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UK September 2012: Now with Top 343 All-models ranking!

Great Wall Steed. Picture: Car Products Tested

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Yes you can get excited, as you are about to discover very rare data! Like every Quarter there is an All-models ranking for the UK available. This time I can also share that ranking for September, a very important month as it corresponds to the 2nd licence-plate number change of the year after March and with 359,612 registrations it places the UK in the #1 spot in Europe. You can check out my original September 2012 UK article here. Bit of added value also: the ranking now includes all Light Commercial Vehicles, meaning the Ford Transit comes up at #7 overall with 7,928 sales and the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa figures are  slightly higher at 19,180 and 17,299 respectively.

2013 Ford Transit

We won’t dwell on the Top 10 as this is no new news (reminder: Mercedes C-Class at record #6). The big event is the appearance of the 2nd Chinese model to ever be imported into the country: the Great Wall Steed pick-up ranks #231 in September with 113 sales, adding up to 338 units over the first 9 months of 2012. The Steed’s September figure puts it in the vicinity of the Porsche Panamera, Honda CR-Z and Chrysler Voyager and well above the MG6, the only other ‘Chinese’ model on sale in the UK, down to #249 with 72 units this month.

Mini Countryman

Still tiny numbers for Great Wall but it will be fascinating to follow the Steed’s sales evolution over the next few months, as well as the entry of low-cost brand Dacia before the end of the year. Back to the top of the ranking, where the BMW 1 Series at #12, Toyota Yaris at #13, Nissan Juke at #16 and Honda Jazz at #17 all shine. There is a 5th Asian model in the Top 20: the Hyundai i10.

Further down, the Mini Countryman is up to an outstanding 26th position thanks to 3,517 units and 1% share, the VW Up! breaks into the UK monthly Top 30 at #29 with 3,394 sales, the Honda Civic is up to #33, the Jaguar XF ranks #52, the Skoda Citigo is up to #87, the Seat Mii #140, Toyota GT86 #141, Volvo V40 #159 and the Ford B-Max lands at #195 with 265 sales.

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One year ago: UK September 2011: Ford Fiesta leads, Mini back in Top 10

Full September 2012 Top 343 All-models Ranking Table below.

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UK: 1965-2017 Historical Data now available

The Austin Mini ranked within the UK Top 10 up until 1981

The direct links to 36 UK Historical Data posts are below.

* You can also check the UK nameplates records here *

Thanks to Chris, author of the book “British Leyland: Chronicle of a car crash“, I can now share with you more detail on the UK best-selling models since 1965, date of the first available SMMT data. In particular, there is now at least a complete Top 10 models ranking from 1965 to 1979 and sales of each Austin, BMC, British Leyland, MG, Morris and Triumph model over the period.

The MGB peaked at 13,755 sales in 1973

While the UK new car market grew from 1.1 million units in 1965 to a record 1.7 million in 1979, the most striking event at the time is the imports share going from a mere 5.1% in 1965 to a huge 56.3% in 1979, its first time ever above 50%… Most UK manufacturers would then disappear during the eighties at the same time as foreign carmakers like Peugeot, Toyota and Nissan started manufacturing cars in the UK.

Click here to find more used cars in the UKNote: the Used cars link is brought to you by

The Ford Cortina holds the all-time UK annual sales record at 193,784 units in 1979

As a reminder and thanks to Florian there is also at least a Top 15 models ranking from 1985 onwards, a Top 30 from 1995 onwards and a Top 100 for 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994 and 2004 up until now. This is very rare as info beyond the Top 10 is very hard to find… Plus from 2004 onwards every Monthly Top 10 is available, that’s over 140 consecutive months.

The Rover SD1 was #13 in 1978

Witness the last years of the Ford Anglia (Harry Potter’s car!) and the Austin Morris 1100, in the Top 2 from 1965 to 1971. Since 1972 or for the last 40 consecutive years, a Ford model has held the UK pole position: the Cortina (#1 for a total of 10 years), Escort (12 years), Fiesta (10 years) and Focus (10 years in a row from 1999 to 2008). The Cortina holds the all-time annual volume record in the UK with 193,784 units in 1979 whereas the Ford Sierra is the most successful model that never ranked #1, peaking at 175,911 sales in 1989.

