’s new best-selling SUV breaks all records in July. It climbs to a best-ever third position – the first time the 3008 is on the podium at home – beating both this generation’s previous best (#4 in January and in June) and the last one’s (#4 in March 2013). At 6.139 sales, the 3008 even teases the 208 for 2nd place and hits 4.2% market share, an all-time high for both generations. It kills two birds with one stone this month by snapping the #3 spots YTD as well, overtaking all at once the 2008, 308 and Captur.

The Stelvio is Alfa Romeo’s best-seller in France this month. 

The 3008 is #1 in the company sales channel at 2.841 or 46% of its July sales above the Renault Clio (2.001). It ranks 8th with private buyers (3.325 or 38% of its sales), a channel still controlled by the Dacia Sandero (4.077). As a result the Renault Kadjar freefalls 31%, plus the larger 5008 is also headed towards solid success, at #17 this month with 2.219 sales, 48% for companies and 29% for private buyers. All-in-all, Peugeot SUVs represent 8.7% of the French market this month, when accounting for the 2008 (4.465). Further down the ranking, notice also the Ford Kuga up 84% to #27, the Kia Sportage up 50% to #33, the Nissan Micra up 95% to #40 thanks to the new model, the Mercedes GLA up 93% to #42 and the Renault Zoe up 69% to #43. Among recent launches, the Opel Crossland is up 27 spots to break into the Top 100 at #82, the Alfa Romeo Stevio is up 42 ranks to #109, becoming the brand’s best-seller in France and the Jeep Compass reappears at #139 with the new generation. We also welcome the Range Rover Velar at #170.

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Full July 2017 Top 40 brands, Top 270 models and Top 10 private sales below.

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France 1-17 July 2017: Peugeot 3008 in pole position

The Peugeot 3008 is the best-selling vehicle in France over the first half of July.

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Over the first 17 days of July, the French new car market is up a splendid 10% year-on-year. Keep in mind these intermediate figures are always to be taken with a grain of salt as some manufacturers such as the Renault Group traditionally back-load their month in France, realising the majority of their sales over the last week and days of the month. In this context, Peugeot (-2%) and Citroen (+9%) are both above Renault (-3%) which itself is only less than 200 sales above Volkswagen (+10%). Toyota (+32%), Dacia (+47%), Ford (+28%) and Fiat (+45%) shoot up among the Top 10 brands. Model-wise, it’s a surprise: the tremendously successful new gen Peugeot 3008 spectacularly takes the lead of the sales charts thanks to deliveries up 116% over the previous gen. The Citroen C3 (+16%) and Peugeot 208 (-12%) complete a very unusual podium. It would be however extremely surprising if the 3008 managed to hold onto the top spot until the end of the month. Notice also the VW Polo up 35% to #4, the Citroen C4 Picasso up 27% to #6 and the Dacia Sandero up 73% to #8. The traditional leader, the Renault Clio, is stuck at #7 for now.

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Full 1-17 July 2017 Top 10 brands and models below.

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France First Half 2017: Market lifted up 3% by tactical sales

The Renault Clio remains the most popular nameplate in France so far in 2017. 

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The French new passenger car market is up 3% year-on-year or 32.852 units over the First Half of 2017 to 1.135.281 registrations. Although private sales have shown some unusual dynamism in May and June, they only gain 0.2% or 953 units over the period to 529.747 to position themselves at a historically low level of 46.6% market share. The overwhelming majority of the sales increase so far this year is due to tactical sales – self-registrations, demo sales and short-term rentals (+24.463 sales) and company sales (+6.663).

The Peugeot 2008 climbs onto the French podium over the First Half 2017. 

Renault is up 0.4% to drop 0.5 points of market share to 20.3%, reversely Peugeot is up 6% to gain 0.5pp to 17.5%. Citroen evolves almost like the market at +2% to drop slightly at 10.1% share, while Volkswagen declines 5% to 6.4%. Dacia (+4%), Ford (+9%) and Toyota (+17%, the most dynamic in the Top 10) all beat the market, distancing Opel (+3%) and Nissan (+2%) with Fiat (+11%) delivering the 2nd biggest gain inside the Top 10 thanks to the new Tipo (#31). Audi remains the #1 premium brand in France but gains just 0.1%, with Mercedes catching up at +12%, overtaking BMW (-2%). Kia (+11%), Seat (+20%), Suzuki (+38%), Alfa Romeo (+38%) and Tesla (+56%) are among the biggest gainers in France so far this year.

