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Russia June 2016: Solaris back on top, Lada Vesta resumes growth

Lada Vesta Russia June 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruThe Lada Vesta posts its first month at 5.000+ sales. 

* Now updated with the Top 52 All-brands and Top 275 All-models *

The freefall continues for the Russian new light vehicle market, down another 12.5% in June to 122.633 registrations, pulling the H1 2016 tally down 14% to 672.140 units. I did predict the Russian market would continue to fall fast in 2016, but for Joerg Schreiber, Chairman of the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee, it comes as a surprise: “Total market volume continued to erode at double-digit pace, faster than anticipated at the beginning of the year. With this in mind, the AEB is updating its 2016 full-year market forecast to 1.44 million units (-10.3%), [implying] a slowdown of the negative trend in H2, to 6-7%.” Still rather optimistic in my view.

Lifan X50 Russia June 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruLifan sales are up 57% in Russia in June.

For once local carmaker and market leader Lada falls faster than the market at -16%, resulting in a lower market share at 18.1% vs. 18.5% year-to-date. Kia (-8%) and Hyundai (-2%) on the other hand continue to gain market share at 10.4% and 9.8% respectively this month. The same goes for Renault, managing a 1% increase to 10.075 units and 8.2% share, but Toyota (-17%) and Nissan (-33%) drop painfully. BMW (+7%), Skoda (+9%), Audi (+15%), UAZ (+21%) and most impressively Ford (+22%) also deliver gains inside the Top 15. Further down, Lifan impresses with a 57% improvement, while Mini (+1%), Subaru (+6%), Brilliance (+75%) and Jaguar (+255%) are among other brands gaining ground year-on-year. We welcome Chinese carmaker Zotye in the Russian sales charts in June even though the brand launched back in March: it ranks #48 for now with a discreet 21 sales.

After two consecutive months of Lada Granta domination, the Hyundai Solaris returns to #1 model in Russia in June, a spot it has now held for 9 of the past 14 months. It is followed very closely this month its platform twin the Kia Rio at 8.629 sales (-4%) vs. 8.676 (-6%) whereas the Granta implodes (-49%) at 7.219. Part of the explanation for the Granta drop is the gearing up of the Vesta: after marking a pause in May, the new Lada resumes its ascent, setting new volume (5.128) and market share record (4.2%) for the nameplate in 4th position. Its SUV counterpart, the XRAY, is however stuck at the bottom of the Top 20: it ranks #18 in June after hitting #13 in April and #16 in May.

Renault Kaptur Russia June 2016. Picture courtesy zr.ruThe Renault Kaptur lands at #45.

A healthy amount of models manage significant gains in a declining market: the Renault Duster is up 13% at #5, the Chevrolet Niva up 36% at #9, the Renault Sandero up 15% to #11, Skoda Rapid up 14% to #12 and Skoda Octavia up 4% to #13. Further down, it’s once again the SUV segment that manages to stay afloat: the UAZ Patriot (+21%), Kia Sportage (+13%) and Nissan Qashqai (+44%) all post strong gains with the Hyundai Tucson improving its best ranking to #21 and the Nissan Terrano lodging a 2nd straight month inside the Top 25 thanks to deliveries up 6%. Further down, let’s salute the great performance of the Mercedes GLS up a further 6 spots on May to #41, the thunderous arrival of the Renault Kaptur (in fact a Duster with a Captur snout) directly at #45 with 554 sales, and of the Jaguar F-Pace instantly accounting for 70% of the brand’s sales in Russia.

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Full June 2016 Top 52 All-brands and Top 275 All-models below.

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Mexico First Half 2016: Kia stuns in fast and furious market

Kia Sportage Mexico June 2016. Picture courtesy has landed in Mexico, and boy it made a splash. 