Datsun Sunny

Discover how foreign models started to get a grip on the UK ranking, starting with the Datsun Sunny, first japanese car to rank within the year-end Top 10 in 1977 (#10) and the Datsun Cherry, #8 in 1981, a foreign model ranking record that would only be beaten 16 years later in 1997 when the locally produced Peugeot 306 ranked #7. The Nissan Qashqai, manufactured in the UK, is the only other Japanese car to rank within the year-end UK Top 10, every year since 2010, breaking into the annual Top 5 for the first time in 2015. All-in-all, only two additional foreign cars managed to break into the year-end UK Top 5: the Peugeot 206 at #4 in 2001 and 2002 when it sold a record 101,019 units, and the VW Golf at #5 from 2005 to 2010 and #4 in 2011.

The MG Maestro was #6 in 1983

Follow year after year the sales of the legendary MGB, rediscover forgotten names like the Triumph Dolomite, Stag, Leyland Princess, Rover P6 and SD1, Morris Marina & Allegro and MG Maestro & Montego…

The Leyland Princess was #9 in 1975

UK Historical Data:

UK 1965-1966: Austin Morris 1100 in charge

UK 1967: Ford Cortina takes the lead

UK 1968-1971: Austin Morris 1100/1300 reclaims pole position

UK 1972-1973: Ford Cortina best-seller

UK 1974-1975: Ford Cortina & Escort popular, Austin Allegro shines

UK 1976: Ford Escort claims top spot, Mini stays on podium

UK 1977-1979: Ford Cortina back on top, Morris Marina #3

UK 1980-1981: Ford Cortina, Escort and Fiesta on top

UK 1982-1983: Ford Escort new leader, Ford Sierra arrives

UK 1984-1985: Ford Escort, Vauxhall Cavalier and Ford Fiesta on top

UK 1986-1987: Ford Escort, Fiesta and Sierra on podium

UK 1988-1989: Ford Escort leader, Sierra and Fiesta follow

UK 1990-1991: Ford Fiesta grabs the pole position

UK 1992: Ford Escort reclaims to spot

UK 1993: Ford Escorts stays #1, Ford Mondeo arrives

UK 1994: Ford Mondeo threatens Ford Escort’s domination

UK 1995: Last year at #1 for the Ford Escort

UK 1996: Ford Fiesta edges Ford Escort out

UK 1997: Ford Mondeo starts with a bang, Ford Fiesta leads at year-end

UK 1998: Ford Fiesta leads, Escort leaves, Focus arrives

UK 1999: Ford Focus takes the lead, Vauxhall Astra on podium

UK 2000-2001: Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra dominate, Peugeot 206 shines

UK 2002-2003: Ford Focus at its highest, Vauxhall Corsa #2

UK 2004: Ford Focus and Vauxhall Corsa dominate, Renault Megane strong

UK 2005: Ford Focus still in shape, Vauxhall Astra follows

UK 2006: Ford Focus and Vauxhall Corsa on top, Ford Fiesta leads for a month

UK 2007: Ford Focus challenged by Vauxhall Astra and Ford Fiesta

UK 2008: Ford Focus, Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta fight it out

UK 2009: Ford Fiesta new leader, Mini back in Top 10

UK 2010: Ford Fiesta leads again, VW Polo up to #6 and Nissan Qashqai in Top 10

UK 2011: Ford Fiesta #1, VW Golf at highest ranking ever

UK 2012: Nissan Qashqai hits highest ever ranking for Japanese model at #6

UK 2013: Ford Fiesta marks 10 years at #1, BMW places two models in Top 10 for the first time

UK 2014: Ford Fiesta leads in market up 9% to highest level in a decade

UK 2015: Market up 6% to record 2,633,503 units

UK 2015 – LCV: Ford Transit Custom and Vauxhall Vivaro on top

UK 2016: Second annual record in a row despite Brexit

UK 2016: Discover the Top 150 best-selling models (BSCB Exclusive)

UK 2017: VW Golf and Nissan Qashqai break records in market down 5.7%

UK Full Year 2017: Discover the Top 150 best-selling models

UK: Nameplates records now updated with 2017 data

Source: SMMT, Autocar, Wikipedia and manufacturers. Many thanks to Ryan P, Florian and Chris for helping compile the data.