The Peugeot 3008 II, Citroen C3 III and Renault Scenic IV all land inside the Top 10.

Model-wise, the Renault Clio (+4%) accentuates its advantage over the Peugeot 208 (+1%) to 0.9pp, but Peugeot places three nameplates in the Top 4 with the 2008 up 4% to #3 and the 308 down 14% to #4. Awaiting its facelift, the Renault Captur is down 10% to #5. We have no less than three all-new nameplates inside the 2017 French Top 10: the Peugeot 3008 II is the success of the year, landing directly at #6 and peaking at #4 in January and June. It’s a tremendous success for Peugeot with 70.000 orders since launch. Peugeot is hoping to replicate its success with the larger 5008, already inside the Top 20 in June. Citroen places the new generation C3 in 7th place and should be aiming at #3 by the time the year ends – a difficult task. Finally the Renault Scénic IV arrives at #10, less than 2.000 units below the Megane IV already down 25% in June.

The Dacia Sandero is 6.000 units above any other nameplate in the private sales charts.  

The Dacia Sandero is up 7% but down two spots to #8 overall but dominates head-and-shoulders the private sales ranking with just under 30.000 sales (+11%), almost 6.000 units above the Peugeot 208 (-8%) while the Peugeot 2008 outsells the Renault Clio with private buyers. Looking at the private sales brands ranking, Dacia manages a very impressive third place below just Renault and Peugeot and above Citroen and Volkswagen. Back to the overall models ranking where the VW Polo (#12) remains the most popular foreigner ahead of the Toyota Yaris (#16) while the VW Tiguan (+103%) spectacularly overtakes the VW Golf (-26%). The Nissan Qashqai (+4%), Fiat 500 (+9%), Opel Corsa (+11%), Ford Fiesta (-2%) and Opel Mokka (+11%) follow. Just below, the Toyota C-HR is an instant blockbuster, landing directly at #26. The Renault Zoe breaks into the Top 30 at #28, the Mercedes GLC is up 102% to #55 and the Audi Q2 lands at #60.

The VW Tiguan outsells the Golf for the first time in France. Picture 

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Full H1 2017 Top 40 brands, Top 280 models and Top 10 private sales brands and models vs. Full H1 2016 figures below.

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France June 2017: Peugeot 3008 up to #4, breaks market share record

Record market share at home for the Peugeot 3008. 

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For the second month in a row, the French new car market displays a non-artificial gain with private sales beating the market. Overall, new registrations in June are up 1.6% year-on-year despite one less opening day to 230.940 units. Remarkably, this is the highest June volume this decade. Private sales are up 2.3% to 105.235 units, however remaining at a very low 45.6% market share. Company sales (including long-term leases) are up 8.1% to reach 21% share vs. 19.5% a year ago. For once, tactical sales decline this month in France – these include self-registrations, demo sales and short-term rentals. At 66.763 units, they drop 1.7 percentage point of market share, going from 30.7% in June 2016 to 29% now.

The Renault Captur is back up to #3 thanks to its facelift. 

A traditional fan of tactical sales towards the end of the quarter, market leader Renault drops 7% year-on-year on a particularly high base in June 2016, hitting 22.9% market share vs. 20.3% year-to-date. Peugeot on the other hand posts a spectacular 13% year-on-year improvement, catching up on a weak performance in June 2016 as its market share (17.8%), is only marginally higher than so far in 2017. Both Citroen (-2%) and Volkswagen (-6%) lose volume despite renewed best-sellers (the C3 and Tiguan) while Dacia gains 3%. The rest of the Top 10 brands are entirely in positive territory: Ford (+6%), Toyota (+9%), Nissan (+9%), Fiat (+1%) and Mercedes surging 32% to lead the premium race above BMW (+6%) and Audi (+4%). Opel (-5%) disappoints and slips out of the Top 10. Other great performers in France in June include Skoda (+13%), Suzuki (+25%), Seat (+16%), Alfa Romeo (+73%), Porsche (+55%), Tesla (+32%) and Maserati (+23%).

The new Renault Scénic remains inside the Top 5 for the second straight month.

