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Finland: 1971-2017 Historical Data now available

The Moskvitsh Elite was #6 in Finland in 1971

* See the 19 Finland Historical posts at the end of the article *

Thanks to Rene and STAC I can now share with you more detailed Historical Data for Finland for over 45 years. Back in 1971, the Fiat 600 dominates the models ranking followed by the Opel Kadett and… the Toyota Corolla with Finland being one of its first successful forays into European markets.

The Lada 2105 was the best-seller in Finland in 1981

Russian brands have been very popular with Finnish consumers: the Moskvitsh Elite ranks #6 in 1971 and the Lada 2105 is #1 in 1981#3 in 1991 and still in the Top 10 in 1993.

Toyota Corolla 

From 1991 onwards and for nearly 20 years the title of most popular model in Finland is a fight between the Toyota Corolla, #1 in 1991, 1993, 1998 and from 2002 to 2007, and the Opel Astra, leader in 1994, 1996 and 2001In 2008 the VW Golf takes the relay for 3 years before passing it to the Skoda Octavia in 2011. In 2012 the Nissan Qashqai takes the lead for the first time before giving up its throne to the VW Golf in 2013 with the Skoda Octavia reclaiming the pole position from 2014 onwards.

All 1971-2014 Finland Historical Data articles are below.

Finland Historical Data:

Finland 1971: Fiat 600 and Toyota Corolla shine, Moskvitsh Elite #6

Finland 1981: Lada 2105 takes control, Datsun Cherry #2

Finland 1991: Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sunny in the lead

Finland 1993: Toyota Corolla sovereign

Finland 1994-1996: Opel Astra in command

Finland 1998: Toyota Corolla and Opel Astra dominate

Finland 2001: Opel Astra snaps up pole position

Finland 2002-2003: Toyota Corolla reclaims leadership

Finland 2004-2006: Toyota Corolla reigns

Finland 2007: Toyota Corolla resists, Skoda Octavia up to #2

Finland 2008-2009: VW Golf takes command

Finland 2010: VW Golf best-seller, Opel Astra up 166%

Finland 2011: Skoda Octavia new best-seller

Finland 2012: Nissan Qashqai #1 for the first time

Finland 2013: VW Golf back in charge

Finland 2014: Skoda Octavia overtakes VW Golf to pole position

Finland 2015: Skoda Octavia remains #1, VW Golf down 27%

Finland 2016: Skoda Octavia on top, Opel Astra up 180%

Finland 2017: Toyota passes VW, Skoda Octavia remains #1 model

UK: 50 electric BYD e6 to be shipped in for use as London taxis

BYD e6

* See how the BYD e6 has fared so far in China by clicking on the title! *

Chinese manufacturer BYD has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create London’s first fleet of all-electric minicabs with London taxi company Greentomatocars, previously known for its fleet of Toyota Prius. It is expected that 50 all-electric BYD e6 will be shipped to the UK early next year and will merge with the existing fleet of London taxis from the second quarter of 2013. The e6 has a range of 240 km and can be quick charged to 100% capacity in 20 minutes. All units will feature Wi-Fi and access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as a location map that users can check at any time.

BYD e6 taxi in Shenzhen, China

Interested in green cars? You can find ethical car insurance here.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “It is my aim that London’s minicabs and taxis will be zero-emission by 2020, which will have a major impact on air quality. Encouraging more electric vehicles is a key part of this transformation, so it is great news that Greentomatocars has committed to operating 50 of these super clean machines from next year.”

* See the full article featuring Chinese sales figures by clicking on ‘Read more’ below *

Note: the ethical car insurance link is brought to you by

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Israel September 2012: Corolla and Hyundai i35 pass Ford Focus

Hyundai i35

* See the Top 40 best-selling brands by clicking on the title! *

The Israeli new car market is down 10% year-on-year over the first 9 months of 2012 at 160,623 registrations. The Ford Focus is still the most popular model in the country with 12,144 sales mainly thanks to the station wagon variant, ahead of the Toyota Corolla at 6,251 units and the Hyundai i35 (aka Elantra) at 5,835.

