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Romania 2009: Logan at 24%, Sandero #2

Dacia Sandero

The Romanian market did one thing in 2009: it crashed to the ground, going from 324,080 sales in 2008 to 147,962 (-55%) in spite of of government subsidies.

In this chaos, the Dacia Logan has managed to slightly improve its market share, from 23.4% to 23.7%. It’s lower than the 40%+ achieved at launch in 2004 but still very respectable. The mix is 73% Sedan, 18% MCV, 5% Van and 4% Pick-Up.

For its first full year, the Dacia Sandero climbs to #2, just: with 6,765 sales it is only 310 ahead of the Skoda Octavia in 3rd. At 4.6% market share, let’s say the Sandero hasn’t hit its full potential in its native country.

Further down, the Kia Cee’d jumps 2 spots to 4th with a very strong 3.8% market share, and the Hyundai i30 goes from 22nd to 7th with 2.3%.

Top 10 ranking table below.

1Dacia Logan35,09723.7%75,79223.4%1
2Dacia Sandero6,7654.6%8,9162.8%4
3Skoda Octavia6,4554.4%15,6504.8%2
4Kia Cee’d5,6893.8%7,6152.3%6
5Renault Clio5,1363.5%11,3283.5%3
6Ford Focus3,6682.5%7,9102.4%5
7Hyundai i303,4352.3%2,6120.8%22
8VW Golf3,0172.0%4,8981.5%12
9Renault Megane2,4221.6%6,2731.9%9
10Opel Astra Classic2,1861.5%6,4392.0%7
Logan Sedan25,72217.4%51,14915.8%
Logan MCV6,2494.2%15,1754.7%
Logan Van1,5881.1%5,2981.6%
Logan Pick Up1,5381.0%4,1701.3%

Source: APIA, Dacia

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