Russia February 2016: Discover the Top 275 All-models (BSCB Exclusive)

Lada X-Ray Russia February 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruFirst appearance of the Lada X-Ray in the Russian sales charts. 

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After the Top 20 unveiled a couple of weeks ago, we can now delve into the detail of the Russian models ranking for February. The main news this month is the arrival of the Lada X-Ray, the brand’s first SUV since the 4×4 (aka Niva) was launched in… 1977. The X-Ray lands directly at #32 in February but should fast climb up the ladder over the coming months. The Mercedes GLE resists at a strong 38th position, with both the GLA and GLC also ranking within the Top 45 this month while the Hyundai Tucson (#49) and Suzuki Vitara (#50) are also inside the Top 50. The Geely Emgrand EC7 becomes the best-selling Chinese nameplate (#47), overtaking the Lifan X60 (#54) and X50 (#59).

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Full February 2016 Top 275 All-models ranking table below.

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World Full Year 2015: Toyota #1 in 91 markets vs. 20 for Volkswagen

Toyota Avanza Indonesia 2015. Picture courtesy is #1 in an estimated 91 markets around the world, including Indonesia (above). 

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After the #1 models in 178 markets, for the first time on BSCB we share with you the #1 best-selling brands in 178 markets around the planet, a list topped by Toyota with an estimated 91 wins vs. “just” 20 for archenemy Volkswagen. Ford (9), Suzuki (8), Hyundai and Renault (7) follow. Note this is not a reflection of the highest worldwide sales volumes which are the subject of a separate reportonly how many countries a specific brand ranks #1 in. If no FY2015 data is available, the most recent data is used, and for about 50 countries (mostly in Africa) the #1 spot is estimated based on thorough observations of the streets of those countries via local BSCB contacts and/or recent YouTube videos.

VW Amarok Argentina November 2015Volkswagen is #1 in 20 markets, including Argentina where it assembles the Amarok (above). 

By topping this ranking, Japanese carmaker Toyota is in line with its #1 worldwide spot, however it surprises with the amount of markets it’s ranking #1 in at a staggering 91. Looking into this tally by geographic location shows a hegemony that spreads across the entire planet: 40 wins are in Africa, 16 in Asia, 11 in America, 9 in Oceania, 8 in the Middle-East and 6 in Europe. Even when removing markets where Toyota’s pole position is estimated, we arrive to 52 official wins, over 2.5 times what any other manufacturer in the world has been able to score in 2015. Archenemy Volkswagen comes second with a – ‘meagre’ in comparison – 20 markets, including 18 in Europe, the other two being China and Argentina. Its budget brand Skoda catches five wins of its own, unsurprisingly all in Eastern Europe.

Ford F-Series World 2015. Picture courtesy youtube.comFord is victorious in ten markets worldwide including the U.S. and the U.K. 

In third place, Ford boosts its total to 9 victories thanks to wins in smaller markets such as American Samoa, Haiti, New Caledonia and Tahiti, on top of some very significant ones such as the U.S. and the U.K. The 4th place of Japanese carmaker Suzuki is a very interesting one: along India and Sri Lanka where it is sold as its subsidiary brand name Maruti Suzuki, and its sphere of influence (Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan), we now find two American countries (Uruguay where it ranked #1 for the very first time in 2015, and Bolivia) as well as one African market (Angola), a testimony to the growing success of its ultra-low cost Alto and Celerio lineup.

Renault Logan Belarus June 2015. Picture courtesy ruh.byRenault wins in seven markets, and Dacia in four. 

Korean Hyundai follows with seven wins including two in America, two in the Middle East, two in Asia and one in Europe (Rep of Macedonia). Its sister brand Kia has four wins of its own, including three in the Middle-East. French manufacturer Renault also has seven wins: on top of its home country France, its dependency Martinique as well as neighbour Belgium, Renault also wins in Portugal, Belarus, Algeria and Tunisia. To its total can be added the four wins of its low-cost brand Dacia (in Bulgaria, Moldova, Morocco and at home in Romania). At a somewhat surprising 8th rank we find General Motors’ main brand Chevrolet with a total of four wins, three of them in South America on top of, interestingly, Egypt. Fiat’s market domination has narrowed to just three victories: at home in Italy, in Brazil and in Lithuania thanks to re-exports. Uz-Daewoo, Lada and Peugeot also score three wins.

