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Portugal 1995: Fiat Punto takes the lead at 14% of the market

Fiat Punto

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The Portuguese new car market is down 13% in 1995 to 201,444 registrations. After falling only 49 units short of the pole position last year, the Fiat Punto takes its revenge over the Opel Corsa in 1995 and leads the models ranking with 28,215 sales an enormous 14% market share. The Opel Corsa drops 28% to #2 at 20,748 units and 10.3%, ahead of the Renault Clio with 13,418 sales and 6.7%, the Ford Fiesta at 10,581 units and 5.3% and the Peugeot 106 with 10,429 sales and 5.2%.

The VW Polo is up a brilliant 16 spots and 236% year-on-year to #6 thanks to the new generation, while the Rover 200/400 stays in the Portuguese Top 10 for the third consecutive year. Notice the Fiat Bravo/a making a remarkable appearance at #10 in December.

Previous year: Portugal 1994: Opel Corsa and Fiat Punto both at 12.4% share!

Next year: Portugal 1996: Fiat Punto on top, Honda Civic up to #8

Full Year 1995 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Brazil 1995: VW Gol back to #1, Fiat Tipo leads for a month

1994 VW Gol

Thanks to the second generation launched last year, the VW Gol reclaims the title of best-selling car in Brazil in 1995 with 287,443 sales and 22.1% share, up 30% on 1994. The Gol was market leader 8 months out of 12 and peaked at 31,276 sales in August, its first time above 30,000 monthly units ever in Brazil.

The Fiat Uno drops to #2 this year at 250,464 sales and 19.3% share (+13%), it was #1 in February, March and October and reached 28,828 sales in November, its best ever volume in Brazil.

The Fiat Tipo led the Brazilian market in January 1995 with 13,298 sales.

The Fiat Tipo, imported from Italy, made the headlines in January when it simply took the leadership of the Brazilian market with 13,298 sales! It finishes the year in 5th position with 83,295 units. The Chevrolet Corsa is #3 at 152,000 sales, followed by the Ford Escort at 99,546. Another import, the VW Golf, does extremely well and ranks 6th with 46,622 sales ahead of the Fiat Tempra at 39,736.

Many thanks to Marcelo de Vasconcellos from The Truth About Cars for the tip!

Full Top 25 Ranking Table below.

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Italy 1995: Fiat Punto close to 19% share, Cinquecento #2

Fiat Punto

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Car sales in Italy continue to be relatively weak at 1,741,018 units in 1995. The Fiat Punto owns the market and improves its market share again to a mammoth 18.8% this year and 326,789 sales. The Fiat Cinquecento manages its way up to second place with 82,698 sales and 4.85 share, ahead of the Ford Fiesta at 71,034 and 4.1%.

Fiat Cinquecento

The VW Golf confirms its success in the country by ranking 4th this year at 63,895 sales and 3.7% share, followed by its little sister the VW Polo, up a huge 209% and 20 spots on 1994 to 57,105 units and 3.3%. Notice the Fiat Panda has disappeared from the Top 10. Launched mid-year, the Fiat Bravo/Brava is already #3 in October with a shiny 4.7% share.

Previous year: Italy 1994: Fiat Punto takes control

Next year: Italy 1996: Fiat Punto and Bravo/a dominate

Full Year and October 1995 Top 10 Ranking Tables: click on ‘Read more’ below the Fiat Bravo pic.

Fiat Bravo

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UK 1995: Last year at #1 for the Ford Escort

Ford Escort

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In a stable market at 1.918 million registrations, the Ford Escort is the best seller for one last time at 137,760 units and 7.1% share, down just 4%. Ford monopolises the podium again with the Ford Fiesta a close second at 129,574 sales (+5%) and the Ford Mondeo 3rd at 118,040 units (-7%).

Peugeot 306

Three Vauxhalls follow: the Astra is up one spot (+3%), the Cavalier, replaced by the Vectra at the end of the year, is down 26% in 5th and the Corsa is up one spot in 6th place. The Peugeot 306 passes the Renault Clio to become UK’s best selling foreign model at #8 and beats the foreign model annual volume record at 56,112 units.

Rover 400

The Rover 400 is up 60% to #11 thanks to the new generation, the Fiat Punto is up 94% to #14, the Renault Laguna is up 96% to #17 while the Land Rover Discovery continues to improve to a best-ever #26 with 21,641 sales.

Full 1995 Top 30 Ranking Table below.

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Spain 1995: Ford Escort stays on top

Ford Escort

In 1995 the Ford Escort is the most popular model in Spain for the 2nd year in a row with 48,483 sales. If you have more information about the models ranking for this year, please make sure you get in touch by commenting on here or filling in the ‘Contact’ details page above. Thanks!