However this ranking is totally reshuffled in September: the Toyota Corolla takes the advantage over its two competitors is the most popular model in the country this month with 994 sales, followed by the Hyundai i35 at 746 units and the Ford Focus at 671. Other available figures are for the Mazda3 at 4,559 sales year-to-date, the Seat Ibiza at 4,503 and the Kia Picanto at 4,449. Brand-wise, Hyundai is in the lead by far with 24,582 units, followed by Ford (15,441), Toyota (15,012) and Kia (14,813). Notice Infiniti at #29 with 210 sales and Great Wall at #31 with 186.

Previous month: Israel 8 months 2012: Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and Hyundai i35 up

Previous year: Israel Full Year 2011: Toyota Corolla threatens Mazda3

Full 9 months 2012 Top 40 brands Ranking Table below.

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Switzerland: 1970-2017 Historical Data available

1974 VW Golf. Picture by Lothar Spurzem.

The best-selling models from 1970 to 2017 are below.

We now have more detail about the best-selling models in Switzerland since 1970. For 1993, 1994 and 1996 I now have a Full Top 50 models ranking. For the seventies, eighties and nineties there is a Top 25 best-sellers for the overall decade, from 1998 to 2003 an annual Top 10 models and from 2004 onwards at least an annual Top 45.

The Opel Astra was #1 in Switzerland in 1993.

The big news is that the VW Golf’s reign, starting in 1975, was interrupted in 1993 by the Opel Astra. Since 1994 the VW Golf has been the most popular model in Switzerland every single year up to 2017 when it was toppled by the Skoda Octavia. At this stage I cannot 100% confirm whether the Golf’s domination was uninterrupted between 1975 and 1992 as I don’t have access to an annual models ranking before 1993. If you do please get in touch by commenting on this article.

All-in-all, the VW Golf has been the best-selling car in Switzerland for at least 40 of the last 44 years since its original launch in 1974… This is double the time the VW Beetle would have been #1 in the country (possibly between 1948 and 1968).

Subaru Leone

These new historical articles will show you that Switzerland was an early adopter of Japanese cars, promoting the Toyota Corolla to a brilliant 10th place in the seventies and third place in the eighties. 7 Japanese models were in the eighties’ Top 25, among them the Subaru Leone, a real success story in Swizerland and ranking #7 in the eighties, starting a tradition of strong Subaru sales in the country that endures till today with the Subaru XV, #1 in August 2012.

The Toyota Previa was #39 in Switzerland in 1994

Switzerland was also an early adopter of MPVs, with the Renault Espace, Chrysler Voyager, Toyota Previa, VW Sharan and Ford Galaxy strong sellers in the mid-nineties.

Direct links to 19 Switzerland Historical articles below.

Switzerland – Decades Historical Data:

Switzerland 1970-1979: VW Golf interrupts Opel domination

Switzerland 1980-1989: VW Golf and Opel Kadett on top, the Japanese land

Switzerland 1990-1999: VW Golf and Subaru Legacy shine

Switzerland – Yearly Historical Data:

