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Europe Full Year 2011: Top 40 models ranking now available!

Dacia Duster

* See the Top 40 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Thanks Tuga *

There is now a Top 318 All-models ranking available! Click here to see

You can see my original Europe Full Year 2011 Top 10 post here.

Thanks to Tuga I can now share with you a Top 40 models ranking for the entire European market. Unlike my last Full Year 2011 update which was based on JATO figures, this ranking was sourced on Autonews and include more countries, which means the top of the ranking is actually quite different from the one I published last month.

If the VW Golf stays leader by far with 493,855 sales (-2%), the VW Polo drops to #3 behind the Ford Fiesta at 371,454 units vs. 372,977. The Opel Corsa is still #4, but is now followed by the Opel Astra, Ford Focus and Renault Clio. The Renault Megane is above the Peugeot 207 and the VW Passat is still the big winner at #10, up 10 spots and 43% on 2010.

Mercedes C-Class

But where it gets fascinating is below the Top 10 as these figures are very rare to come across… Down 17% on last year the Fiat Punto loses its spot in the Top 10 to #11, followed closely by the Nissan Qashqai at #12 with 216,970 sales. The Skoda Octavia is up 2 spots to #14, the Mercedes C-Class up 17% and 9 ranks to #16, passing its archenemy the BMW 3 Series, while the Skoda Fabia and Seat Ibiza are both up 5 spots to #18 and #19 respectively.

BMW 5 Series

Outside the Top 20, great performers include the BMW 5 Series up 30% and 12 ranks to #24, the Dacia Duster landing directly at #26 with 141,961 units, the Opel Meriva up 22% and 8 spots to #32, the Ford C-Max up to #33, VW Touran up 12 ranks to #34, Citroen C4 and Nissan Juke up to #38 and #39.

Most recent Europe data: January 2012: Skoda Octavia in Top 10 for the first time

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Full Year 2011 Top 40 Ranking Table below.

Europe Full Year 2011:

1VW Golf493,855-2%502,3071
2Ford Fiesta372,977-12%425,5952
3VW Polo371,4542%364,4393
4Opel Corsa327,717-2%333,6225
5Opel Astra327,4587%306,1527
6Ford Focus308,7476%292,3488
7Renault Clio304,106-13%348,9214
8Renault Megane251,487-8%272,6129
9Peugeot 207245,649-21%310,8276
10VW Passat245,11043%170,87620
11Fiat Punto220,343-17%266,55310
12Nissan Qashqai216,9700%215,98213
13Fiat Panda189,527-20%236,32311
14Skoda Octavia186,4400%186,99416
15Citroen C3181,868-21%230,14012
16Mercedes C Class178,34517%151,84825
17BMW 3 Series166,860-11%187,62314
18Skoda Fabia165,2592%162,20723
19Seat Ibiza162,6313%157,61024
20Audi A4162,085-6%173,06919
21Renault Scenic161,379-14%187,01215
22Fiat 500156,301-6%165,45421
23Peugeot 308155,227-15%181,97617
24BMW 5 Series143,80430%110,66936
25Audi A3143,382-20%178,86018
26Dacia Duster141,961newn/an/a
27Toyota Yaris141,327-14%165,17422
28Opel Insignia138,7550%139,01230
29BMW 1 Series135,087-9%147,86327
30Renault Twingo134,061-11%150,23726
31Mercedes E Class130,290-8%142,00328
32Opel Meriva127,43922%104,32340
33Ford C-Max127,092n/an/an/a
34VW Touran118,86725%94,92746
35VW Tiguan118,0918%109,72237
37Peugeot 3008115,896-2%117,81934
38Citroen C4113,379n/an/an/a
39Nissan Juke106,461n/an/an/a
40Citroen C4 Picasso104,628-13%120,04733
41Hyundai i30101,328-14%117,67535

Source: Autonews. Many thanks to Tuga for sharing the data!

Note: you will notice sales figures are different from the previous Top 10 I uploaded. This is because the previous Europe Full Year 2011 post was based on JATO figures which include the 27 European Union countries minus Bulgaria, Romania and Malta, plus Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. This Top 50 is figures from Automotive News which cover more European countries but don’t specify which ones. So probably including Bulgaria, Romania and Malta.

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    1. 🙂 also remember I am only supposing that these are the 3 additional countries. There could also be Turkey etc…
      I will ask Tuga actually.

  1. Sales by marque in Ireland from January 2012: source:

    1.Toyota 3.430
    2.Ford 2.683
    3.VW 2.518
    4.Renault 1.503
    5.Nissan 1.439
    6.Hyundai 1.266
    7.Skoda 1.265
    8.Opel 1.253
    9.BMW 853
    10.Audi 765
    11.Kia 683
    12.Peugeot 596
    13.Mercedes 524
    14.Mazda 467
    15.Citroën 340
    16.Volvo 303
    17.SEAT 234
    18.Honda 211
    19.Suzuki 160
    20.Land Rover 133
    21.MINI 123
    22.Mitsubishi 95
    23.Fiat 84
    24.Lexus 84
    25.Jaguar 66
    26.Subaru 31
    27.Alfa Romeo 17
    28.Chrysler 17
    29.Chevrolet 9
    30.Porsche 2
    31.Saab 1
    32.Perodua 0
    33.Proton 0
    34.Jeep 0
    35.Daihatsu 0

  2. How is it possible that the polo was second with 8000 units of advantage on fiesta 3 marginal markets and with the fiesta earns 9000 drive to polo and beyond? According to me there is an error!

    1. Hi Enrik – may I suggest visiting the Bulgarian page of my blog where you will see that the Ford Fiesta is best-seller?
      That might help explain it a little bit…

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