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France 1 to 9 January 2012: VW leads and places Polo #1!

The VW Polo is the only foreign model to ever hold the weekly pole position in France

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The very first 2012 figures are coming from France as we return to weekly rankings that had been unavailable for the last 6 weeks. And what a first week of the year it is in France!! For the first time ever, a foreigner leads both brands and models rankings! In a market down 17% year-on-year at 35,485 units, Volkswagen is the best-selling brand with 5,400 units and a huge 15.2% market share, just above Citroen at 5,380 sales and Peugeot at 5,363 units, Renault being relegated in 4th place at 3,303 sales and a meagre 9.3% share…

In the models ranking, VW places 2 models on the podium: the VW Polo is the best-selling car in France this week for the first time ever with 2.056 sales and 5.8% share, up 91% year-on-year. It is the first time a foreign model takes the lead of the weekly ranking in France. The VW Golf arrives #3 at 1,688 units and 4.8%, up 71%, just behind the Peugeot 207.

The Renault Clio is only 4th even though it is up 20% year-on-year. All other models are down vs. the same week in 2011. Notice the Dacia Sandero reappearing in the Top 10 at #10 and kicking the Duster out. Now. No need to panic as this ranking is not a reflection of what 2012 has is store for us because weekly data is heavily biased by current promotions. But still, an amazing performance for VW and it will be very interesting to see how the rest of the month pans out…

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Full weekly Top 10 Ranking Table below.

France – Week of 1 to 9 January 2012:

PosModel1 to 9 Jan%Dec2011
1VW Polo2,0565.8%48
2Peugeot 2071,8215.1%22
3VW Golf1,6884.8%815
4Renault Clio1,3133.7%11
5Citroen C31,2103.4%63
6Peugeot 3089442.7%97
7Peugeot 30088902.5%119
8Citroen C4 Picasso7872.2%1511
9Citroen C47812.2%1012
10Dacia Sandero7722.2%1722

Source: Auto Plus #1219 dated 14.01.2012

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  1. @STAC
    Hey Stac,
    if i may give you a friendly advice. If you want to discuss with Miguel take into consideration, that he is well known in this blog for provoking others by bashing primarily the vw brand. Maybe he is not even full-aged and i my opinion he also acts unter the name “sith”. So you may call his comments troll-posting.

    Best regards

  2. @Miguel
    I have to agree with you for the Golf IV (build quality, aesthetics, etc.), but it is not “one of the least reliable cars in the world,” I’ve never heard! I hear about the problems at Renault!

    Many VW had problems, yes, but not all VW!
    One of my friends had a Passat B5.5 TDI 115 PS, 2002, no problems contrary to one of my other friends, his estate Passat B5.5 TDi 115 PS Variant from 2001 had problems to 200 000 km due to bad driver and bad mechanic.
    Do not forget, Some garages are sometimes wrong, too same for all brands …

    Otherwise at VAG, the TDI PD 140 had known issues (before 2006), is shit.

    Otherwise at Skoda, the Octavia MKI FL finish “TOUR” is very reliable. 🙂

    PS: in France VW is very expensive!!!

  3. @STAC
    Well STAC I have to agree with you that the old VW golf, the MKI and MKII were good cars but since the MKIV the golf is one of the least reliable cars in the world. The golf has a huge success due to the MKIV launched in 1998 that had a pretty car body and its price was too competitive. The car was quite well finished but poor reliable. Nowdays all VWs models are not reliable and in some many reliability surveys they apper in last places. I do not know about Skoda but I know about Seat and Audi because me and my beloved father had one. They were nightmares!!!Many people here in Portugal that I know (friends, work collegues) and have Vws relate serious problems with the cars.

