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Germany November 2012: Ford Fiesta and Audi Q5 impress

2013 Ford Fiesta

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New car sales in Germany are down 3% year-on-year to 259,846 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 2,878,173 units, down 2% on 2011. For the 2nd month in a row and the 5th time this year, Volkswagen monopolises the models podium, with the Golf at #1 with 21,024 sales and 8.1%, the Passat at #2 with 8,299 units and 3.2% and the Polo at #3 with 6,889 sales and 2.7%, reflecting the 2012 year-to-date ranking and all with slightly higher market shares than their YTD levels.

Audi Q5

Potentially in runout mode before the facelifted version hits dealerships, the Ford Fiesta is up one further spot on October to #4 at 6,339 units and 2.4%, its highest ranking since October 2009, with this generation’s best remaining #3 in July 2009 when the market was heavily influenced by scrappage schemes. The BMW 3 Series is up 6 ranks to #5 with 6,108 sales and 2.4% also, the Audi A4 is stable vs. last month but drops 2 to #6, the BMW 1 Series is back up 5 to #8 and the Audi A3 is up 5 to break into the German Top 10 for the first time since last April.

The Mercedes A-Class continues its new generation-fuelled progression, up 5 spots this month to #13, its best ranking since October 2011 and the VW Up! stays very robust and lodges a very similar performance to its record October at 4,457 sales and 1.7% share but drops to #16. Two Audi SUVs deliver outstanding results this month: the Q5 is up 8 spots to reach a best-ever #22 at 3,002 units and 1.2%, its previous best being #29 in November 2010, and the Q3 is up 10 to #23 with 2,891 sales and 1.1%, its 2nd best ranking ever in Germany below the #21 it reached last August.

Renault Clio IV

About those far and few between foreign models in Germany, if we exclude the Skoda Octavia (#21), Fabia (#24) and Seat Ibiza (#25), only ‘half-foreign’, there are still no foreigners in the Top 25 and the Renault Clio leads the way, helped by the new generation of the model now available and up 22 spots on October to #28. The only other 3 true foreigners in the Top 40 are the Renault Twingo at #35, the Renault Megane at #38 and the Nissan Qashqai at #39.

Opel Adam

Other great performers in Germany this month include the Seat Mii up 7 ranks to a best-ever #54, the Skoda Citigo up 30 to #57, the Ford B-Max up 12 to #59, the Dacia Lodgy up 6 to #68, Mazda6 up 54 to #71, Mercedes CLS up 27 to #92 and Mercedes Citan up 17 to #151. Notice also the Opel Mokka down 46 spots to #150, the Skoda Rapid down 75 to #184, the Mercedes CLA up 37 to #246 and the Opel Adam making its very first appearance in the ranking at #193 with 101 sales.

There is now also a Top 50 All-brands ranking available for Germany, unsurprisingly showing Volkswagen head and shoulders above the rest with 59,542 sales and 22.9%, and the spectacular success of homegrown prestige brands: Mercedes comes at #2 with a massive 10.1% market share, followed by Audi at 9.9% and BMW at 8.8% while Opel at 6.8% and Ford at 6.3% disappoint. Below Skoda at #7, Renault is the best-selling importer at #8 with 3.8% ahead of Hyundai (2.9%).

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