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Russia 2005: Lada Riva edges past Samara, foreigners up 51% to 38% share, Great Wall in

The Lada Samara misses out on the Russian pole position again.

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It’s a third consecutive record year for new car sales in Russia, up 11% to 1.632.464 units in 2005. The foreign wave continues to infiltrate the market at high speed with foreign carmakers soaring another 51% to reach 620.125 sales and 38% share vs. 28% a year ago whereas local manufacturers drop 4% to go from 72% to 62% share at 1.012.339 units. Lada (-3%) remains by far the most popular brand at home but sees its share thaw from 51.5% to 44.8%. GAZ (+6%) manages a cool gain but drops to 12.3% whereas Hyundai surges 70% to become the first foreign brand to climb on the Russian annual podium. It is followed by Chevrolet (+29%) and UAZ (-0.4%) with Ford (+46%), Toyota (+32%), Mitsubishi (+77%), Nissan (+72%) and Daewoo (+32%) all frankly outpacing the market in the remainder of the Top 10. Notice also Jaguar (+579%), Bentley (+133%), Mazda (+130%), Porsche (+124%), Cadillac (+94%), Renault (+81%), Land Rover (+75%) and Lexus (+67%) also posting spectacular gains and Great Wall the first Chinese carmaker to make its appearance in the Russian charts directly at #29 with over 4.100 sales, alongside FAW at #40 with 328 units.

Great Wall is the first Chinese carmaker to enter the Russian market with the Deer/Sailor.

Like last year, the battle is intense for the title of best-seller in Russia for 2005 and as it has been the case for at least a decade, the Lada Riva (-5%) wins but sees its share drop from 16.4% to 14%. The Lada Samara (-6%) is a close second, only 3.500 units below at 13.8% vs. 16.3% last year. The Lada 2110 (-6%), GAZ Gazelle (+27%) and GAZ Volga 3110 (-21%) complete a Top 5 unchanged on last year while the Chevrolet Niva (-6%) steps up one spot to #6 despite declining: this is the highest ranking reached by a foreign-branded vehicle in China since statistics began, even though the Niva is manufactured in Russia. It is followed by the Mitsubishi Lancer (+124%) up 7 ranks on 2004 to #8, the Hyundai Accent (+77%) and Daewoo Nexia (+33%). Notice also the Lada 4×4 (+106%) in excellent shape despite its age, the Lada Kalina ending its first full year of sales at home at #18, the Renault Logan landing at #25 and the Great Wall Deer/Sailor at #49.

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