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The Mexican new light vehicle market is going from strength to strength in 2016, celebrating 18 consecutive record months in June and a total 721.898 sales after 6 months, up 18% on the same period in 2015 and, obvioulsy, a new record. The Big Three all evolve around the market with Nissan up 13% to 25.1% share, Chevrolet up 16% to 17.8% and Volkswagen up 18% to 13.6%. Toyota soars 30%, Honda is up 26%, Hyundai up 52%, Renault up 33% and Ram up 26% but the real star of the year is Kia. The Korean manufacturer, launched in Mexico in July 2015, has done an even more impressive job at imposing itself in the market as its sister brand Hyundai which launched in May 2014. Kia ranks 8th halfway through 2016 with 3.3% share and 7th in June at 3.9%, just below Honda and above such established marques as Mazda, Dodge, Renault and Mitsubishi. An outstanding achievement indeed.

Chevrolet Sonic Mexico June 2016. Picture courtesy Sonic sales have doubled year-on-year. 

#3 a year ago and #2 over the Full Year 2015, the Nissan Versa takes control of the Mexican models ranking over the first half of 2016 thanks to deliveries up 44% to 39.650, but just as it establishes itself as the new king, the Chevrolet Spark, bolstered by a new generation, challenges the newfound lead and ranks #1 in June. For now it ranks #2 with sales up 49% to 32.866. The Chevrolet Aveo is knocked out of its pole position and falls to #3, ahead of the Nissan Pickup (+9%), VW Vento (+4%) and VW Jetta (+38%). The Chevrolet Sonic doubles its sales year-on-year to make a thunderous arrival in the Top 10 at #9, the VW Gol is up 54% and 6 spots to #11 while the Kia Sportage (#18) and Ford Figo (#19) are the best-selling newcomers.

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Full H1 2016 Top 40 All-brands and Top 260 All-models vs. Full H1 2015 figures below.

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Mexico June 2016: Chevrolet Spark takes lead in market up 23%

Chevrolet Spark Mexico June 2016. Picture courtesy autocosmos.comChevrolet Spark

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If you thought the Mexican new light vehicle market had exhausted its growth potential after 17 consecutive record months, think again: June is up another outstanding 23% year-on-year, meaning a 18th record month and 14th consecutive month above 100.000 units. At this rate, we are looking at a 2016 full year tally above 1.6 million sales, a 20% surge on the record 2015 figure of 1.351.764. Nissan falls just short of matching the market with a 19% gain to 33.484 and 24.9% share, ahead of Chevrolet at 20.9% (+36%) and Volkswagen at 12.8% (+25%). Toyota (+34%), Honda (+28%), Renault (+48%) and BMW (+45%) do even better than the market while Kia beats its monthly volume record once again at 5.216, and sells its very first locally-produced units: 652 Forte manufactured in the shiny-new Nuevo Leon factory.

Kia Forte Mexico June 2016. Picture courtesy autocosmos.comKia Forte made in Mexico

Boosted by its new generation, the Chevrolet Spark becomes the best-selling nameplate in Mexico for the very first time with deliveries up 221% on the previous model a year ago to 8.721. This ends a streak of five consecutive months of Nissan Versa reign, it is now knocked down to #2 despite sales up a fantastic 67% year-on-year to 7.241. The Chevrolet Aveo, leader in 2015, is up just 1% at #3. The Nissan Pickup (+34%), Chevrolet Sonic (+52%), Nissan Sentra (+41%) and VW Gol (+74%) also shine near the top. Further down, the Ford Figo ((#14) and Kia Sportage (#17) remains the two most popular recent launches, ahead of the Kia Rio (#25), Chevrolet Equinox (#28) and Kia Forte (#34) now the first Korean-Mexican vehicle on sale here.

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Full June 2016 Top 40 All-brands and Top 225 All-models below.

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China 1st Half 2016: Tax cut, SUV wave spur 8% gain to record 12.8m

Baojun 560 China September 2015. Picture courtesy shwuling.comBaojun sold 320.000 units of the 560 in the past 12 months. 

* See the Top 75 All China-made brands, Top 465 models and Top 70 LCVs by clicking on the title *

Now updated with LCV data courtesy of Chinese consultancy outlet Cedars.