USA: Superstorm Sandy will have dramatic impact on sales

Manhattan, Tuesday 30 October 2012. Picture by ECA

UPDATE: Yesterday Wards Auto published a report that suggested Superstorm Sandy would have a dramatic impact on new car sales in the country. October registrations could be 200,000 to 300,000 units less than expectations. Wards Auto was forecasting a 15 million light-vehicle seasonally adjusted annual rate prior to the hurricane, but revised their SAAR to 14.5 million or lower in the wake of the storm.

Manhattan, Tuesday 30 October 2012. Picture by

As far as whether the replacement of damaged vehicles will offset this decline, Wards Auto says: “There will be an offset. How much will depend on how many vehicles need to be replaced vs. lost sales. Also, working through the damage could mean replacement sales extend into next year.”

Atlantic City, Monday 29 October 2012. Picture via

As deadly superstorm Sandy hits the East coast of the United States, the first images and videos of Manhattan and Brooklyn show streets, subway stations and tunnels filling with water and already extensive damage. Sandy is shaping up to be one of the worst natural disasters to hit the US in recent times and we all hope physical and material losses will be kept to a minimum.

Brooklyn, Monday 29 October 2012. Picture by Bebeto Matthews, AP.

Looking at it from a (somewhat trivial I admit) car sales angle, given how populated the struck area is at 60 million inhabitants, Sandy could impact the 2nd biggest new car market in the world, in two ways. By significantly slowing down sales during the period as most car dealerships close or get damaged, and/or by accelerating the sales rate in the coming months as car owners replace their damaged vehicles. This is exactly what happened – albeit at a much lower scale – when historical floods hit Queensland, Australia in 2011.

Manhattan, Monday 29 October 2012. Picture by Andrew Burton/Getty Images/AFP.

Macedonia 2011: VW Golf and Renault Megane popular

VW Golf

* See the Top 30 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Rutger *

Today Macedonia becomes a little less unloved, with the first models ranking since 2007, albeit dating back to January-February 2011. The Macedonian new car market is down 23% year-on-year in January 2011 to 586 registrations, but up 16% in February to 569 units. Volkswagen monopolises the Top 2 in January with the VW Golf topping the models ranking with 38 sales and 6.5% share, ahead of the VW Polo at 34 units and 5.8% with the Dacia Sandero rounding up the podium at 27 sales and 4.6%.

Kia Venga

In February, the VW Golf is ahead again but share the pole position with the Renault Megane, both at 43 units and 7.6% share. The previous gen Opel Astra is in third position with 20 units and 3.5% equal with the Skoda Fabia. Other models staying in the Macedonian Top 10 both months are the Ford Focus (#6 then #5), Chevrolet Cruze (#8 and #6) and Ford Fiesta (#9 and #7). Other great performers include the Dacia Duster at #5 in Jan, new Opel Astra at #8 in Feb and Kia Venga at #11.

Previous post: Macedonia 2009: Opel and Volkswagen dominate

Previous models ranking: Macedonia 2007: Chevrolet Spark leads the way

Full January 2011 Top 30 and February 2011 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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Best Selling Cars Blog celebrates its 2nd Year Anniversary!

The BSCB crew at the Sydney Motor Show. Dave, Shane, Matt E and good old me.

