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USA Q3 2023: Honda (+50.9%), Nissan (+40.2%), Tesla (+37.9%) impress, market up 16.7%

Honda Civic sales are up 103.9% year-on-year in September.

As stock issues get resolved, the US new car market soars 16.7% year-on-year over Q3 to 3,982,140 units. Year-to-date, the volume is up 14.2% or 1.45 million units to 11,693,202. In the groups ranking, General Motors (+21.2%) beats the market to almost 670,000 sales, that’s almost 80,000 units more than #2 Toyota Motor (+12.2%), with Ford Motor (+7.7%) in third place a further 93,000 units below. Hyundai-Kia (+11.9%) follows ahead of Stellantis (-1.3%) but both underperform. In contrast American Honda (+52.7%) and Nissan Motor/Mitsubishi (+39.9%) both score fantastic lifts.

Brand-wise, Toyota (+12.4%) is in the lead above Ford (+8%), reversing the year-to-date order. Chevrolet (+21%) and Honda (+50.9%) power up below, with Kia (+13.8%) and Hyundai (+8.7%) soft. Nissan (+40.2%) surges ahead year-on-year but ranks #7 for Q3 vs. #5 year-to-date. Subaru (+18.8%) edges past the market while Tesla (+37.9%) continues to progress fast. Mazda (+22.4%), Audi (+20.8%), Buick (+54.2%), Chrysler (+95.8%), Acura (+69.3%), Volvo (+49.7%) and Mitsubishi (+32.3%) shine further down the charts. We welcome GM’s light commercial EV brand BrightDrop.

Over in the models lane, the Ford F-Series trails the market at +13.4% but easily remains in the top spot above the Chevrolet Silverado (+21.2%). The Toyota RAV4 (+13%) overtakes a struggling Ram Pickup (-7.4%) for third place overall. The Honda CR-V (+58.9%) soars to #5 while the Tesla Model Y (+69.3%) ranks third best-selling SUV in the country. The GMC Sierra (+45.9%) is also shooting up at #7. The Toyota Corolla (+24.6%) is the most popular car, edging past perennial leader the Toyota Camry (-14.3%). The Nissan Rogue (+49.2%) competes the Top 10 in splendid fashion, with the Jeep Grand Cherokee (+51.7%), Honda Civic (+103.9%), Hyundai Tucson (+61.7%) and Honda Accord (+74.3%) standing out below.

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Full Q3 2023 Top 15 groups, Top 47 All brands and Top 306 All models below.

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