Previous year: Spain 1994: Ford Escort takes the lead

Next year: Spain 1996: Seat Ibiza in pole position for the second time

Australia 1995: Last year of reign for the Ford Falcon – hits 12.7%

Ford Falcon

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Excellent year for new car sales in Australia in 1995, up 4% to 642,557 registrations, second only to the 1985 score of 695,856. Both Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore grow faster than the market and reach their best market share in modern times but this year it’s the Ford Falcon that finishes first with a record 81,366 sales and 12.7% share, up 12% year-on-year. In fact this is the Falcon’s last stint in pole position, with the Holden Commodore taking the lead from 1996 onwards up until 2011. But for now the Holden Commodore is #2 with 80,452 units and 12.5% share.

Ford Festiva

For the first time the Toyota Camry/Vienta manages to climb onto the year-end Australian podium in spite of sales down 7% to 33,367, but this is because the Mitsubishi Magna/Verada is down 18% to #4. Normally relatively stable, the 1995 Top 15 is undergoing some substantial changes, with the Hyundai Excel continuing its crazy progression to land in 5th place, up a huge 52% year-on-year to 25,928 sales and 4% share, now the country’s best-selling small car ahead of the Corolla!

Daewoo Cielo

The Ford Festiva is up no less than 88% and 6 spots to #8 with 16,146 units and 2.5% share while the Ford Laser is down 34% to #12 and the Daewoo 1.5i/Cielo is up a mammoth 266% and 34 ranks to #14 with 9,095 sales and 1.4%… Notice also the Ford Fairlane/LTD up 66% to #26, the Jeep Cherokee up 230% to #33 and the Toyota RAV4 up 147% and breaking into the Australian Top 50 for the first time at #43.

Previous year: Australia 1994: Holden Commodore reclaims top spot

Next year: Australia 1996: Commodore at record 12.8%, Hyundai Excel #3

Full Year 1995 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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Europe 1995: Fiat Punto interrupts 154 months of Golf domination

Fiat Punto

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A once-in-a-decade event occurs in November 1995: after 154 consecutive months of VW Golf domination, the Fiat Punto takes the reins of the European car market with 51,058 sales vs. 50,693 for the Golf. It took just two years for the Punto to establish itself as the first serious threat to the Golf domination in Europe, a feat that the Fiat Uno never achieved in its 10 year life. Over the full year however, the VW Golf keeps the pole position for the 13th year in a row with 663,936 sales, the Punto following with 607,790 units.

VW Golf

The Opel Astra drops one spot to #3 with 569,812 sales, the Ford Escort is up one to #4 at 482,607 and the Ford Fiesta is down 2 to #5 and 481,879 sales. Opel Corsa, Renault Clio and Ford Mondeo are stable whereas the VW Polo is up a massive 142% and 18 spots thanks to the new generation to reach #9 with 326,110 sales. Notice also the Renault Laguna up 6 spots to #14 and the Audi A4 landing at #17.

Previous post: Europe 1993-1994: VW Golf stays on top, Opel Astra #2

Next year: Europe 1996: VW Golf resists Fiat Punto assault

Full Year 1995 Top 30 and November 1995 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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Japan 1995: Toyota Corolla, Crown and Nissan March on top

Nissan March

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Thanks to a tip from Joe I can now share with you the Top 15 most popular models in Japan in 1995. Unsurprisingly, the Toyota Corolla is the best-seller this year with 235,738 sales, followed by the Nissan March at 132,094 and the Toyota Crown at 130,128. There are 5 more models above 100,000 units this year: the Honda Odyssey at #4 with 125,597, the Toyota Mark II at #5 with 122,440…

Toyota Crown

… the Honda Civic at #6 with 113,495, the Toyota Estima at #7 with 113,412 and the Nissan Sunny at #8 with 101,983. Notice also the Toyota Sprinter at #10, the Subaru Legacy at #11, the Nissan Pulsar at #13, the Toyota RAV4 at #15, the Nissan Cefiro at #16 and the Toyota Corsa at #18.

Previous post: Japan 1993-1994: Toyota Corolla continues to dominate

Next post: Japan 1996: Toyota Crown and Starlet up, Honda CR-V impresses

Full Year 1995 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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USA 1995: Ford F-Series and Explorer impress

Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series goes from strength to strength: for its 14th consecutive year atop the overall American models ranking and even though it will be completely relaunch next year, it is up 7% to reach 691,452 sales, a personal volume record. The Chevrolet C/K drops 8% to 536,901 units but stays distant #2.

Ford Explorer

Up no less than 42% year-on-year, the Ford Explorer climbs 6 spots to land on the podium at #3 with 395,227 sales. It is followed by the Ford Taurus, down 8% at 366,266 units and best-selling passenger car in the country for the 4th year in a row, and the Honda Accord, down 7% to 341,384 sales. The Toyota Camry is closing on in its two predecessors, up 2% to 328,602 units at #6.

Previous year: see the 1994 USA post here.

Full Year 1995 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Argentina 1995: Renault 9 and Fiat Duna fight it out

Renault 9

* Many thanks to Bruno for making this post possible! *

For 1995 there is no reliable data available for Argentina, just the fact that the Fiat Duna and Renault 9 fight for the pole position, with the Renault 9 eventually taking the lead for the first (and only) time, ending 5 consecutive years of reign of the Fiat Duna.