Faced with a declining car market, last October Chinese government cut in half the tax on cars with small engines (1.6L or less). The Chinese market never looked back since, culminating in a 18% surge in June. Over the first half of 2016, sales of light vehicles are up 9.2% to 11.042.300 units. Total vehicle sales including trucks and buses gain 8.1% to a record-breaking 12.8 million units, according to the Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). By comparison, the U.S. light vehicle market, the 2nd largest in the world, is up 1.5% to 8.644.920 deliveries.

Buick Envision China June 2016The Envision is a huge success for Buick in China. 

A very robust 2nd half could mean the government will let the tax cut expire on December 31 as planned. If that’s the case, we will witness a last-minute rush to buy small cars towards the end of the year and a disproportionately low start of 2017 – in that scenario IHS predicts Chinese growth will slow to 1.4% in 2017. For this reason, the CAAM said it is in favour of a permanent tax cit that could be viewed as a promotion of fuel-efficient cars. I am banking on the government extending the tax cut to avoid sending another wave of disruption into the market. For now, halfway through 2016 SUV sales remain the clear engine of Chinese growth with deliveries up a whopping 42% year-on-year to 3.850.000 units, while MPV get a second wind at +19% to 1.200.100 sales and sedans continue to skid at -4% to 5.565.700.

H1 2016Ch. MS/15H1 2015Ch. MS/14H1 2014Ch. MS
Total Market11,042,300/9%10,121,300/5%9,638,400/
Ch. brands4,735,00042.9%13%4,184,60041.3%15%3,651,50037.9%
Ch. SUV2,171,00056.4%53%1,417,70053.3%93%735,30040.4%
Ch. Sedans1,109,40019.9%-11%1,243,40021.5%-11%1,390,80022.6%
Ch. MPV1,087,60090.6%21%895,20088.1%19%750,40085.1%

Ch. = Chinese, Ch. MS = Chinese market share

Chinese manufacturers continue to regain the terrain they had lost in the home market in the past decade thanks to extremely strong SUV sales. Over the first 6 months of 2016, they hold a 42.9% market share of Chinese light vehicle sales, compared to 41.3% a year ago and 37.9% in 2014. Chinese SUVs gain a stunning 53% to 2.171.000 units and 56.4% share vs. 53.3% in 2015 and 40.4% in 2014. Chinese MPV also have a smile on their bonnet with deliveries up 21% leading to a 90.6% share vs. 88.1% in 2015 and 85.1% in 2014. Only Chinese sedans lag behind with volumes down 11% to 19.9% share vs. 21.5% in 2015 and 22.6% in 2014.

Buick Excelle GT VW Lavida China June 2016. Picture courtesy Buick Excelle GT and VW Lavida have helped GM and VAG tremendously in China this year. 

Overtaken by General Motors over the Full Year 2015, the Volkswagen Group reclaims the lead of the Chinese sales races halfway through 2016 thanks to deliveries up 6% to 1.91 million. The Volkswagen brand is up 5% to 1.44m, Audi up 6% to 290.126, Skoda up 11% to 152.000 and Porsche up 4% to 30.440. GM for its part is up 5% to 1.81m units. Buick is up 27% to become the #2 brand in the country below VW at 569.000 sales, Baojun surges 81%, Wuling is stable but Chevrolet is down 31%. Hyundai-Kia is in difficulty at -0.6% to fall just under 810.000 sales, Nissan Motor is up 4% to 609.900, Toyota Motor up 16% to 592.100, Ford Motor up 6% to 577.100 with Lincoln sales tripling to 12.450 (more than the 11.630 it sold over the Full Year 2015) and Honda up 18% to 542.500 thanks to the roaring success of the XR-V and Vezel twin crossovers. In the luxury aisle, below Audi, Mercedes soars 33% to 220.000 units, citing up on BMW up 7% to 247.600. Note the above figures include imports – which is not the case in the sales tables below the jump.

Haval H6 Coupe China June 2016The Haval H6 remains the best-selling SUV in China – Coupe variant pictured. 