In the models ranking, the Renault Clio (+0.2%) maintains a very comfortable advantage – almost two percentage points of market share – over the Peugeot 208 up 9%. The Renault Captur, although down 4% year-on-year, is starting to feel the effects of its facelift: back up 6 spots on May to #3, and sees its private sales shoot up 13%. The Peugeot 3008 II leaps to a best-ever 4th place (also hit last January) and breaks its market share record at 3.8%. It is the all-out best-selling SUV at home this month. The Renault Scénic IV remains inside the Top 5 at #5, distancing the Peugeot 308 (-7%) while the Citroen C3 III is down four spots on last month to #7. The Peugeot 2008 is struggling: down 6% to #8, and the Dacia Sandero also: down 1% and losing the private sales pole position to the Renault Clio this month. Rounding out the Top 10, the Renault Mégane is worryingly down 25% year-on-year, with the Kadjar (-30%) and Twingo (-36%) also posting paltry performances.

The new Peugeot 5008 breaks into the Top 20 at home. 

Among recent launches, the new Peugeot 5008 is up 33% on the previous generation and 9 spots on May to break into the Top 20 at #19, the new generation Nissan Micra is up 26 ranks on last month to #26, the Fiat Tipo up 183% to #29, the Toyota C-HR is down 10 ranks to #36, the Ford Ka+ up 41 to #51 and the new Renault Koleos down 15 to #79. Justifying the brand’s exceptional June performance, the Mercedes GLC is up 135% year-on-year to #48, with the C-Class up 22% and the GLA up 51%. Notice also the Ford Ecosport up 48% and the Suzuki Swift up 34%. Finally, the Opel Crossland is up 41 ranks to #109.

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Full June 2017 Top 40 brands, Top 275 models and Top 10 private sales below.

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France May 2017: Renault Scénic IV breaks into the Top 5

The Renault Scénic IV frankly takes the lead of its segment in May. Picture 

* See the Top 40 brands, Top 270 models and Top 10 private sales by clicking on the title *

Finally, the French new car market shows a solid, non-artificial gain in May at +8.9% year-on-year to 191.419 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 3.3% to 904.344 units. Business sales gain 14% to 38.859 units but the good news is private sales for once frankly in positive at +6.7% to 87.478. This renewed dynamism could find its origin in a post-presidential election newfound confidence by consumers and companies alike. There are still signs of artificial gains though with the demo sales channel shooting up 26.8% to 25.226 units, and let’s not forget the private sales share is still declining at 45.7% vs. 46.6% in May 2016. Renault beats the market with a 13% gain to a strong 20% share, with business sales up 23%, demo sales doubling thanks notably to the facelifted Captur and private sales down 1.1%. Peugeot trails the market at +5.9% but its channel mix is solid with private sales up 10.7%, business sales up 32% and demo sales down 23.2%. Citroen is in the same situation with overall sales up 5.7% to 10.2% share but private sales up 21.2% thanks to the new C3.

First podium ranking at home for the new gen Citroen C3. 

Volkswagen is up 12% to deliver its highest market share so far this year at 7.4%, while Dacia remains very strong at +11% to 5.5% of the market and over 10.000 units sold. Ford surges 20% to reclaim the #2 foreign carmaker spot year-to-date off Toyota, up 12% this month. Opel is up 10% solely thanks to demo sales (+44.9%) whereas private sales are down 1.9% and Fiat also shines at +19%. Audi wins the luxury race but only gains 7% vs. +18% for Mercedes whose private sales shoot up 32.4% while BMW is distanced at +2% and private sales down 0.2%. Further down, Seat (+28% thanks to the Ateca), Volvo (+19%), Alfa Romeo (+58%) and Tesla (+181%) show significant year-on-year gains.

The Fiesta (+74%) helps Ford up 20% this month.

The Renault Clio is faithful to its traditional pole position in France but trails the market at +5% while the Peugeot 208, almost 1.000 units below, is up 12%. The new generation Citroen C3, which appeared last August,  breaks onto the French podium for the first time and lifts to #5 year-to-date, overtaking the Renault Captur. It is the first podium for the C3 nameplate (all generations) since October 2014. Despite a 16% drop, the Peugeot 308 remains by far in the compact car segment lead, with the Megane IV up 44% but only ranking 10th. The big news this month is the 5th place of the Renault Scenic IV, its first time in the Top 5 and finally above its archenemy the Citroen C4 Picasso (down 9% to #12).

