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USA 2006: Toyota Camry & Corolla lead passenger car ranking

Toyota Camry

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Relative set back for trucks this year in the US: the Ford F-Series is the best-selling vehicle in the country for the 25th year in a row in spite of a 12% drop to 796,039 sales, peaking at 84,168 in March. The Chevrolet Silverado was relaunched this year but fell 10% to 636,069 units, peaking at 66,583 sales in July when it was only 2,399 units below the F-Series…

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Camry, renewed this year, reinforces its US passenger car leadership (for the 5th year in a row) with 448,445 sales, up 8%. It peaks at 43,112 units in May and is followed by the Toyota Corolla, up 2 spots and 14% to 387,388 units, peaking at 41,800 sales in July. The Dodge Ram is down 9% to #5, the Honda Accord down 4% to #6 and the Chevrolet Impala up 18% to #8.

Chevrolet Cobalt

Only newcomer in the Yearly Top 10, the Chevrolet Cobalt is up 5 spots to #10 while the Toyota Tacoma is up 7 spots to #15, peaking at #12 in November. The all-new Honda CR-V breaks into the monthly Top 10 for the first time in the nameplate’s career in October at 20,413 sales, also an all-time volume record. The new Honda Pilot does almost the same thing, peaking at #11 in July and August.

Dodge Charger

The best new entrant in the Top 50 is the Toyota RAV4, relaunched this year, up 116% and 45 spots to #29 and 152,047 sales, peaking at #20 in July and November. It is followed closely by the Ford Fusion ranking 32nd for its first full year of sales at 142,502 units. The new gen Dodge Charger also does well, up 155% and 55 spots to #41.

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Full Year Top 100: see below.

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