Looking at homegrown brands – figures don’t include commercial vehicles, Changan is up 8% but drops one spot to #3 at 563.900 units, Haval gains a solid 22% to break into the Top 10 at #9 and 378.700 units, Beijing Auto is up 51% to #11, Dongfeng up 15% to #12, Geely up 10% to #15 and JAC up 17% #18. Below, the brands that gain spectacular ground all do so thanks to new SUV offerings: GAC Trumpchi is up 170%, Zotye up 49%, Brilliance up 46%, Roewe up 74%, Soueast up 81%, Leopaard up 433% and Landwind up 236%.

Wuling Hongguang S1 China June 2016Still the one: the Wuling Hongguang is the #1 vehicle in China but drops 6%

Model-wise, the Wuling Hongguang remains the best-selling vehicle in the country despite sales down 6% to 294.300, but is now under intense pressure from the VW Lavida, up a fantastic 23% to 287.400. The Haval H6 does even better, lifted by the success of the Coupe variant up 40% to 240.300. Just below, a string of high-performing sedans contradict the overall trend: the VW Jetta (+16%), Sagitar (+27%), Buick Excelle GT (+54%) and Toyota Corolla (+35%) all frankly outpace the market. Just over one year old, the GAC Trumpchi GS4 lands inside the Top 10 thanks to 150.800 deliveries. The Buick Envision (#14), Dongfeng Fengguang 330/370 (+30%), Honda CR-V (+38%), XR-V (+61%) and Vezel (+44%) and Toyota Levin (+32%) also shine inside the Top 50.

GAC Trumpchi GS4 China June 2016. Picture courtesy rednet.cnThe GAC Trumpchi GS4 is now among the 10 most popular vehicles in China. 

But the most impressive performance is without a doubt delivered by the Baojun 560, landing directly in 4th position overall with nearly 175.000 sales so far in 2016. Launched in July 2015, Baojun has sold an earth-shattering 320.000 copies of the 560 in just 12 months, beating the brand’s previous launch (the 730) to snap the title of most successful new nameplate launch in the history of automobile in China. The Baojun 560 is the fastest nameplate to reach its first 300.000 units: it did so in just 11 months (301.534) vs. 13 for the Baojun 730. It leads a strong contingent of 72 new China-made nameplates having made their first appearance in the Chinese charts over the past 12 months. So far in 2016, the Changan Oushang, Hyundai Elantra Lingdong, Jeep Cherokee, BAIC Huansu H3, Zotye Damai X5, BAIC Senova X25, Nissan Lannia, Soueast DX7 and Roewe 360 have been the most successful. It’s also worth mentioning the Buick Verano, new Hyundai Tucson and Brilliance V3, each just over one year old but already inside the Top 50.

Dongfeng Rich China June 2016Dongfeng Rich – Chinese pickups are back in the game. 

Stepping into the Light Commercial Vehicle market, a few momentous shifts are at play. In an overall market contracting 12% to 1.695.351 units, minivans are fast falling into oblivion at -36% to 304.019, with part of this lost volume recuperated by mini trucks (the pickup equivalent of these minivans), up 14% to 246.315. The big news however is the return to grace of pickups up 4% to 169.510 (and surging 36% in June), helped by a change in legislation allowing them in the large cities of four provinces for the first time in 12 years (click here for more detail). The Foton Light Truck is in the lead despite sales down 6% to 126.856 ahead of the Wuling Mini Truck (+6%) and Hongguang V (-17%). The Wuling Sunshine (-33%), Rongguang (-35%) and Chana Star Minibus (-40%) implode, and the Great Wall Wingle 5 leads the pickup charge above the JMC Baodian, ZX Auto Grand Tiger and Dongfeng Rich.

