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USA 9 months 2012: Discover the Top 277 All-models ranking!

The Mazda CX-5 has become 2012’s best-selling all-new model in the USA

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After exploring US September sales, as is now the tradition on BSCB let’s go through the year-to-date rankings in a little more detail to try and extract longer term trends. Over the first 9 months of 2012 new car sales in the USA are up a very vigorous 14.5% on 2011 to 10,899,949 units, which is already more than in the Full Year 2009. While the Ford F-Series unsurprisingly keeps the lead albeit with sales growing slower than the market at +11%, the Toyota Camry climbs back into 2nd position at +37% year-on-year. If it keeps this spot until the end of the year it would be the first time it does so since 2009 and only the 2nd time ever…

VW Passat

In fact the Camry delivers one of the strongest year-on-year growths in the Top 20. The biggest goes to the Toyota Prius up 69% to #17, however this includes sales of the Prius MPV. Other outstanding growths include the Honda Civic up 40% to #6, the Toyota RAV4 up 39% to #20, the Honda Accord up 37% to #4 and the Ford Focus up 36% to #12. In the Top 50, the biggest increase goes to the VW Passat up 1610% to #44 thanks to the new model, followed by the Kia Optima up 106% to #22, the Dodge Avenger up 66% to #46 and the Chrysler 200 up 65% to #30.

Chevrolet Sonic

Among models ranked between #51 and #101 over 9 months, the Chevrolet Sonic (launched in August 2011) lodges the strongest gain at +3695% to #53 and 64,746 sales, ahead of the Hyundai Veloster (launched in September 2011) up 3298% to #101, the Kia Rio up 138% to #89, the Fiat 500 up 136% to #90, the Chrysler 300 up 129% to #63 and the Subaru Impreza up 105% to #56.

Infiniti JX35

This month the Mazda CX-5 becomes the best-selling all-new models in the US ranking, landing at #99 with 29,372 sales and passing the Buick Verano at #100 and 29,146 units. Follow the Chevrolet Captiva Sport at #105 and 27,148, the Toyota Prius C at #109 and 26,110, the  Infiniti JX35 at #146 and 14,353, the Dodge Dart at #168 and 9,254, the Scion FR-S at #176 and 7,465, the Cadillac XTS at #182 and 7,156, the Scion iQ at #185 and 6,872, the Range Rover Evoque at #190 and 6,235 and the Acura ILX at #191 and 6,129.

BMW 6 Series

Notice also the Toyota Yaris up 50% to #111, the VW Beetle up 1122% to #119, the Acura RDX up 86% to #124, the Chevrolet Volt up 320% to #136, the Lexus GS up 418% to #137, the Nissan Quest up 68% to #144, the Audi A6 up 107% to #147 while the A7 is also up 53% to #189, the Honda Ridgeline up 58% to #161, the Hyundai Azera up 326% to #196, the BMW 6 Series up 147% to #204 and the Toyota Land Cruiser up 68% to #236.

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Full 9 months 2012 All-models Top 277 Ranking Table below.

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