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See below for the Full Year 2015 list of 21 top ranking brands and where they are #1, with world maps for the 6 most successful manufacturers.

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North Korea: Hawtai Lusheng E70 and Pyeonghwa Samchunri leaders

PyongyangNorth Korea’s capital, Pyongyang. Picture Marcelo Druck

A lot has happened in North Korea since our last report, so it’s time for a new one. This may be one of the most secretive countries and car markets in the world, but it has no secrets for BSCB. The North Korean new car market is still very limited with an estimated 1.000 to 1.500 new vehicles registered each year, but seems to have enjoyed a mini-boom over the last couple of years as more cars can be seen in the formerly deserted streets of the capital Pyongyang. You won’t find any made-in-Japan cars here though: in 2007, Kim Jong-Il ordered the confiscation of all Japanese-built vehicles… Made-in-China Toyotas are okay.

Hawtai Lusheng E70 North Korea December 2013b. Picture courtesy of Lusheng E70 taxi for North Korea.

Hawtai Lusheng E70 PyongyangProof of purchase: the Hawtai Lusheng E70 taxi in action in Pyongyang. Picture NViktor

Back in December 2013 we reported that Hawtai Motor exported 300 Lusheng E70 taxis to North Korea which, given how limited the North Korean new car market is, would have pushed that nameplate to #1 best-seller for the year. According to exclusive information obtained by BSCB with the Hawtai head office in China, a further 550 Lusheng E70 taxis were exported to North Korea in 2014, meaning the sedan was the best-seller in the country for a second consecutive year then. In 2015, it’s 30 Lusheng E70 taxis and 20 Shengdafei SUV-passenger cars that were exported. In turn, this means Hawtai is trying to extend its export plans to North Korea towards private sales to government officials, the only people able to afford a car in North Korea.

Advertising billboard for the Pyeonghwa Samchunri. Picture by Eric Lafforgue. All Rights reserved.

Pyeonghwa Samchunri in PyongyangPyeonghwa Samchunri in Pyongyang. Picture hélène veilleux

The reduced volume of Hawtai cars exported in 2015 means local brand Pyeonghwa Motors should reclaim the #1 best-seller title with its Samchunri minivan, a rebadged Jinbei Haise (itself based on the 1989 Toyota Hiace), assembled under license from Brilliance. Pyeonghwa Motors (meaning ‘Peace’ in Korean) was founded in 1999 and started assembling the first generation Fiat Palio and Doblo in 2002. The company has the exclusive rights to car production, purchase and used car sales in North Korea. It is also currently the only company in North Korea, all sectors put together, to have the right to advertise. A series of billboards (such as the one above) and TV commercials have been made in an effort to show residents that their country is able to produce products such as motor vehicles.

Pyeonghwa Hwiparam III North KoreaPyeonghwa Hwiparam III taxi in Pyongyang. Picture Kuanping Lin

Pyeonghwa Premio CUVThe Pyeonghwa Premio Max is exported to Vietnam. 

Pyeonghwa Motors is originally the fruit of a controversial deal between South Korea’s Unification Church and the North Korean government, but the South Korean church dropped out in 2013 and since no reports on production or new models have been released. Indeed, the official Pyeonghwa Motors website hasn’t seen its English version updated since 2012. On top of the Samchunri, Pyeonghwa sells a range of rebadged Brilliance and Huanghai including the Hwiparam III (Brilliance FSV), Hwiparam II (Brilliance BS4), Premio CUV (Huanghai Shuanguan) and Premio Max pick-up (Huanghai Plutus) also exported in Vietnam through Mekong Auto (see above).