Used-vehicle sales don’t traditionally make it to BSCB headlines but in the case of China it is a very important element to help understand the largest market in the world. The used-car market in China is still nascent as an overwhelming majority of new car buyers purchase their very first car, and the trust required to purchase a second-hand car isn’t supported yet by a clear and official network of resellers. In this context, the used car market in China unsurprisingly grows slower than the new car market in 2016, at +4% to 4.7 million units over the first half of the year. Interestingly, microvans are the fastest-growing segment just as they disappear from the new car charts: they are up 77% to 276.909 units, while used MPVs are up 35% to 236.700, SUVs are up 31% to 298.000 and sedans up 5% to 2.871.500 according to the China Automobile Dealers Association. Used buses are down 15% to 514.500 and used trucks down 10% to 486.000. The CADA forecast a used vehicle market up 6% to 10 million units over the full year 2016.

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Full H1 2016 Top 75 All China-made brands, Top 465 models and Top 70 LCVs vs. Full H1 2015 figures below.

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Canada First Half 2016: Pickups and SUVs boost market to record high

Nissan Murano Canada June 2016. Picture courtesy Nissan Murano sales are up 71% so far in 2016 in Canada.

* See the Top 15 groups, Top 40 brands and Top 280 models by clicking on the title *

There is no stopping the Canadian light vehicle market in 2016: sales are up a further 6% on a record 2015 result to a best-ever 990.727 units halfway through 2016. FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles remains the most popular group but loses market share at 15.4% vs. 15.9% a year ago. Just below, Ford Motor is up to 15.1% from 14.4% but General Motors drops to 13.1% from 13.6%. Toyota Motor (11.4%) and Hyundai-Kia (11%) round up the Top 5. Brand-wise, Ford improves to 14.7% thanks to sales up 12%, Toyota follows the market at +2% and 10% share, Honda (+12%) passes Chevrolet (+1%) to rank third, ahead of Hyundai (+8%), Nissan (+10%), Ram (+2%) and Jeep (+20%). Audi (+16%), Mitsubishi (+16%), Buick (+18%), Lincoln (+21%), Volvo (+35%), Land Rover (+40%) and Scion (+78%) impress.

Toyota Tacoma Canada June 2016. Picture courtesy Toyota Tacoma is up 45%. 

In the models ranking, the Ford F-Series is headed straight towards an 8th consecutive year of reign with deliveries fast outpacing the market, soaring 28% to 72.233, 23.000 units above the #2, the Ram Pickup up 4%. The Honda Civic for its part looks likely to post a 19th year in a row as the best-selling passenger car in Canada with sales up 12% to 33.193. The Dodge Grand Caravan (+28%), Hyundai Elantra (+14%), Toyota RAV4 (+20%) also rise faster than the market within the Top 10. Further down, SUVs and pickups deliver the largest gains, such as the Jeep Cherokee (+25%), Hyundai Tucson (+75%), Ford Edge (+28%), Jeep Grand Cherokee (+53%), Nissan Murano (+71%), Toyota Tacoma (+45%) and Toyota Highlander (+26%).

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Full H1 2016 Top 15 groups, Top 40 brands and Top 280 models vs. Full H1 2015 figures below.

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Canada June 2016: Ford F-Series helps lift market to best June score ever

Ford F-150 Raptor Canada June 2016Ford F-150 Raptor 

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After plunging into negative territory in May, Canadian new light vehicle sales rebound in June to gain 7% year-on-year to 191.316 units, the highest June tally ever recorded in Canada. The year-to-date total is up 6% at 990.727. This month Ford Motor is the most popular group, following the market at +7% to 15% share, with FCA (14.5%) and General Motors (13.6%) in tow. Hyundai-Kia surges 31% to 11.9% share, overtaking Toyota Motor (11.5%), and Nissan Motor is up 13% to 7.4%. The Top 6 best-selling brands remain unchanged vs. May with Ford in the lead at 14.6% share ahead of Toyota (10.3%), Honda (8%), Hyundai up 41% (7.9%), Chevrolet (7.4%) and Nissan (6.9%). Dodge is up 25% to #7, Kia up 14%, Buick up 28%, Lincoln up 37% and Jaguar up 191%. Model-wise, the Ford F-Series is more than ever in the driving seat thanks to sales up 40% to 13.269 vs. 8.692 for its immediate follower the Ram Pickup, stable year-on-year. The Honda Civic (+3%), Dodge Grand Caravan (+43%) and Toyota RAV4 (+34%) follow. Excellent performances of the Hyundai Elantra (+45%), Tucson (+314%), Ford Fusion (+70%) and Nissan Sentra (+45%). This month we welcome the Jaguar XE at #216.

