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France LCV Full Year 2011: Renault Kangoo #1 for 14th year

Renault Kangoo

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French Light Commercial Vehicle sales buck the general market trend in December, up 2% to 39,232 units and bringing the final 2011 total to 429,258 registrations, up 3% on 2010. No surprises on top, the Renault Kangoo is the best-selling LCV in France for the 14th year in a row, behaving exactly like the market at +3% to 37,795 sales and 8.8% share. #2 like in 2010 and #1 in December at 10% share, the Renault Clio is down 1% to 30,146 units and 7%.

Renault Master

Up 2 spots and 13% to climb on the podium, the Renault Master is in excellent shape this year with 23,981 sales and 5.6%, making the podium 100% Renault, just above the Citroen Berlingo at 23,888 units (+6%) and the Fiat Ducato with 23,704 sales (+9%). The Ducato’s 5th place doesn’t reflect its amazing performance in April/May when it threatened the Kangoo for the first place with over 8% of the market…

Fiat Ducato

The Peugeot Partner, up 11% at #6 and Renault Trafic up 5% to #7 have a good year, as well as the Citroen C3 up 16% to #9. We welcome the arrival of the Ford Transit in the Top 10 at #10 with 12,694 sales and 3% share. Further down the ranking, notice the Land Rover Defender still robust at #49, the VW Amarok at #55 and the Porsche Cayenne at #95…

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Full Year 2011 Top 100 and December 2011 Top 75 Ranking Tables below.

France LCV Full Year 2011:

1Renault Kangoo37,7958.8%13%36,6808.8%1
2Renault Clio30,1467.0%2-1%30,3127.3%2
3Renault Master23,9815.6%313%21,3015.1%5
4Citroen Berlingo23,8885.6%46%22,4565.4%3
5Fiat Ducato23,7045.5%59%21,7825.2%4
6Peugeot Partner23,4895.5%611%21,2375.1%6
7Renault Trafic21,1554.9%75%20,2314.8%8
8Peugeot 207/206+19,8694.6%8-6%21,1815.1%7
9Citroen C316,0483.7%916%13,8453.3%10
10Ford Transit12,6943.0%10
11Mercedes Sprinter12,1272.8%11
12Peugeot Boxer10,3562.4%12
13Citroen Jumper9,9572.3%13
14Citroen Jumpy9,8042.3%14
15Citroen Nemo9,5192.2%15
16Renault Megane9,1892.1%16-40%15,3723.7%9
17Peugeot Expert8,3001.9%17
18Mercedes Vito7,2511.7%18
19Renault Master RT6,5981.5%19
20Fiat Doblo5,5971.3%20
21Citroen C45,2931.2%21
22Peugeot 3085,1881.2%22
23VW Transporter4,7361.1%23
24Renault Twingo4,5571.1%24
25Iveco 35C154,4121.0%25
26Iveco 35C134,0730.9%26
27Peugeot Bipper3,9510.9%27
28Dacia Logan3,7310.9%28
29Nissan Navara3,5200.8%29
30Fiat Scudo3,4110.8%30
31Ford Fiesta3,3320.8%31
32VW Crafter2,9670.7%32
33VW Caddy2,8770.7%33
34Opel Vivaro2,8220.7%34
35Toyota Hilux2,6340.6%35
36Ford Transit Connect2,4590.6%36
37Renault Maxity2,2590.5%37
38Fiat Fiorino1,9380.5%38
39Opel Movano1,8790.4%39
40Mitsubishi L2001,7890.4%40
41VW Golf1,7170.4%41
42Nissan Cabstar1,6520.4%42
43Fiat Punto1,6410.4%43
44Isuzu D-Max1,5840.4%44
45Nissan NV2001,5840.4%45
46Dacia Duster1,4730.3%46
47Iveco 35S131,4100.3%47
48VW Polo1,3800.3%48
49Land Rover Defender1,2140.3%49
50Opel Corsa1,1160.3%50
51Nissan Primastar9920.2%51
52Opel Combo9710.2%52
53Ford Ranger8920.2%53
54Iveco 35C118300.2%54
55VW Amarok7580.2%55
56Iveco 35S116930.2%56
57Opel Astra6840.2%57
58Citroen DS36590.2%58
59Mitsubishi Canter6140.1%59
60Seat Ibiza5600.1%60
61Iveco 35C185600.1%61
62Ford Focus4460.1%62
63Jeep Wrangler4150.1%63
64Peugeot 30084120.1%64
65Nissan Pick-up4020.1%65
66Piaggio Porter3980.1%66
67Fiat Panda3970.1%67
68Toyota Yaris3800.1%68
69Mazda BT-503730.1%69
70Goupil G33450.1%70
71Toyota Hiace3360.1%71
72Isuzu N3200.1%72
73Ford C-Max3150.1%73
74Nissan Qashqai2950.1%74
75Citroen C52880.1%75
76Mitsubishi Pajero2880.1%76
77Nissan Juke2840.1%77
78Iveco 35S142740.1%78
79Nissan Atleon2670.1%79
80Citroen C12630.1%80
81Audi A12570.1%81
82Audi A42230.1%82
83Fiat 5002050.0%83
84Audi A31970.0%84
85Mercedes A Class1880.0%85
86Toyota Dyna1860.0%86
87Lada Niva1820.0%87
88Peugeot 50081790.0%88
89Toyota RAV41750.0%89
90Iveco 29L121750.0%90
91Renault Modus1680.0%91
92VW Tiguan1600.0%92
93VW Touran1570.0%93
94Range Rover1550.0%94
95Porsche Cayenne1550.0%95
96Renault Laguna1490.0%96
97Mercedes ML Class1480.0%97
98Audi Q51460.0%98
99Ford Kuga1450.0%99
100Peugeot 1071430.0%100