* See more BSCB stats by clicking on the title! *

Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of Best Selling Cars Blog! I wrote the very first post on here on 30th October 2010 and since then it has been an incredible journey, made even more fascinating by all of you readers. I want to thank in particular everyone who has participated in the building up of this blog by sharing some data, and everyone who keeps coming back for more!

Over the last few months, I have tried to make BSCB’s content richer by adding interviews (Great Wall Australia for example), detailed reports of the Sydney Motor Show, and being interviewed myself. I will continue to create more and better content for you, but please do let me know if there is a particular area of BSCB you would like to see explored further.

Cairo is the city in the world with the most visits to BSCB over the last 12 months

Since BSCB’s last anniversary (see the First Anniversary post here), you have been more and more numerous to come and check out the blog, and I want to thank you very much for it! In fact, for the first time in the history of BSCB, you will be more than 100,000 unique visitors in October alone! That’s a 208% year-on-year increase on October 2011 when you were 32,450 to visit the site.

Over the last year, you were over 750,000 unique visitors coming from 218 countries and territories – literally from everywhere around the globe! – mainly from the USA (130,099 visits), Italy (62,254), France (55,635), India (55,048) and the UK (52,280) but also from Seychelles (59), Burkina Faso (38), Guinea-Bissau and Micronesia (1 visit each)… Cities with most visits to BSCB were Cairo Egypt (15,254 visits), Paris France (15,205), Kuala Lumpur Indonesia (13,370), London UK (12,741) and Milan Italy (11,761).

Matt E proudly displaying the BSCB colours at the Sydney Motor Show

Since its creation, BSCB was mentioned and linked to by over 300 car websites around the world, and I want to thank all these sites for recognising BSCB as one of the most exhaustive free sources of car sales data around the planet. In particular, thanks to The Truth About Cars, L’Automobile Magazine, Autoblog.itAutoWeek, motor-talk.deForum-Auto, Planete,,,, Auto,, and

Do you want to be part of BSCB’s adventure?

The future is looking great, with my objective over the next 12 months being to start travelling more for BSCB to report to you from places where data is hard to obtain, get in touch with manufacturers there and make the car sales world a little more transparent, through initiatives like The Africa Project. I’m particularly interested in countries like Mongolia, Senegal or Cote d’Ivoire for example.

But for this I need to increase revenue, which brings me to my Call to you readers:
I am looking for a Sales Representative that would be able to get in touch with the main actors of the automotive industry worldwide to increase the advertising spent on BSCB. If you are interested please get in touch by filling your details in the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

So once again, a huge Thank You to all of you – looking forward to the next adventures together!

See more BSCB stats by clicking on ‘Read more’ below!

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Japan October 2012: Up! could be VW’s most successful launch

VW Up!

* See Japan’s best-selling imports by clicking on the title! *

Volkswagen released its new Up! in Japan on October 1. Three weeks on, orders for the mini car have just reached 3,000. The Nikkei thinks the Up! “may beat the Golf to become the German automaker’s most successful new-car launch ever in Japan.” The Truth About Cars’ local expert Bertel Schmitt says “the 2 door version costs 1.490.000 yen in Japan. That’s US$18.600, but with tax and converted from obscenely high yen to obscenely low greenbacks. Trust me, in Japan, it’s a bargain.”

At 3.54m long, Volkswagen’s Up! is both similarly sized to the Japan-only kei cars (which have a maximum length of 3.40m) and similarly priced to them. So in a way, this makes the Up! the first kei car imported into the country (kinda) and largely explains its success there.

To give a bit of perspective (thanks Bertel), 3,000 Up! in 3 weeks is what all of Ford sold in Japan this year so far over 9 months and it’s more than double what General Motors exported to Japan in the same period. The VW Golf, the best-selling import in the country for the last 10 years, sold 5,657 units there in the third quarter of 2012 and 18,669 over 9 months. If it continues at the same level, the Up! could topple the Golf to become the country’s most popular import in Japan…

Previous Japan imports post: Japan Imports Q3 2012: VW Golf leas, BMW 3 Series in Top 5

Previous year: Japan Imports Full Year 2011: VW Golf #1, now in overall Top 30!

