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Finland Full Year 2011: Skoda Octavia new best-seller

Skoda Octavia

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Car sales in Finland are up a very healthy 9% in December at 6,743 registrations, bringing the final 2011 total to 124,477 units, up an equally healthy 13% on 2010. VW and Volvo had an excellent month of December in Finland, VW placing the Passat at #3 (+3 on November), the Polo at #6 (+11) and the Jetta at #12 (+5) and Volvo getting the V70 at #5 (+4), the XC60 at #7 (+6) and the V60 at #15 (+5).

Toyota Avensis

Over the Full Year 2011, Finland has got itself a new favourite car: the Skoda Octavia, best-selling model in the country for the very first time thanks to sales up 8% to 5,937 units and 4.8% share. This new leadership took effect very late in the year with the Octavia jumping up to #1 at the end of October. After 3 years in pole position, the VW Golf drops to 2nd place with 5,627 sales and 4.5% down 9%. The Toyota Avensis and Nissan Qashqai stay 3rd and 4th respectively at 4,586 units (-3%) and 4,390 (+4%).

Nissan Qashqai

Excellent year for the VW Passat, up 83% and 8 spots to #5 and 3,952 sales thanks to the new generation. The new Ford Focus is also up 30% but just one spot on 2010 at #6. Both the Audi A4 at #9 (+12%) and the Ford Mondeo at #10 (-5%) reappear in the Finnish Top 10 this year. Other great 2011 performers include the Mercedes C Class up 37% to #19 and the BMW 5 Series up 35% to #20.

VW Jetta

There are no less than 6 newcomers in the 2011 Top 30. Among them are the Citroen C4 up 76% to #23, the VW Jetta up 138% to #24, the Volvo V60 up 880% to #26 and the Nissan Juke up 466% to #28.

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Full Year 2011 Top 30 and December Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

Finland Full Year 2011:

1Skoda Octavia5,9374.8%8%5,5055.0%2
2VW Golf5,6274.5%-9%6,1735.6%1
3Toyota Avensis4,5863.7%-3%4,7274.3%3
4Nissan Qashqai4,3903.5%4%4,2223.8%4
5VW Passat3,9523.2%83%2,1582.0%13
6Ford Focus3,8773.1%30%2,9742.7%7
7Opel Astra3,2542.6%7%3,0432.8%6
8Kia Cee’d2,9332.4%-12%3,3253.0%5
9Audi A42,2321.8%12%1,9861.8%15
10Ford Mondeo2,2091.8%-5%2,3322.1%11
11Toyota Yaris2,1251.7%-17%2,5642.3%8
12Ford Fiesta2,0861.7%1%2,0561.9%14
13Volvo V701,8861.5%-21%2,3812.2%10
14Toyota Auris1,8651.5%-23%2,4122.2%9
15Volvo V501,8331.5%23%1,4961.4%19
16Hyundai i301,8181.5%27%1,4271.3%21
17VW Polo1,7871.4%-19%2,2002.0%12
18Skoda Superb1,7471.4%-3%1,8071.6%16
19Mercedes C Class1,7461.4%37%1,2701.1%24
20BMW 5 Series1,5931.3%35%1,1841.1%27
21Volvo XC601,5421.2%21%1,2711.2%25
22Mercedes E Class1,5281.2%-8%1,6561.5%18
23Citroen C41,4031.1%76%7970.7% –
24VW Jetta1,3591.1%138%5700.5% –
25Hyundai i201,3041.0%31%9930.9% –
26Volvo V601,3031.0%880%1330.1% –
27Toyota Corolla1,2481.0%-27%1,7161.6%17
28Nissan Juke1,2121.0%466%2140.2% –
30Skoda Fabia1,2041.0%48%8130.7% –

Finland December 2011:

1Skoda Octavia3605.3%15,9374.8%12
2VW Golf3284.9%25,6274.5%21
3VW Passat3204.7%63,9523.2%513
4Nissan Qashqai1862.8%44,3903.5%44
5Volvo V701602.4%91,8861.5%1310
6VW Polo1492.2%171,7871.4%1712
7Volvo XC601362.0%131,5421.2%2125
8Toyota Yaris1322.0%52,1251.7%118
9Ford Focus1221.8%33,8773.1%67
10Opel Astra1211.8%73,2542.6%76
11Ford Mondeo1211.8%182,2091.8%1011
12VW Jetta1211.8%161,3591.1%24 –
13Audi A41151.7%102,2321.8%915
14BMW 5 Series1041.5%231,5931.3%2027
15Volvo V601001.5%201,3031.0%26 –
16Toyota Avensis981.5%84,5863.7%33
17Ford Fiesta921.4%142,0861.7%1214
18Mercedes C Class891.3%241,7461.4%1924
19Volvo V50871.3%121,8331.5%1519
20Skoda Superb831.2%251,7471.4%1816


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