France LCV December 2011:

1Renault Clio3,93010.0%130,1467.0%2
2Renault Kangoo3,4038.7%237,7958.8%1
3Renault Master2,2755.8%323,9815.6%3
4Citroen Berlingo2,1505.5%423,8885.6%4
5Peugeot Partner1,9515.0%623,4895.5%6
6Fiat Ducato1,7384.4%823,7045.5%5
7Peugeot 207/206+1,7354.4%719,8694.6%8
8Citroen C31,4893.8%916,0483.7%9
9Ford Transit1,0102.6%1312,6943.0%10
10Mercedes Sprinter9982.5%1212,1272.8%11
11Citroen Jumpy9502.4%149,8042.3%14
12Citroen Jumper8922.3%119,9572.3%13
13Peugeot Boxer8862.3%1510,3562.4%12
14Renault Megane8802.2%169,1892.1%16
15Renault Trafic7722.0%521,1554.9%7
16Peugeot Expert7511.9%178,3001.9%17
17Citroen Nemo7481.9%109,5192.2%15
18Fiat Doblo7281.9%235,5971.3%20
19Mercedes Vito6371.6%207,2511.7%18
20Citroen C45351.4%245,2931.2%21
21Renault Master RT5291.3%186,5981.5%19
22Fiat Scudo4501.1%313,4110.8%30
23Peugeot 3084351.1%215,1881.2%22
24Peugeot Bipper4101.0%253,9510.9%27
25VW Transporter4011.0%264,7361.1%23
26Nissan Navara3310.8%283,5200.8%29
27Opel Vivaro3050.8%342,8220.7%34
28Iveco 35C132850.7%294,0730.9%26
29Ford Fiesta2790.7%323,3320.8%31
30VW Crafter2760.7%352,9670.7%32
31Dacia Logan2640.7%223,7310.9%28
32Iveco 35C152630.7%274,4121.0%25
33Opel Movano2280.6%411,8790.4%39
34VW Caddy2250.6%302,8770.7%33
35Renault Twingo2180.6%194,5571.1%24
36Toyota Hilux2050.5%332,6340.6%35
37Renault Maxity1940.5%362,2590.5%37
38VW Golf1860.5%461,7170.4%41
39Mitsubishi L2001770.5%481,7890.4%40
40Isuzu D-Max1750.4%441,5840.4%44
41Dacia Duster1690.4%381,4730.3%46
42Fiat Fiorino1680.4%371,9380.5%38
43Fiat Punto1540.4%451,6410.4%43
44Citroen DS31400.4%616590.2%58
45Nissan NV2001390.4%421,5840.4%45
46Ford Transit Connect1350.3%402,4590.6%36
47Land Rover Defender1270.3%551,2140.3%49
48Iveco 35S131250.3%541,4100.3%47
49Iveco 35S111210.3%596930.2%56
50Nissan Cabstar1080.3%431,6520.4%42
51Opel Corsa1050.3%491,1160.3%50
52Toyota Hiace930.2%633360.1%71
53VW Polo920.2%471,3800.3%48
54Fiat Panda870.2%733970.1%67
55VW Amarok820.2%527580.2%55
56Goupil G3800.2%573450.1%70
57Nissan Primastar770.2%539920.2%51
58Ford Focus750.2%564460.1%62
59Ford Ranger710.2%608920.2%53
60Seat Ibiza630.2%505600.1%60
61Opel Astra570.1%516840.2%57
62Opel Combo540.1%399710.2%52
63Toyota Yaris540.1%933800.1%68
64Mazda BT-50500.1%673730.1%69
65Iveco 35C11470.1%588300.2%54
66Jeep Wrangler450.1%684150.1%63
67Nissan Pick-up440.1%694020.1%65
68Piaggio Porter440.1%653980.1%66
69Mitsubishi Canter380.1%626140.1%59
70Mercedes A Class360.1%811880.0%85
71Isuzu N350.1%663200.1%72
72Ford C-Max350.1%783150.1%73
73Peugeot 3008340.1%644120.1%64
74Audi A1340.1%722570.1%81
75Lada Niva340.1%971820.0%87


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