Full Q3 2012 Top 30 Ranking Table below.

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Norway: 1956-2017 Historical Data available

The Ford Cortina was #2 in Norway in 1963 and from 1965 to 1969

The direct links to 34 Norway Historical Data articles are below

Detailed Historical Data for Norway covering the past 61 years is now available. There is now a Top 10 models ranking for each and every year from 1956 to 1978, decade rankings for the eighties and nineties, a Top 50 models ranking for 1993, 94 and 96, a Top 10 for 1998, Top 15 for 1999 and from 2000 onwards there is at least a Top 20 for each year.

The 100,000th Norwegian VW Beetle delivered to its owner

The VW Beetle dominates the Norwegian models ranking during the fifties and the sixties, in pole position for 13 of the 15 years from 1956 to 1970 and peaking at 22.4% share in 1960. It is the best-selling model of all times in Norway with over 140,000 units sold in the country alone.

The Pobeda ranked #2 in Norway in 1956 (4wd version featured aka GAZ M-71)

The Volvo PV444/544 managed to interrupt this domination in 1957 and 1958, a feat that it didn’t achieve in its native Sweden as far as I know. Notice also the Pobeda (aka GAZ M-20) holding 11.7% of the market in 1956… A few Ford models had to do with 2nd place over the period: the Anglia peaked at 11.7% share in 1960 while the Cortina held that position 6 times from 1963 to 1969, peaking at 12% in 1963.

The Datsun Sunny was #8 in Norway in 1970

In 1970 the Japanese land and the Datsun Sunny is the first nippon model to rank within the year-end Norwegian Top 10 at #8. This will be improved to #6 in 1971 by the Mazda 1500, to #5 in 1973 by the Mazda 818 and to #2 in 1975 by the Toyota Corolla while the Mazda 929 reaches 5% of the market in 1976

The Mazda 1500 was #6 in Norway in 1971

In 1971 the Volvo 140 Series puts an end to the Beetle’s leadership and after 4 years on top passes the relay to the Volvo 240 Series in 1975. The VW Golf dominates the eighties as well as the ninetiesif you have detailed models ranking from 1979 to 1992 please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this post.

The VW Golf has been the best-selling model in Norway for the past 10 years.

Over the last 15 years either a Volkswagen or a Toyota held the pole position in Norway: the Golf did so 13 times (1998-2000 and 20082017), the Passat was #1 three times in 2001 and 2006-2007, as was the Corolla in 2002-2003 and 2005 while the Avensis ranked first in 2004.

Norway Historical Data:

Norway 1956: VW Beetle and Pobeda dominate

Norway 1957-1958: Volvo 444/544 takes the lead

Norway 1959-1960: VW Beetle reclaims #1 spot, hits 22.4% share

Norway 1961-1962: VW Beetle and Ford Anglia on top

Norway 1963: VW Beetle and Ford Cortina dominate

Norway 1964: VW Beetle at 10,000+ sales, Ford Taunus 12M/15M #2

Norway 1965-1967: Beetle, Ford Cortina and Volvo Amazon shine

Norway 1968-1969: Beetle, Cortina and Kadett on podium

Norway 1970: Last year at #1 for the VW Beetle, the Japanese land

Norway 1971: Volvo 140 takes the lead

Norway 1972-1973: Volvo 140, Beetle and Ford Taunus on podium

Norway 1974: Volvo 140 leads, Passat now VW’s best-seller

Norway 1975-1976: Volvo 240 #1, Toyota Corolla on podium!