Pyeonghwa FAW models. Picture courtesy Ray CunninghamPyeonghwa-rebadged FAW models in Pyongyang showroom. Picture Raymond Cunningham

Pyeonghwa Samnchunri BAIC E-Series. Picture courtesy Ray CunninghamPyeonghwa Samchunri and BAIC E-Series in Pyongyang showroom. Picture Raymond Cunningham

However a quick look at Pyeonghwa’s sole showroom in the country, in Pyongyang, (above) shows that at least two new partnerships with Chinese operations have been struck in the past couple of years. The first one is with FAW: the Oley, Besturn B50, FAW-VW Bora and Magotan can be seen in the showroom in pictures taken in September 2014. The second one is with Beijing Auto as we can see a BAIC E-Series hatch next to the new Samchunri as well as a BAW Jeep.

Lada Taxi PyongyangLada Zhiguli taxi in Pyongyang (2011). Picture Judith Ay

BYD F3 North KoreaBYD F3 taxi in Pyongyang (2014). Picture Lawrence Wang

Other notable vehicles spotted in Pyongyang – mostly as taxis – are the BYD F3, VW Jetta, Ford Focus, once again made-in-China, as well as some Volvos and Ladas. If you have any additional information about the North Korean market please make sure to get in touch in the comments below.

Belarus Full Year 2015: VW Polo resists Renault assault

VW Polo Belarus 2015. Picture courtesy abw.byThe VW Polo is the best-selling car in Belarus for the third straight year. Picture

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New car sales in Belarus are up 6% year-on-year in 2015 to 26.190 registrations, however these figures do no include manufacturers that do not subscribe to the Belarus Automobile Association (BAA) such as Geely, Honda, Suzuki, UAZ, UZ-Daewoo and Zotye. In 2014 these manufacturers accounted for 13% of the total Belorussian market. In this context, Renault has a surreal year with sales up 79% to 8.070 to hold a mammoth 30.8% share, more than double any other manufacturer in the country. The French manufacturer can put a big green tick next to Belarus, one of the countries used to clear the overflowing stock resulting from the Russian crisis, Ukraine being another successful one. Volkswagen (+5%) remains 2nd but Nissan (+61%), Lada (+27%) and Skoda (+20%) all progress in the ranking whereas Toyota (-15%) and GAZ (-43%) fall.

Renault Logan Belarus June 2015. Picture courtesy ruh.byRenault is by far the most popular carmaker in Belarus. The Logan is up 3-fold in 2015.

In fact we are witnessing a strong concentration of the Belorussian market towards the Top 5 manufacturers this year: up by 42% on 2015, they account for an imposing 73% of the total market, with all manufacturers outside the Top 5 bar Jaguar (+31%) seeing their sales drop sharply: Kia is down 69%, Opel and Citroen down 68%, Volvo down 66%, Chevrolet down 65% and Mazda down 63%. In the models ranking, the VW Polo (+29%) is in the top rank for the third consecutive year, resisting a very aggressive Renault assault: the Sandero is up 55% in 2nd place, the Logan up 176% at #3 and the Duster up 91% at #4. Below, the Nissan Almera (+57%), Skoda Rapid (+87%) and Lada Largus (+73%) also impress, while the 39 year-old Lada Niva maintains itself inside the Top 10.

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Full Year 2015 Top 30 brands and Top 195 All-models vs. Full 2014 figures below.

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Russia February 2016: Hyundai Solaris leads YTD, market down 13%

Lada Vesta Russia February 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruThe arrival of the Lada Vesta has further destabilised the top of the Russian models charts.

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Partly due to an already very low base a year ago, Russian new car sales are down ‘just’ 13% year-on-year in February to 111.145 registrations, its smallest decline in 14 months. This brings the year-to-date total to 193.072 units, down 21% on the same period in 2015. Local manufacturer Lada continues to lose share at -19% to 19.035 sales and 17.1% whereas Kia gains some at -9% and 11.492 units above Hyundai, down 21% at 10.510. Renault (-3%), Toyota (+11%), Volkswagen (-7%), Ford up a spectacular 144%, GAZ (+10%) and UAZ (+37%) are the other Top 15 manufacturers improving their market share this month. Further down, Lexus (+83%), Lifan (+45%), Suzuki (+48%) and Chery (+10%) impress.

