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China April 2012: Two more low-cost brands make their debut

Venucia D50

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New car sales in China are up 12.5% year-on-year in April to 1.4 million. The Buick Excelle is still not letting go of its pole position, holding it for the third time in a row and the 6th time in the last 9 months with 23,179 sales, bringing its year-to-date total to an outstanding 99,557 units. Below the antediluvian VW Jetta (based on the 1984 model) still valiant in 2nd place, the Ford Focus, boosted by the arrival of the new generation, is up a massive 14 spots on March to round up the podium at #3 and 21,793 units.

Ford Focus

Volkswagen manages to place 3 models in the Top 5 with the Passat at #4 and the Lavida at #5 and 4 models in the Top 7 with the Bora at #7… Like in January, the Hyundai Verna hits its best-ever ranking at #8 thanks to a record 18,786 sales, making it two Hyundais in the Top 10 with the Elantra Yuedong at #9. Highest position ever also for the VW Magotan up to #11 with 16,188 units.

GAC Trumpchi GS5

The best-selling Chinese model is once again the Great Wall Haval H3/H5/H6 this month at #13 with 15,747 sales followed by the FAW Xiali N3/N5 at #15 with 15,476 units and the Chery QQ at #20 with 12,423 sales. In transition between the old and new generations, the BYD F3, best-selling model in China overall in 2009 and 2010, is down to #45 at 8,216 units. Notice also the excellent performance of the Audi A6 L up to #30 with 13,675 sales, double the amount it sold in Germany over the same period!

Great Wall Voleex C50

As far as recent launches are concerned, the best-performing model is without doubt the Great Wall Voleex C50, up 35 spots on March to break into the Top 100 for the first time at #90 with 3,913 units. The ChangAn Eado also gets noticed, climbing up 32 ranks to #143 with 2,003 sales while the BMW X1 is up 43 spots to #144 at 2,000 units and the MG 5 is up 14 ranks to #168.

Gleagle GX7

But the big story this month in China is the arrival of two new low-cost brands in the market, making it a total of 4. In April 2011, Guangzhou-Honda launched the new brand Linian with the S1 based on the previous generation City to mixed results with a peak of #89 last August. That same month, General Motors launched the Baojun 630 which received a much warmer welcome: it peaked at #31 last February, and after falling to #83 last month it is now back up to #53.

Ciimo Si Ming

In April we welcome Ciimo, Dongfeng-Honda’s low-cost brand with the Ciimo Si Ming based on the previous generation Honda Civic selling 3,022 units for a respectable 118th position. Dongfeng-Nissan released the Venucia D50 based on the previous generation Nissan Tiida sedan, landing at #122 with 2,845 sales at #122. These two monthly figures are so far the strongest starts for Chinese low-cost models: the Linian S1 debuted at 2,084 units and the Baojun 630 at 869.

Great Wall Haval M4

But these two are not the only newcomers in the ranking this month. We also welcome the Gleagle GX7 at #135 with 2,307 sales, the now locally produced Mercedes GLK at #169 with 1,344 units, the Beijing E-Series at #183 with 949 sales, the Dongfeng Fengshan A60 at #191 with 700 units, the Chery Cowin 5 at #194 with 589 sales, the Great Wall Haval M4 at #197 with 532 units, the GAC Trumpchi GS5 at #200 with 484 sales and the Gonow Aoosed GX5 at #245 with 85 units. That’s no less than 10 all-new models in China this month!

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