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USA 10 months 2012: Discover the Top 277 All-models ranking!

Buick Verano

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After exploring US October sales, as per the monthly routine on BSCB we are now going through the year-to-date rankings in a little more detail to try and extract longer term trends. Over the first 10 months of 2012 new car sales in the USA are up a very dynamic 14% on 2011 to 11,992,114 units, however November will be impacted by the after-effects of Superstorm Sandy and will slow down this growth. Below the Ford F-Series closing in on a 31st consecutive year as the country’s best-selling vehicle, the Toyota Camry now sees its 2nd position in danger from the Chevrolet Silverado. Only 7,775 units separate the two models after 10 months vs. 16,588 last month.

Dodge Avenger

In spite of this the Toyota Camry still delivers one of the strongest year-on-year growths in the Top 20 at +37%. Other notable improvements include the Toyota Prius up 55% at #18 (but this includes sales of the Prius V all-new for 2012), the Honda Civic up 39% at #6, the Ford Focus up 37% at #12, Honda Accord up 36% at #4 and Toyota RAV4 up 36% at #20. In the Top 50, the VW Passat is king at +826% in 43rd place, followed by the Kia Optima up 98% at #22, Dodge Avenger up 58% at #46 and Chrysler 200 up 56% at #30.

Fiat 500

If we look at models ranked between #51 and #100 over 10 months, we find the two best performing all-new models over the period: the Mazda CX-5 holds the crown even though it ranks at a relatively low #97 with 33,150 sales, followed by the Buick Verano at #98 and 32,648 units. The biggest gainers year-on-year are the Chevrolet Sonic (launched in August 2011) up 1168% at #53, Fiat 500 up 130% at #88, Kia Rio up 124% at #90, Chrysler 300 up 117% at #63 and Subaru Impreza up 107% at #56.

Toyota Prius C

Among the 18 all-new models in the ranking we can also find the Toyota Prius C at #107 with 29,438 sales (or more than the Toyota Yaris it is based on), the Infiniti JX35 at #144 with 16,437 units, the Dodge Dart at #151 with 14,709 sales, the Cadillac XTS at #170 and 9,696, the Scion FR-S at #176 and 8,572, the Chevrolet Spark at #177 and 8,447, Ford C-Max at #221 and 4,151, BMW X1 at #223 and 4,053, Subaru XV Crosstrek at #240 and 1,927 and the Cadillac ATS at #241 and 1,877.

Honda Ridgeline

Notice also the Hyundai Veloster (launched in September 2011) up 576% at #103, the VW Beetle up 632% at #118 thanks to the new model, the Acura RDX up 83% at #122, Chevrolet Volt up 286% at #130, Lexus GS up 424% at #138, Audi A6 up 97% at #146, Honda Ridgeline up 53% at #162, Range Rover Evoque (launched in October 2011) up 738% at #192, Hyundai Azera up 372% at #193, BMW 6 Series up 138% at #204 and the Toyota Land Cruiser up 71% at #236.

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Full 10 months 2012 Top 277 All-models Ranking Table below.

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