Ford Explorer Russia February 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruFord sales are up 144% in a market down 13%. Picture 

The models ranking has now entered the murky waters we predicted at the end of last year: the “transition” between Lada Granta and Vesta. The inverted commas are mandatory here, because the Vesta does not replace the Granta in the Lada range, but the Priora. Rather, Lada is hoping the much more modern (and expensive/profitable) Vesta will replace the much cheaper Granta in the hearts of Russian consumers. A hard task given the Vesta is priced at double the Granta: from 570k Rubles / US$8.050 vs. 312k Rub ($4.400) for the Granta… A logical result of the Vesta launch, which will soon be followed by the small crossover X-RAY, is that it vacuums the entire marketing attention of the brand: as the Vesta continues to progress (#7 and 2.955 sales this month), the Granta drops 40% year-on-year to just 6.335 units, its lowest monthly result in almost four years.

Toyota RAV4 Russia February 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruThe Toyota RAV4 is up 122% to 6th place overall. Picture 

Add to this the continuously stupefying health of the two Korean compact sedans: the Hyundai Solaris (+2%) and Kia Rio (+16%) managing to gain volume year-on-year in this depressed context, and we have a first this month in Russia. At 13.756 units vs. 13.712 for the Lada Granta, the Hyundai Solaris takes the year-to-date lead in the country for the first time. In fact, it is the first time a foreign model (although manufactured locally) is #1 in a YTD Russian ranking since the Lada brand was created in 1970. Given the relative popularity of the Moskvitch brand from 1947 onwards, this could be the first time since World War II that a foreign nameplate tops the YTD Russian sales charts. No less. It is the 8th time the Solaris ranks #1 monthly (all in the past 14 months) and the 6th time in the past 8 months. A logical crowing then, that could transformed into a historical annual top spot easier than previously though if the Granta really suffers from the arrival of the Vesta as this month’s data seems to indicate.

Toyota Land Cruiser Russia February 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruThe Toyota Land Cruiser 200 sees its facelift boost its sales up 257%.

In fact, the Lada Granta (-40%), 4×4 (-29%) and Largus (-31%) are the only three nameplates in the Top 11 to lose ground on their February 2015 score, with all the other posting year-on-year gains: the Renault Duster flies up 42% to #4, the VW Polo is up 24% to #5, the Toyota RAV4 up 122% to #6 and the Chevrolet Niva and Renault Sandero are both up a much more modest 1%. Notice also the Nissan X-Trail up 237% on the previous gen at #16, the UAZ Patriot up 59% to #22, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 up 257% and the Mitsubishi Outlander up 133%. Once again, only the SUV segment sees spectacular year-on-year gains.

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Full February 2016 Top 50 All-brands and Top 25 models below.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina January 2016: Skoda Octavia & Seat Leon tops

Seat Leon Bosnia January 2016The Seat Leon ranks #2 in Bosnia & Herzegovina this month. 

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According to data published by Central European market data specialists CE Auto, after losing 26% a year ago in January the Bosnian new car market rebounds back this month: up 28% to 511 registrations. Leader in 2015, the Skoda Octavia keeps its title in January thanks to 41 units for a 8% market share, followed by the Seat Leon impressive at 6.5% and the Renault Clio at 4.9%. Notice also the Dacia Duster at #6, the Hyundai Tucson at #7, Lada Niva at #8 and Skoda Citigo at #10.

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Full January 2016 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

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Russia January 2016: Market down 29%, Lada Vesta in Top 10

Lada Vesta Russia January 2016The Lada Vesta surges to 9th place overall in Russia this month. 