The Peugeot 3008 II is now #6 year-to-date. Picture 

Another excellent month for the new generation Peugeot 3008 in 7th place, it now ranks 6th year-to-date and continues to dominate its segment at 3.6% share vs. 1.8% for the Dacia Duster (+1%) and 1.6% for the Renault Kadjar (-13%). The Dacia Sandero is solid at +11% in 8th place, and both the Peugeot 2008 (-9%) and Renault Captur (-10%) seem to run out of steam, yet the 2008 remains at a splendid third place so far in 2017 vs. #7 for the Captur. Foreign models perform better than the market as a whole with a 9.9% gain, and it shows in the best-sellers: the VW Polo is up 32% on runout pricing for the outgoing generation, the Ford Fiesta is up 74%, the Fiat 500 up 40%, Opel Corsa up 34%, VW Tiguan up 84% and Opel Mokka up 24%.

The new generation Renault Koleos finally appears in its home sales charts. 

The Toyota C-HR continues to dominate recent foreign launches (<12 months) at #27 with just under 1% market share, with the Audi Q2 remaining inside the Top 50 – just – at #50 and the new generation Nissan Micra up 26 spots on April to #52. In the French ranks, the new Peugeot 5008 pushes the nameplate up 38% to #28 and the Renault Koleos reappears in the ranking – it’s the new model – at #64. Finally, this month we welcome the Opel Crossland at #150 and the VW Arteon at #175.

Looking at the private sales channel only, the Dacia Sandero accentuates its domination with sales up 14% year-on-year and almost 1.500 more than the #2, the Peugeot 208 (-13%). The Peugeot 2008 shoots up 27% to round up the podium and still ranks #2 year-to-date above the 208. The Renault Clio (-15%) and Captur (-29%) struggle but the VW Polo (+26%), Citroen C3 (+33%), Renault Scenic (+83%) and Peugeot 3008 (+117%) all impress.

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France April 2017: Peugeot 2008 and 3008 lead their segments

The Peugeot 3008 frankly outsells the Renault Kadjar. Picture 

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The French new car market is down 6% year-on-year in April to 171.879 registrations, due to two less opening days than a year ago. Adjusted to the same number of opening days, the market is up 3.9%. Year-to-date, sales are up 2% to 712.933 with exactly the same number of opening days as in 2016. Looking at sales by channel, once again private sales fare worse than the market at -10.6% to 79.476 and a low 46.2% market share vs. 48.6% a year ago. Business sales on the other hand be at the market at -2.9% to 34. 532 and 20% share vs. 19.4% a year ago. Finally, demo sales shoot up 15.9% this month to 13.4% share and are up 18.7% so far this year, confirming the source of the year-to-date market growth is mainly artificial.

Brand-wise, market leader Renault trails the market at -9% to 18.9% share vs. 19.5% so far this year whereas Peugeot beats it at -2% to 18% vs. 17.5% in 2017. Citroen follows the overall trend at -5%, remaining above 10% share thanks to the new C3, Volkswagen tumbles down 15% just as the Polo (-14%) and Golf (-45%) await their facelift, and Dacia is down 5% but remains above its year-to-date level at 6.3% share vs. 5.7%. In the private sales channel, the rankings are overturned with Peugeot frankly distancing Renault at 13.106 sales vs. 11.876 and Dacia above Citroen at 9.072 vs. 8.097.

The new C3 keeps Citroen above 10% share. Picture

Below, Toyota is up 2% thanks to the C-HR (#34), Nissan is stable thanks to the Qashqai (+15%) and the new Micra (#78), Fiat is up 4% thanks to the Tipo (#36), Kia is up 12% thanks notably to the Sportage (+21%), the new Rio (+43%) and the Niro, Seat gains 23% thanks to the Ateca (#71), Skoda is up 10% thanks to the Kodiaq (#127) and Suzuki up 16% thanks to the Baleno and Ignis. All three top-selling premium brands are down: Audi (-8%) ahead of Mercedes (-5%) and BMW (-14%). Among smaller brands, Alfa Romeo (+55%), Maserati (+57%) and Tesla (+63%) shine.

In the models ranking, the Renault Clio (-8%) remains in the lead for just 35 units above the Peugeot 208 (-10%), and we witness some more interesting duels below. The Peugeot 2008 (+9%) has taken a clear advantage over the Renault Captur (-23%), the Peugeot 308 (-15%) stays way above the Renault Megane IV (+16%), the Peugeot 3008 II (#6) outsells the Renault Kadjar (#16) and the Citroen C4 Picasso (#10) is above the new Renault Scenic IV (#11). Notice also the VW Tiguan (#15) up 160% to become the 2nd best-selling foreign model below the VW Polo and the Audi Q2 breaking into the Top 50 for the first time at #49.