Switzerland 1993: Opel Astra surprise leader

Switzerland 1994: VW Golf reclaims top spot

Switzerland 1996: VW Golf #1, 3 Opels in Top 4

Switzerland 1998-2001: VW Golf and Opel Astra dominate

Switzerland 2002-2003: VW Golf and Audi A4 on top

Switzerland 2004: Golf, Audi A4 and Peugeot 307 on podium

Switzerland 2005: Golf and Astra dominate, Octavia up 72%

Switzerland 2006: Golf leads, BMW 3 Series up to #2

Switzerland 2007: VW Golf, BMW 3 Series and Skoda Octavia on podium

Switzerland 2008: Skoda Octavia closes in on VW Golf

Switzerland 2009: VW Golf and Skoda Octavia up, VW Tiguan #11

Switzerland 2010: VW Golf on top, BMW X1 at highest in the world

Switzerland 2011: VW Golf at its highest volume in 10 years

Switzerland 2012: Subaru XV and Skoda Octavia impress

Switzerland 2013: VW Golf leads, BMW 3 Series up 53% to #4

Switzerland 2014: VW Golf and Skoda Octavia ultra-dominant

Switzerland 2015: VAG Group dominant, Mercedes up to #3

Switzerland 2016: VW Golf snatches last minute 23rd win

Switzerland 2017: Skoda Octavia ends 23 year-long VW Golf reign

Slovakia September 2012: Kia Sportage at #2 in market up 47%

Kia Sportage

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

Please note my traditional source for detailed Slovak data has gone all restricted on us, which is why I only have a Top 10 to offer you this month. Please get in touch if you know of a different location where to get the data. Thanks!

Boosted by a the start of a new scrappage scheme, the Slovak new car market takes off in September, up a mammoth 47% year-on-year to 7,329 registrations. This is the strongest September on record and the highest monthly volume since June 2009. Year-to-date, sales are up 8% on 2011 to 53,845 units. The Skoda Octavia keeps the lead by far with 506 sales (6.9%) this month and 3,965 (7.4%) year-to-date. Sales of the previous generation, the Octavia Tour, are now counted separately (#8 in September and #3 year-to-date).

In the wake of the imminent arrival of the Skoda Rapid on the market, the Skoda Fabia dives to just 3.4% share, meaning it also drops to third place in September. It is passed by the Kia Sportage, ranking #2 for the very first time in Slovakia thanks to 288 sales and 3.9%, its best share in the country since April 2011. The Kia Cee’d is back up 6 spots to #4, ahead of the Hyundai i30 (-2) and Skoda Yeti (+6).

Previous month: Slovakia August 2012: Hyundai i30 #3, BMW 5 Series up to #8

One year ago: Slovakia September 2011: Skoda Octavia leads, Kia Rio up to #15

Full September 2012 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Australia 9 months 2012: Now with Top 293 All-models ranking!

Sales of Nissan X-Trail are up 25% year-on-year in Australia

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 293 All-models ranking! Click on title to see *

Thanks to Autoblog Español and David I can now share with you the sales figures for absolutely all models sold in Australia over the first 9 months of 2012! You can see the September 2012 updated Top 30 models ranking here. As a reminder new vehicle sales in Australia are up 9% year-on-year over the period to 822,674 units, on track to beat the all-time Full Year sales record set in 2007. Outside the familiar Top 10 and the usual suspects (Mazda3, Toyota Hilux and Corolla), notice the Toyota Prado up from #28 in 2011 to #12 with 13,239 sales and 1.6%, the Nissan X-Trail up 7 spots to #15 and the Mazda CX-5 landing directly at #18 with 11,528 units and 1.4%.

While the Holden Commodore is still Holden’s best-seller for now at #4, albeit only 335 sales above the Cruze, Ford’s top sellers are totally reshuffled this year: the Ford Falcon, the brand’s best-seller here for 50 consecutive years, ranks #21 year-to-date and is passed by the Focus at #14 (+5), the Ranger at #16 (-1) and the Territory at #19 (-3). Ford’s top sellers brought to you by

Sales of Hyundai Elantra have doubled year-on-year

Further down, the Nissan Dualis is up 10 ranks and 31% to #24, the Hyundai i20 up 11 to #25, the Subaru XV arrives at #34, the Honda Civic is up 13 to #35 thanks to the new generation of the model, the Hyundai Elantra up a huge 24 spots to #38, the Great Wall V-Series breaks into the Australian year-to-date Top 50 for the first time, up 12 ranks on 2011 to #44 with 5,920 units and 0.7%, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is up 28 to #47, the Hyundai Accent up 22 to #49 and the VW Amarok up 28 to #59.

