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Russia March/Q1 2023: Chery up to #2, Chinese surge from 8.9% to 42% share year-on-year

Omoda lands directly at equal #6 in Russia over Q1.

One year ago, economic sanctions levelled at Russia had the market collapsing -62.9% year-on-year. This means the sales are able to contain their fall this month at -10.6% to 48,414 units. The Q1 tally is down -44.7% to 153,477. In the brands ranking for March, Lada (+89.9%) holds a 48.2% share, falling below the 50% mark after scoring 56% in February.

Chinese manufacturers post surreal year-on-year upticks as they fill the void left by the global carmakers’ exit. Haval (+331%) equals its share record at 14% ahead of Geely (+243.1%) at 10.6%. GAZ (+77.1%) is 7 sales below, also at 10.6% share. UAZ (+18.1%) is more shy at #5 but still manages a year-on-year gain, while Changan (+387.8%) delivers an all-time high share at 3.1%. Kia (-76.2%) drops to #7 above Great Wall (+1263.6%). Newcomer Sollers remains in the 10th spot.

Chery is the 2nd best-selling carmaker in Russia over Q1 2023.

The year-to-date chart is very different notably because this time the Chery brands are included, as they only report quarterly. Chery (+204%) triples its volume over the same month a year earlier to rank #2 overall, Exeed (+142.4%) ranks #6 vs. #14 over the Full Year 2022 and Omoda lands directly at equal #6 for Q1. As a whole, Russian brands hold 52.2% of their home market in Q1 vs. 24.2% a year ago thanks to sales up 19.2% to 80,158. For their part Chinese carmakers surge 160.9% over Q1 2022 to 64,483 sales and 42% share vs. just 8.9% a year ago.

Model-wise, the March ranking has the Lada Granta (+373.5%) at 33.6% share, followed by the Lada Niva (+121.7%) at 13.3%, with the GAZ Gazelle (+79.9%) rounding out the podium. Four Chinese models follow: the Haval Jolion (+409.5%), Geely Coolray (+387.3%), Geely Atlas Pro (+290%) and Haval F7X (+329%). Year-to-date, the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro ranks #5, the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro #7, the Omoda C5 #8, Chery Tiggo 8 Pro #11, Chery Tiggo 4 #13, Exeed LX #14, Exeed TXL #16 and Exeed VX #20.

Previous month: Russia February 2023: Lada up to 56% share, Haval (+49.2%), Geely (+85.2%) stun in market down -62.1%

One year ago: Russia March 2022: Market collapses -62.9% as sanctions bite

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