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The new car market crisis is deepening in Russia, with January down a further 29% year-on-year to just 81.849 registrations, the first time in six years Russian new car sales fall below 100.000 monthly units. In fact, it is only the third time in the past decade that the market sinks to five-digit figures, along with January 2010 (74.086 units) and February 2010 (91.922). Thanks to the gearing up of the Vesta adding 1.643 units to the mix (#9), local manufacturer Lada fares better than its home market, limiting its fall to -11% at 15.577 deliveries and 19% share: way above its 2015 level of 16.8%. Kia gains share at 11.1% thanks to sales down “just” 20% as does Toyota at 7.4% (-15%) but Hyundai (-37%), Renault (-43%) and Nissan (-51%) implode.

Porsche Macan Russia January 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruCrisis? What crisis? Porsche sales are up 60% in Russia this month.

It’s not all bad news though, especially for luxury brands as the weak ruble has made top-end models less expensive in Russia and even more attractive to wealthy Russians: Porsche is up 60%, Lexus up 57% and Mercedes 1%. The Chinese are also back in force with Lifan up a spectacular 63% to 1.5% share vs. 0.9% in 2015, Geely up 23% and Chery up 1%. Notice also GAZ up 1% while Ford and Suzuki both see their volumes surge by a stunning 25% year-on-year. At the other end of the scale, Chevrolet is down 61%, Jeep down 63%, Datsun down 66%, Ssangyong down 79% and Volvo down 94%. Great Wall and JAC did not sell a single car in Russia this month and if Opel also didn’t, that’s because the brand was discontinued in the country.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Russia January 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruThe Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is up 265% on January 2015.

Small volumes send the models ranking into a spin. The podium remains unchanged on FY 2015, but for once the Lada Granta (-5%) is a lot stronger than the Hyundai Solaris (-32%) and Kia Rio (-31%) despite the focus on the Vesta arrival. The Toyota RAV4 gains a sparkly 38% to land in 4th place, the nameplate’s best-ever Russian ranking. Same story for the Kia Sportage up 56% to a record 6th position, both models outselling the segment’s traditional leader the Renault Duster, still gaining share thanks to sales down 13% only. The Lada Largus is up 9% to #8, the Skoda Rapid (-20%) leaps to #11, the Kia Cee’d (-8%) is up to #15 and the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 takes full advantage of its facelift with sales up 4-fold year-on-year to #21 and 1.014 deliveries.

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Full January 2016 Top 25 models and Top 55 All-brands below.

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Latvia Full Year 2015: Nissan Qashqai and VW Passat outpace Skoda Yeti

Nissan Qashqai Latvia August 2015The Nissan Qashqai is the best-selling vehicle in Latvia in 2015.

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Very dynamic new car sales in Latvia: up 7% year-on-year to 16.114 registrations, with Volkswagen (16%) and Toyota (11.4%) still in command but with slightly lower market shares than a year ago. Nissan surges 58% to land in third position, overcoming Skoda (-7%) and Peugeot (-41%) while Ford (+78%) and Fiat (+84%) deliver even more impressive results at #5 and #7 respectively. Lada is reborn from its ashes, going from just 11 sales in 2014 to 334 (#15) this year, 331 of which are the Lada 4×4 aka Niva (#10). The Russian market, in deep crisis, is now looking for any outlet to sell its cars and Lada in Latvia is the perfect example of this trend. As it is also the case in neighbouring Estonia, the Nissan Qashqai surges 62% to snap the pole position off the Skoda Yeti (-22%) while the VW Passat is up 57% to #2. Notice also the Fiat 500 up 89% to #7, the Ford Focus up 60% to #8 and the VW Tiguan up 59% to #14. The Nissan Pulsar spends its first full year in the Latvian market inside the Top 20.

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Full Year 2015 Top 47 All-brands and Top 318 All-models vs. Full 2014 figures below.

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Azerbaijan Full Year 2015: Lada Priora #1 in market down 58%

Lada Priora Azerbaijan 2015The Lada Priora should be the #1 vehicle in Azerbaijan in 2015.