The VW Amarok is up 156% year-on-year

The Hyundai Veloster screeches its way directly to #72 and with 2,925 sales it is already the best-selling sportscar in the country. Among other newcomers, the Toyota Prius c arrives at #108 with 1,377 units, the Toyota 86 ranks #118 at 1,150 units, the Audi Q3 is #128 with 1,007 sales, the Ford Kuga is #140 at 805 units…

Nissan Almera

…the Nissan Almera arrives at #179 with 330 sales, the Peugeot 4008 #181 at 305 units, the Subaru BRZ #207 with 148 sales, the Opel Astra #222 at 100 units, the VW Up! #229 at 85 sales, the Opel Insignia #253 at 44, the Citroen C4 Aircross #254 at 42, the Peugeot 208 #256 at 39, the Infinti FX #263 at 31, the Opel Corsa #265 at 30, the McLaren MP4-12C #271 at 19 sales and the Infinti M #274 with 15 units sold.

Previous post: Australia: More detailed 1980’s Historical Data now available!

September post: Australia September 2012: Mazda3 and Hyundai i30 at record heights

October 2012 Sydney Motor Show Special:

Part 1: Toyota: “Hilux won’t be #1 in 2012”, Mazda: “Too close to call”

Part 2: Hyundai gets sporty, Volkswagen and Kia power on

Part 3: Newcomer Opel refines target, Skoda aims at Top 15

Great Wall Australia Special: An interview with Daniel Cotterill from Great Wall

Full 9 months 2012 Top 293 All-models Ranking Table below.

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China LCV September 2012: Wuling monopolises podium again

The Wuling Hongguang sold a record 28,327 units in September

* See the Top 5 best-selling LCVs and Top 10 best-sellers overall by clicking on the title! *

395,096 new Light Commercial Vehicles were sold in China in September, down 6% year-on-year and bringing the year-to-date total to 3,656,880 units, now down 1% on 2011. The Wuling Sunshine is the best-selling LCV and all-out vehicle in the country for the 22nd consecutive month, but at 41,985 sales it is down 39% year-on-year. This figure is to be compared with the 38,669 VW Golfs sold in Europe at the same time. Year-to-date, the Sunshine adds up to 398,145 units (-27%) vs. 340,448 Golfs in Europe.

The Wuling Rongguang/Xingwang is back in 2nd place with 29,053 sales (-19%), ahead of the Wuling Hongguang down one spot but up to a record 28,327 units. This means Wuling monopolises the LCV podium for the third month in a row. The Foton Forland and ChangAn Mini Bus follow. If last month the Top 3 best-selling vehicles in the country (including Passenger Cars) were Wuling models, in September the Ford Focus is up to #2 overall thanks to 33,587 sales, up 105% year-on-year. 4 of the 5 top sellers are LCVs though, with the Chevrolet Sail ranking #6 overall.

Previous month: China LCV August 2012: Wuling monopolises overall Chinese podium

One year ago: China LCV September 2011: Wuling Sunshine unstoppable

Full September 2012 Top 5 LCV and Top 10 overall Ranking Tables below.

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France September 2012: Now with Top 200 best-selling models!

Renault Clio 4. Picture by L’Argus, all rights reserved.

* See the Top 200 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

FINAL UPDATE with Clio actuals for all generations:

Thanks to Marie-Dominique at CCFA I can now share with you actuals for the Renault Clio 4 pre-sales to dealerships in September: they amount to 3,111 which corresponds to #8 vs. #10 as estimated before. The Clio 3 sells 6,306 units and stays #2 while the Clio Campus is at #34 with 1,151 sales.

Thanks to Autoblog Español and STAC I can now give you much more detail on the best-selling models in France in September, with a Top 200 models ranking replacing the previous Top 100. The entire ranking now have actuals, including the Renault Clio 3 lower at 4.6% share and the Citroen C3 higher at 3%. The BMW 3 Series is now up to #29, the Toyota Prius is #72 with 524 sales, the VW New Beetle (“Coccinelle” in France) is #75 at 480 units and the Peugeot iOn is #96. The Ford B-Max ranks #110 with 239 sales for its 2nd ever appearance in the French ranking.