Looking at the models ranking in the private sales channel, the Dacia Sandero remains by far in pole position despite sales down 2% year-on-year. It distances the Peugeot 2008 (+5%) once again outselling the Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio, both down 15% this month. The Citroen C3 (+2%) and Peugeot 3008 (+88%) follow, while the Renault Captur loses almost half its sales year-on-year at -47%.

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France March 2017: Peugeot 2008 settles at #3 in market up 7%

 The Peugeot 2008 ranks 2nd with private buyers at home this month.

French new car sales are up 7% year-on-year in March to 226.145 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 4.8% to 541.065 units. However yet again this growth is mainly artificial with inventory registrations up a whopping 26% on March 2016 whereas private sales only gain 1.7% to 106.733 and are up only 1% year-to-date to 257.568 or a historically low 47.6% market share. As per every end of Quarter, market leader Renault posts a strong 21.5% market share vs. 19.7% year-to-date but gains less ground than the market at +4%. Peugeot on the other hand is up 12% while Citroen gains 9% thanks to the solid score of the new generation C3.

Volkswagen is in trouble at -9% and holds onto the 4th spots overall for a mere 675 units above Dacia up 10%. Other manufacturers in great shape this month include Toyota (+34%), Suzuki (+22%), Fiat (+18%), Kia (+18%), Mercedes (+15%) and Hyundai (+14%) but DS drops 34% to #20. Among smaller brands, notice Alfa Romeo (+34%), Maserati (+65%), Jaguar (+83%) and Infiniti (+145%).

The Renault Clio continues to dominate the models ranking with just under 5.9% share, a full percentage point above the Peugeot 208 at #2. Slowly but surely, the Peugeot 2008 settles into third place, a ranking it holds this month (+10%) and year-to-date (+14%). Its archenemy the Renault Captur follows at #4 in March but ranks 5th so far this year below the Peugeot 308. Recent launches makes themselves noticed: the new gen Citroen C3 remains at #6, the new Renault Megane is up one spot on February to #8 and the Peugeot 3008 down 1 to #9.

There are no foreign models inside the Top 13 (vs. Top 12 last month) with the VW Polo (-19%) leader the way above the Toyota Yaris (+13%) and Nissan Qashqai (+8%). Just below, we find the VW Tiguan (+204% thanks to the new model), the Fiat 500 (+19%) and Opel Corsa (+21%). Other great gainers inside the Top 50 include the Opel Mokka (+24%), Ford Kuga (+35%), Renault Talisman (+37%), Renault Zoe (+45%) and BMW X1 (+45%). The Audi Q2 (#57) is now the 2nd best-seller for the brand below the A3 (#37), the new generation Nissan Micra breaks into the Top 100 at #93 and this month we welcome the Alfa Romeo Stelvio at #160 and the new gen Land Rover Discovery reappears at #203.

Private sales of the Dacia Sandero are up 30% this month. Picture 

In the private sales aisle, the Dacia Sandero reigns supreme with deliveries up 30% year-on-year thanks to its facelift, and is now followed by the Peugeot 2008 up 8% to n2nd place, distancing the Peugeot 208 (-5%), Renault Clio (-16%) and Captur (-7%). A very different picture than the overall sales charts indeed. Year-to-date, the Peugeot 2008 is now only 4 units below the 208 for second place overall. Notice also the Peugeot 3008 up 124% on the previous generation to #7 private sales. The locally-produced Toyota Yaris (+16%) makes it to the Top 10.

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Full March 2017 Top 45 brands, Top 275 models and Top 10 private sales below.

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France February 2017: Citroen C3 and Toyota C-HR impress

Citroen C3 – a first WRC win in Mexico coincides with a 2nd place in the French private sales charts. 

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1. Passenger cars market – brands

In January, French new car sales were up 10.6%, but just 0.5% once adjusted for daily rates. In February we witness the opposite: sales are down 2.9% but with one less selling day than in February 2016, this drop actually equates to a 2% annually adjusted gain. Renault fell to 2nd place in the brands ranking in January due to a now routine “start of period fatigue” after loading up on tacticals in December as per every quarter end. In February, Renault reclaims the brands top spot despite a 6% year-on-year drop, followed by Peugeot (-8%), Citroen (-3%) and Volkswagen (-9%), plunging the entire Top 4 best-sellers into negative territory.