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Full June 2016 Top 15 groups, Top 35 brands and Top 257 models below.

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South Korea First Half 2016: Samsung SM6 instant blockbuster

Samsung SM6 South Korea March 2016The Renault Talisman is sold as the Samsung SM6 in South Korea.

* See the Top 30 All-brands, Top 60 local models and Top 170 foreigners by clicking on the title *

Now updated with foreign brands and models data.

In South Korea, new car sales are up a robust 9% over the first half of 2016 to 929.255 registrations, boosted by local manufacturers up 11% to 812.266 just as foreign ones drop 2% to 116.989. Hyundai remains the uncontested market leader but loses share at 37.8% vs. 39.4% a year ago due to sales just edging up 4% year-on-year. Kia outpaces the market at +14% to 29.8% share but the best performers over the period are GM Korea (+22%) and Renault Samsung(+26%). Foreign leaders Mercedes (+7%), BMW (-4%), Audi (-11%) and most strikingly Volkswagen (-33%) all lose market share while below, Land Rover (+64%), Infiniti (+39%), Honda (+27%), Volvo (+27%) and Lexus (+23%) all impress.

Hyundai Avante South Korea June 2016Hyundai Avante

Model-wise, as it was the case at the same time last year the Hyundai Porter is the best-seller with sales up 6% to 54.689. It however finished 2015 at #3 so may not stay in the year-to-date lead for much longer, if the Hyundai Avante (aka Elantra) shows the same strength during the rest of the year as it did in June (+76%). Leader over the Full Year 2015, the Hyundai Sonata is down 11% to third position over 10.000 units away from the top spot. Reversely, the Kia Sorento gains 13% and two spots year-on-year to land at a stunning 4th place overall, overtaking the Hyundai Santa Fe (+9%) in the race for the title of #1 SUV in South Korea.

Ssangyong Tivoli South Korea May 2016. Picture courtesy motorian.krThe Tivoli is the first Ssangyong to break into its monthly home Top 10 in 12 years.

The Chevrolet Spark for its part outpaces the Kia Morning in the minicar combat thanks to the new generation propelling it up 57% vs. -18% for the Kia. Also worth mentioning are the Kia K7 up 3-fold to #12 and the Kia Sportage up 61% to #14.Further down, two instant blockbusters single-handedly revive their respective brands. Over a year after its very successful launch, the Ssangyong Tivoli has not plateaued yet thanks to the arrival of the 7-seat XLV variant. Beating its monthly volume record on each of the past 3 months (5.375, 5.490, 5.711), in May the Tivoli was the first Ssangyong to break into the Top 10 in 12 years, since the Rexton and Musso SUT in 2004, and ranks at #13 halfway through 2016.

Genesis EQ900 South Korea June 2016Genesis EQ900

Even more spectacularly, the Samsung SM6 – sold as the Renault Talisman outside of Korea – almost instantly stormed into the Top 10 in March (#8), the first Renault Samsung to do so in 5 years, improving further to #6 both in May and June and hitting a record 7.901 units in May. It is #15 so far. More successful launches below: the Genesis EQ900 at #20, the Kia Niro at #24 and the Chevrolet Impala at #25. The Hyundai Ioniq is more discreet at #33.. Over in the foreign models aisle, the BMW 5 Series takes the lead despite sales down 12% to 7.342, followed by the Audi A6 (+18%) whereas 2015’s leader the Mercedes E-Class is down 26% to #3. The BMW 3 Series (-10%) and VW Tiguan (-15%) round out the Top 5, with the Mercedes GLC (#13), