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Romania October 2010: 3 Dacias in Top 4!

The Romanian market is starting to recover from a catastrophic start in 2010 (-85% in January vs. ’09!): October is at +9% with 8,281 sales, with the Year-to-date figure still down 27% with 70,629 registrations.

No surprises on top: the Dacia Logan is king with 27.7% of the market, very close to its YTD figure (18,960 sales at 26.8%). The Skoda Octavia is very solid in #2 with 6.7% (YTD: 4,375 sales and 6.2%) and was #2 in 6 out of the last 8 months.

Dacia places its 3 models in the Top 4 this month: the Duster is 3rd with 4.6% (#5 YTD at 3.7%). Its best month-to-date is August at #2 and 8.8%. The Sandero is 4th with 3.7%, which actually is its best month of the year: it has failed to shine up until now with a weak 8th spot YTD at 2.5%.

Very strong in 5th is the Renault Symbol, #3 YTD at 3.9%, it even spent 3 months above 5% market share this year. The Astra, Golf and Aveo follow. Exceptional performance of the Hyundai ix35: 11th in October (up from 30th in September) with 1.8% of the market.

Full Top 30 ranking table below.

1Dacia Logan2,29027.7%118,96026.8%1
2Skoda Octavia5356.5%34,3756.2%2
3Dacia Duster3834.6%62,5793.7%5
4Dacia Sandero3053.7%131,7472.5%8
5Renault Symbol2963.6%42,7753.9%3
6Opel Astra2923.5%22,6243.7%4
7VW Golf2312.8%72,0602.9%6
8Chevrolet Aveo2262.7%81,8982.7%7
9Skoda Fabia1632.0%91,3001.8%11
10Opel Corsa1611.9%51,4812.1%9
11Hyundai ix351511.8%303470.5%37
12Hyundai i301201.4%177441.1%20
13Renault Fluence1191.4%161,1651.6%14
14VW Polo1081.3%101,2321.7%13
15Fiat Panda1081.3%314130.6%33
16Chevrolet Cruze1021.2%158681.2%17
17Ford Focus1011.2%141,2471.8%12
18Toyota Yaris961.2%287741.1%19
19Renault Megane921.1%128771.2%16
20Chevrolet Spark891.1%238361.2%18
21Ford Fiesta811.0%111,4042.0%10
22VW Passat770.9%189921.4%15
23Hyundai i20770.9%n/a2280.3%50
24Suzuki SX4720.9%n/a6470.9%21
25Fiat Linea700.8%274320.6%30
26Seat Ibiza650.8%194900.7%26
27Peugeot 206+620.7%263230.5%40
28Nissan Qashqai510.6%244220.6%32
29Peugeot 308490.6%203690.5%36
30VW Jetta440.5%295350.8%23


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