The new generation Nissan Micra makes its landing in France.

In fact, Dacia (+6%) Fiat (+7%) and Toyota (+26%) are the only carmakers posting year-on-year gains in the Top 10, with Nissan (-19%) suffering the most. BMW snaps the luxury crown despite sales down 6%, ahead of Mercedes (+7%) and Audi (-13%). Further down, notice Kia up 12%, Suzuki up 22%, Seat up 27%, Volvo up 28% but DS down 34%. Among smaller brands, Infiniti (+28%), Jaguar (+30%), Maserati (+33%), Aston Martin (+133%), Tesla (+148%) and Lamborghini (+200%) all impress.

The Toyota C-HR ranks at #25 in France this month, up two spots on January. 

2. Passenger cars market – models

The Renault Clio remains sovereign in the models ranking despite deliveries down 7% to 8.656. The Peugeot 208 (-12%) stays in 2nd place while the Peugeot 308 (-19%) climbs back onto the podium above the Peugeot 2008 (+4%) – that’s three Peugeots in the Top 4 vs. three in the Top 8 for Renault (Captur at #5 and Mégane IV at #8). The third generation Citroen C3 nudges up one spot to #6 with 5.002 sales, but its performance comes to light after a further study of the sales figures: adding the second generation’s sales brings the C3 February total to 6.537 and allows the nameplate a third place overall behind the Clio and 208, a ranking the C3 nameplate had not held since October 2014. The C3 does even better with private buyers, as we detail further down.

The third generation Citroen C3 breaks into the Top 5 and ranks #2 with private buyers. 

Looking into a couple of long running rivalries among French nameplates shows dominance of the PSA Group: Renault Mégane IV – although up 114% year-on-year to #8 – remains well below its rival the Peugeot 308 at 4.052 sales vs. 5.465, the Peugeot 3008 II (3.976) dominates the Dacia Duster (2.959) and Renault Kadjar (2.108) and the Citroen C4 Picasso (3.234) reclaims the MPV lead off the Renault Scénic IV (2.339). The locally produced Toyota Yaris (+14%) is the most popular foreigner this month at #13 – meaning that just like in January the Top 12 best-sellers in France are all locals. The VW Polo (-24%) ranks 2nd foreigner above the VW Tiguan lodging another outstanding performance at +86% to #16 overall. Note the Tiguan brilliantly remains above the Golf (down 6% to #20) in the year-to-date charts at 4.768 sales vs. 4.396.

The new generation Kia Rio shows up directly at #102 in France this month.

Among further recent launches, the Toyota C-HR continues to impress and edges up two spots on January to a best ever #23 thanks to 1.734 sales, the Fiat Tipo is up 16 spots to obliterate its personal best at #27 – previously #43 hit last month and in November 2016), the Audi Q2 is up 8 ranks to #58, the Seat Ateca up four to #61, the Ford Ka+ up 17 to #67 and the Suzuki Ignis up 15 to #76. This month we welcome two new entrants inside the French new car sales charts: the new generation Kia Rio landing directly at #102 and the new gen Nissan Micra at #213.

The Dacia Sandero frankly dominates the private sales charts in France. 

3. Private sales

After being edged out of the annual pole position at the last minute in 2016, the Dacia Sandero reclaims the throne in 2017 with 4.410 private sales in February (+20%) and 8.704 year-to-date (+18%). Surprise in 2nd place: the Citroen C3 gains 10% to 3.818 sales and also ranks #2 year-to-date at 8.153 units (+15%), distancing its two arch-enemies the Peugeot 208 at 6.980 (-12%) and the Renault Clio at 6.584 (-2%). Back to the February charts where the Peugeot 2008 posts a splendid third place with 3.397 sales, outselling the 208, Clio and Captur. The Dacia Duster is the best-selling SUV with private French buyers at #6. The Peugeot 3008 ranks 10th.

Renault Trafic

4. Light Commercial Vehicles

The LCV market goes against the grain in February with a 4.2% year-on-year gain (+9.4% annually adjusted) to 34.616 deliveries. The Renault Kangoo firmly holds onto the top spot with 9.4% share ahead of the Renault Clio at 7.5%. The Renault Trafic gains three spots on January to #3, the Renault Master is up one to #4. the Peugeot Expert also up one to #8 and the Ford Transit 2T up three to #14. The Mercedes Vito (#18) and Renault Mégane IV (#20) break into the Top 20 this month.

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