Norway 1977-1978: Volvo 240 and Ford Granada most popular

Norway 1980-1989: VW Golf and Ford Sierra dominate

Norway 1993-1994: VW Golf and Ford Mondeo strong

Norway 1996: VW Golf #1, Hyundai Accent #10

Norway 1990-2000: VW Golf, Toyota Corolla and Opel Astra on top

Norway 1998-2000: VW Golf in command

Norway 2001: VW Passat and Ford Mondeo dominate

Norway 2002-2003: Toyota Corolla takes the lead

Norway 2004: Toyota Avensis new leader

Norway 2005: Toyota Corolla climbs back on top, VW Passat #3

Norway 2006-2007: VW Passat clear leader

Norway 2008: VW Golf reclaims lead, Ford Mondeo #2

Norway 2009: VW Golf #1 again, Toyota Avensis up to #2

Norway 2010: VW Golf leader for the third consecutive year

Norway 2011: VW Golf and Passat lead, Mitsubishi ASX at its best in the world

Norway 2012: VW Tiguan and Nissan Leaf impress

Norway 2013: VW Golf #1, Nissan Leaf on podium, Tesla Model S tops monthly ranking twice

Norway 2014: Tesla Model S doubles sales to land in Top 5

Norway 2015: e-variant boosts VW Golf up 69% to 10.9% share

Norway 2016: VW Golf #1, Mitsubishi Outlander and BMW i3 shine

Norway 2017: Green cars hold world-record 52.2% share, Tesla up to #7

China Q3 2012: VW outsells General Motors for first time in 8 years

Picture by Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty

* See the full article by clicking on the title! *

VW’s sales in China are up 21% over the third quarter of 2012 to 704,991 vehicles, vs. 664,765 for General Motors. It is the first time in 8 years that Volkswagen manages to pass GM, putting the German company one step closer to its aim of becoming the world’s biggest automaker by 2018. While quarterly comparisons only go back to mid-2009, annual data shows Volkswagen hasn’t held the lead in China since 2004. China is both Volkswagen’s and General Motors’ biggest market in the world.

The new Lavida helped VW pass General Motors over Q3 2012 in China.

In 2009, China passed the United States as the world’s biggest car market. Autonews says the Chinese car market will likely exceed those of the United States, Japan and Germany combined by 2015… But I can see a few of you regular BSCB readers looking at this article with big, surprised eyes. How can General Motors still be at the same level as Volkswagen I hear you ask, given 5 of the Top 10 best-selling cars in 2012 so far are VW? Oh but there’s a trick. If VW counts Hong Kong and Macau in its Chinese sales figures but excludes trucks, General Motors does the opposite and includes sales of $5,000+ Wuling minivans.

Wuling Sunshine. Wuling accounts for 50% of General Motors’ sales in China.

And as you know, Wuling minivans sell like hot cakes in China, outselling all other 4-wheel vehicles in the country for the past 8 years. In fact, Autonews thinks that GM’s ability to fend off Volkswagen this year and in the future could hinge solely on Wuling’s minivans, with Wuling accounting for about half of the GM’s sales in China.

See the full article by clicking on the title! *

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Europe: More detailed 1990s Historical Data now available!

The VW Golf III sold 43,838 units in March 1993 in Germany alone, a record.

* See the direct links to these 8 Historical Data posts by clicking on the title! *

Looking to buy a new car? Find out about budget car insurance here.

Thanks to STAC and a thorough exploration of my personal (handwritten) archives I can now share with you more detail about some of the biggest European car markets in the nineties. For Germany, I now have a monthly Top 15 models ranking for the whole of 1993, there is now a full Top 50 for 1996 in the UK, for Italy I have a Top 50 for 1993, 1994 and 1996 and a monthly Top 15 for 1993 and for Spain there is now a full Top 50 for 1993, 1994 and 1996 which were missing years on BSCB… (Note: The budget car insurance link is brought to you by

What I learnt:

The VW Golf III grabbed a huge 14.5% of the German market in January 1993 and sold 43,838 units in March, its highest monthly volume in Germany ever. Note that at the time, Golf III sales were separated from the Golf II (Cabriolet) and Vento sedan, unlike today where all generations, the Golf Plus and Jetta are counted together, making this 1993 record even more impressive.

