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USA October 2012 Hybrid and Electric cars: Ford C-Max #3!

Ford C-Max

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After looking at overall October and 10 months 2012 US rankings, let’s explore in detail the best-selling Hybrid and Electric cars. This segment has seen its sales nearly double year-on-year at 40,678 units, up 95% on October 2011… This brings the year-to-date total to 393,326 sales, up a mammoth 76% on 2011. In other words, if all Hybrid and Electric cars sold in the US were one model it would rank #2 behind only the Ford F-Series… Note 2 in 3 Hybrid and Electric cars sold in the country in 2012 so far is a Toyota or a Lexus…

But this may be about to change: October 2012 marks the first true success for Ford in the segment: the C-Max hybrid and Energi plug-in sell a combined 3,182 units for their first full month in the country, putting the model in third position overall, and most importantly to Ford, above their direct competitor the Toyota Prius V which sold  2,769 units this month…

Other interesting developments include the Toyota Prius C gaining one spot to land in 2nd position below the unattainable (for now) Toyota Prius, the Chevrolet Volt breaking its monthly volume record once again at #5 with 2,961 sales, the Nissan Leaf back up to #7 and +86% year-on-year with 1,579 units, the Lexus ES stable at an excellent 8th place and the BMW 1 Series Active E 671 leased units now taken into account, but whether they all got registered this month is unclear.

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