  4. @Miguel
    Euuuuh …. No Miguel, I did not say that I do not like Skoda.
    I like the old VW and Audi and Seat (90/00’s years), and since their new range, I do not like more …

    SKODA the willow is the most interesting in the VAG group! I still love its range.
    I have an Octavia 1 FL TDi 110 PS, 2001, 205 000 km of origin. I never had problems except only breakdown: the battery was changed to 170 000 km!
    My family has a Felicia Combi bought new in 1998, 260 000 km and had a Felicia hatchback 1.3i 68 PS (skoda engine) from 1996, sold to 150 000 km, they have never had reliability problems.
    I have a friend who has a Octavia Combi TDI 110 PS bought new in 1999, it totals more than 500 000 km.
    Skoda is a good car.

    The old VW is reliable. My brother has a Golf II GTI16S 129 PS with catalyst, nearly 450 000 km, the engine is still original.

    Too bad, these brands VAG group sometimes had reliability problems according to year and recall by the manufacturer.
    The new engines are nice.

    You see, Renault have a lot of mechanical problems since lon time….

  5. @STAC
    I agree with you STAC! I never liked VW, Audi, Seat or Skoda, their models are not attractive for me and as far as I read and know they give lots of troubles and due not to be very reliable; They only creat glamour, image, charisma; anyway, I respect people that do. I had a 1999 Seat Ibiza that was a real nigthmare and my father had an 2000 Audi A4 that only gave him problems!! But I admit people are very found of VW group.

  6. Hi all,

    Me neither, I do not like VW since the new range (after the Golf 6) because of their design (eg the front is missing, etc.), this current range is very sad today!
    The same for Audi and Seat.

    But no rights to judge people it is their taste and choice ….

    Anyway VW will not be on the podium this month. 🙂

  7. @GoLulu
    Golulu, the fact is: the whole world has a tendency to VW and I do not know why!! VW is the marque with more news and evidence in the automobile world. In Portugal where I live there was a scandal a few time ago because VW group ( VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT, MAN, LAMBORGHINI, BENTLEY…) paid to car magazine, in this case “Auto hoje” TO PLACE THEM MODELS ALWAYS IN TOP IN COMPARATIVE TESTS! was a shame and now that magazine has not credit at all!!!!! It´s the world we live Golulu!! Money speaks louder!!

  8. @Miguel
    Hi Miguel.
    Could you take a look at the link you posted? It seems to be dead. The closest I could get to it was I am quite interested in this concept of having shares in a country, I am an economics major and this is new to me. I thought it was companies selling shares (stock in the US) and not countries. Maybe you mean that they have invested in those countries by building factories etc?

    I’m not a fan of VW, most of their cars are to family orientated and they have nothing to compete with my favorite the MX5. but that is a niche market and not the place were the big sales happen.

  9. @matgasnier
    It’s a magazine who is not serious, and the results are often wrong. It’s possible Volkswagen leads the market, but the french market for week is crazy, Volkswagen will be 4th in January 2012, maybe 3rd or 2nd, but never 1st. Volkswagen is very rarely better 3/2/1 but all the time 4/5. They just registered all the models at the beginning of the month. Peugeot and Citroën register they more often in the middle of month and Renault at the end of month.

    1. Hi GoLulu, that’s why I said in the article that these figures are not representative of what the year or even the month will be.

  10. @GoLulu

    I think the AutoPlus belongs to the springer publisher (german).
    The Bild newspaper the new holy bible of the germans is also the springer publisher.

    what an crap.

  11. It’s not true. I’m french and i read AutoPlus, the magazine who published that… The results for week are not true in France and change all the time (but not the results for month), and the magazine AutoPlus is bad, it’s a realy bad magazine.

  12. @Miguel
    Yeah! Shame!

    We never understood why the French prefer VW and Audi!

    anyway, French brands back in the next few weeks!

    Sinon Matt, ça y est, je t’ai envoyé par mail.

  13. J’ai vu hier! C’est honteux ce pays!!!!!!!

    Je viens de terminer préparer mes chiffres pour France 2011, je te les enverrai par mail dans quelques heures. Encore désolé pour la longue attente!!!
    à très bientôt

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