The Renault 19 was a regular Top 10 ranker in Germany in 1992-1993

The Renault 19 ranked #6 in March 1993 in Germany with 12,385 sales and 3.4% share, the ranking, volume and market share records at the time for any foreign model in the country. This record would last for 16 years until a scrappage scheme-boosted Fiat Panda reached #4 and 12,457 sales in March 2009, while the ‘half-German’ record of #2 at a5,453 units and 3.9% share was hit by the Skoda Fabia in March 2009 also.

Did you know the Fiat Uno survived as the Innocenti Mille in Italy up until November 1997?

In Italy a couple of lesser-known models by now-defunct brand Innocenti found their way into the annual Top 50 over that period: the Innocenti Elba, a rebadged Fiat Uno station wagon, ranks #43 in 1993 with 7,164 sales while the Innocenti Mille, a rebadged Fiat Uno hatchback (itself discontinued in 1995) ranks #45 in 1996 with 7,979 units. Both models were imported from Brazil. The Innocenti brand would be killed off with the Mille in November 1997.

The Seat Ibiza was #1 in Spain for the first time in 1996

In Spain, now that we have access to 1993-1996 information I was able to find out that the first year the Seat Ibiza managed to be in the pole position at home was 1996 and not in 2006 as originally thought. This is still a full 12 years after the nameplate’s original launch in 1984 and means the Ibiza was only #1 twice in its first 22 years of sales in its own country.

The Hyundai Accent was the best-selling Asian model in Spain in 1996, beating all the Japanese

Last interesting bit of trivia: in 1996 and for the first time in Spain, the best-selling Asian model is not Japanese but Korean: it’s the Hyundai Accent ranking #29 with 8,319 sales. It is one of 4 Koreans (vs. 6 Japanese) in the Top 50: the Daewoo Nexia is #33, the Daewoo Aranos (aka Espero) is #37 and the Hyundai Lantra is #48. The #1 Japanese that year is the Honda Civic at #31.

The direct links to Germany, UK, Italy and Spain Historical Data are below.

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France 1-22 October 2012: Citroen C4 #3, Nissan Qashqai in Top10

Citroen C4. Picture courtesy of L’Argus

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to STAC *

October is shaping up to be quite an unusual month for new car sales in France. Over the first 3 weeks, the market is down a drastic 21% to 94,224 registrations. Brand-wise, big surprise: Citroen leads the way with 16,186 sales and 17.2% share, ahead of Peugeot at 16,071 and 17.1% and Renault at 11,688 and 12.4%, down 55% year-on-year… Volkswagen comes at #4 with 8,766 units and 9.3%, down just 5% while Toyota ranks 5th at 4,474 units, up 25% year-on-year.

The Peugeot 208 is the most popular model in the country over the period thanks to 5,575 sales for a 5.9% share, and is followed by 2 Citroens on the podium: the C3 is #2 at 4,244 units and 4.5% while the C4 is at an outstanding third place with 2,692 sales and 2.9%. If it manages to hold this position until the end of the month it will be by far the C4’s highest monthly ranking ever in France, beating the #6 it reached in October 2005.

Nissan Qashqai

The VW Polo holds itself extremely well this month at #4 with 2,555 units and 2.6%, as does the Peugeot 3008 at #5 with 2,414 sales: if it stays there until month-end it will equal its best-ever ranking reached in May 2011. The Renault Clio 3 is understandably in free fall, down 68% year-on-year to #6, however now that pre-sales to dealerships are complete, the Clio 4 only ranks 25th over the period.

Finally, notice the Nissan Qashqai hanging on to a spot in the Top 10 at #10 with 1,851 sales and 2%. One more week at that level and the Qashqai will become the only Japanese model ever to rank within the monthly French Top 10 with the Toyota Yaris which did it in January 2007 (#9) and March 2007 (#10).

Previous post: France 1-8 October 2012: Toyota Yaris and Nissan Qashqai impress

Previous month: France September 2012: Now with Top 200 best-selling models!

One year ago: France 1-24 October 2012: Dacia Duster at #6

Full 1-22 October 2012 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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