Ford B-Max. Picture by L’Argus, all rights reserved.

Sales and ranking of more new models are also available: the Fiat 500L shoots up to #114 with 216 sales and 233 year-to-date, the Volvo V40 is #122 at 188 units, the Peugeot 4008 is up 75% on August to a still very shy #133 and 142 sales, the Toyota GT86 is up 171% and 33 spots to #163 and 84 units, the Opel Ampera up 120% to 11 sales, the Citroen C-Elysee sells 6 units, the Peugeot 301 5 and the Dacia Dokker 3. Finally the Fisker Karma, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren MP4-12C and Renault Zoe all sell one single unit in France in September…

Full September 2012 Top 200 Ranking Table below.

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Egypt September 2012: Golden Dragon Haice #6, Brilliance shines

First month of sales in Egypt for the Brilliance H530

* See the Top 160 All-models ranking by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Ldman *

New vehicle sales in Egypt are up 5% year-on-year in September to 18,420 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 141,455 units, up  10% on 2011. The Top 2 best-sellers stay unchanged compared to last month: the Hyundai Verna leads the way again with 1,811 sales and 9.8% share but this time the Chevrolet TFR (aka Isuzu D-Max) is significantly closer at 1,729 units and 9.4%. The Chevrolet Lanos climbs on the third step thanks to 1,258 sales and 6.8% and with the Chevrolet Aveo also up one spot to #4 and 853 units, there are 3 Chevrolets in the Egyptian Top 4 this month.

Golden Dragon Haice

Below the Skoda Octavia in excellent shape at #5 and 4.2% share, the Golden Dragon Haice improves on an already extremely impressive score in August, up a further 3 ranks to an outstanding 6th position with 499 sales and 2.7%. It is now #15 year-to-date with 2,836 units and 2% of the Egyptian market. The Toyota Hilux follows, with the new generation Kia Picanto rounding the Top 10.

Renault Fluence

The Renault Fluence is up 21 spots to #11, the Suzuki Maruti M800 is up 12 to #14, the Renault Logan MCV is back in the ranking at #22 vs. #57 year-to-date, potentially in runout mode before the arrival of the Lodgy… The Fiat Punto Evo is also back at #28 vs. #76 ytd, the Chevrolet New Spark is up 40 spots to #34 and both the Suzuki Alto K10 at #84 with 20 sales and the Suzuki Swift DZire at #99 with 10 units, imported from India, make their first appearance in the Egyptian ranking.

Brilliance Cross

Brilliance has a brilliant month: the FSV is up 89 spots on last month to #37 with 93 sales, the FRV is up 55 to #70 at 39 units and no less than 3 models land in the ranking for the very first time: the Cross appears at #39 with 89 sales, the V5 ranks #42 at 87 units and the H530 is #90 with 15 sales.

Previous month: Egypt August 2012: Golden Dragon Haice in Top 10!

One year ago: Egypt September 2011: New Kia Picanto directly in Top 10

Full September Top 160 All-models ranking below.

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Europe: A-Class Mercedes most successful launch at 70,000 orders

Mercedes will need the A-Class to reclaim the world #1 premium brand spot it lost in 2005

* See the full article by clicking on the title! *

Launched in mid-September across Western Europe, the new generation Mercedes A-Class already has over 70,000 orders despite being €7,000 more expensive than the similarly sized VW Golf, making it the brand’s most successful launch to date. Its dealer premiere across the continent attracted a huge 700,000 visitors…

A-Class competitor the new generation BMW 1 Series sold 150,000 units in 12 months.

This coincides with Mercedes’s new worldwide sales record in September at 123,358 units, topping the previous September 2011 record by 2%. Year-to-date, Mercedes sold 964,926 vehicles, up 5% on 2011 and here too a new record. However meanwhile both BMW at 1.110 million (+9%) and Audi at 1.097 million (+13%) have done even better, keeping Mercedes stuck in third place of the worldwide premium race…

See the full article featuring BMW and Audi figures by clicking on ‘Read more’ below! *

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