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USA September 2022: Market up 9.5%, Chevrolet up 30% over Q3

Chevrolet Equinox sales are up 34.8% year-on-year over Q3.

New light vehicle sales in the U.S. climb 9.5% year-on-year in September to 1.1 million units, the market’s second consecutive month of year-on-year gains. Volumes are still very weak given September 2021 was down -25% on the year prior. The SAAR is up 9.8% year-on-year to 13.5 million units, its highest level since last April. Year-to-date, the market is down -13% to 10.1 million units. Light trucks hold a mammoth 79.1% share vs. 78% a year ago. Passenger cars are down from 22% to 20.9%. Q3 sales are stable at 3.4 million units.

In the groups ranking and over Q3 2022, General Motors (+24.6%) confirms it is now back above Toyota (-7.1%) with a splendid year-on-year gain. Keep in mind GM was affected early by the microchip shortage so it is merely catching up now. The same goes for Ford Motor (+16%) in third place. Mercedes (+23.2%), the VW Group (+14.2%), the BMW Group (+3.9%) and Hyundai-Kia (+3.8%) also post uptick whereas American Honda (-35.8%), Jaguar Land Rover (-31.9%) and Nissan Motor/Mitsubishi (-15.8%) continue to freefall.

Brand-wise, Toyota (-5.4%) remains in the top spot both over Q3 and YTD (-15.2%) but Ford (+16%) is getting much closer just 17,000 units below. The gap between the two marques year-to-date is 65,000 units. Chevrolet (+30%) soars but stays in third place above Honda (-34.8%) and Kia (+4.4%) up to #5 vs. #7 YTD. Hyundai (+3.3%) ranks 6th both in Q3 and YTD. Jeep (-18%) is down to #7 vs. #5 so far this year, with Nissan (-24.1%), Ram (-3.8%) and Subaru (-3%) underperforming in the remainder of the Top 10. Notice also Cadillac (+49.5%) and Chrysler (+39.4%) in great shape while Rivian is up to #32 with over 6,000 sales.

Over in the models ranking, the Ford F-Series (-2.8%) slightly widens the gap with the Ram Pickup (-3%) to bring it to a comfortable 50,000 units. The Chevrolet Silverado comes in third but remains in 2nd place YTD. The Toyota RAV4 (+11.1%) sports a solid gain that goes against the market. The Toyota Camry (-0.8%) resists surprisingly well for a passenger car and climbs to #5 both for the Quarter and YTD. The Toyota Tacoma (+9.7%) reaches unseen heights at #6 overall and #7 YTD vs. #11 over the Full Year 2021. The Honda CR-V (-19.3%) remains the 2nd best-selling SUV in the country but dives year-on-year and drops to #7 vs. #5 over the Full Year 2021. The Toyota Corolla (-12%) holds somewhat and climbs to #8, while the Tesla Model Y (+15.9%) breaks into the Top 10 at #9 and the Ford Explorer (+27.2%) rounds out the Top 10 with the largest gain there. Notice also the Tesla Model 3 (+31.9%) at #12, the Chevrolet Equinox (+43.8%) at #15 and the Subaru Crosstrek (+22.9%) at #16. The Ford Bronco (+235.5%) is up to #24. The Toyota Corolla Cross (#72) is the best-selling recent launch followed by the Mazda CX-50 (#106) and Kia EV6 (#148). We welcome the Cadillac Lyriq in the charts at #273.

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Full Q3 Top 15 groups, Top 45 all brands and Top 292 all models below.

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