This update was created by our correspondent in Azerbaijan Farid Nurizade.

New car sales are down by a very harsh 58% in Azerbaijan in 2015 to just 10.500 units from 25.175 a year ago, after dropping by as much as 82% both in July and August. Similarly to the Russian situation, the drop in oil prices led to economic difficulties in Azerbaijan in 2015. The devaluation of national currency, manat, in February and in December led to inflation that translated into a rise in car prices that was detrimental to consumer demand. Used car import and registration policies applied by government have also transformed the Azerbaijani automotive market this year, with applied limitations for production years of used car imports, as well as stricter environmental and safety requirements for both used and new cars.

Lexus ES Azerbaijan 2015Lexus ES 

Lada is expected to be the most popular car brand in Azerbaijan in 2015 after losing the pole position a decade ago. The Priora and 4×4 (aka Niva) are the brand’s most popular models, with the Lada Priora expected to be the most popular model this year overall in Azerbaijan. The next best-selling carmakers are expected to be Hyundai, Toyota, Kia and Nissan in this order. French manufacturer Renault sold 224 cars vs 450 in 2014 (-50%) but gained market share at 2.1 % vs 1.8 % a year ago, with its most popular models being the Logan and Dokker.

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Monthly overall sales data for Azerbaijan in 2015 vs. 2014 below.

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Kazakhstan Full Year 2015: Hyundai Accent ends Lada Priora reign

Hyundai Accent Kazakhstan 2015. Picture courtesy kcdn.kzThe Hyundai Accent is the best-selling model in Kazakhstan in 2015. 

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The economic recession in neighbouring Russia has triggered a massive influx of grey near-new imports into Kazakhstan and the crumbling apart of the local new car market, down 40% in 2015 to just 97.399 units. Adding an estimated 60.000 grey imports shows a relatively stable market otherwise. Lada remains by far the market leader over the full year at 25.2% and despite sales down 46%, but fell well below 20% towards the end of the year when it was under intense pressure from UZ-Daewoo and Renault. Keeping the pole position in 2016 may prove much harder than expected for Lada.

Lada Granta Kazakhstan 2015. Picture courtesy motorpage.ruThe Granta becomes the best-selling Lada in Kazakhstan this year.

Hyundai (-21%) improves its market share by 3 percentage points over a year ago to 11.5% in 2nd place, overtaking sister brand Kia (-47%) at 9.6%. Renault is up 4% and goes from 5% in 2014 to 8.7% of the market in 2015, landing in 4th position. Notice also Volkswagen up 11%, Geely down just 11% to improve to #12 and 2% share, Ford up 8%, MG up 21%, Audi up 23% and Mazda up 49%. Chinese carmaker JAC at #36 but #12 in December, and Datsun – launched in December when it sold 38 units – make their first appearance in the Kazakh brands ranking.

VW Polo Kazakhstan 2015. Picture courtesy of zr.ruVW Polo sales are up 7% year-on-year in Kazakhstan: it ranked #1 in December. 

In the models ranking, the Hyundai Accent manages to end four consecutive years of Lada reign by dropping ‘just’ 27% to 7.396 sales and edging past the Lada Granta (-39% to 7.285) by end-November. Leader from 2011 to 2014, the Lada Priora falls 61% to third place while the Largus (-15%) makes it three Ladas in the Top 4 and the Kalina (#9) and 4×4 (#10) make it five in the Top 10. The GAZ Gazelle gains one percentage point of market share thanks to sales down only 24% at #6 while the Renault Duster (-20%) and VW Polo (+7%) do even better just below. The Renault Sandero (+28%) is up 11 ranks to #12, the Hyundai Elantra (+22%) up 9 to #13 and the Renault Logan (+26%) up 10 to #14.

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Full Year 2015 Top 50 All-brands and Top 340 All-models vs. Full 2014 figures below.

Full December 2015 Top 44 All-brands and Top 186 All-models below.

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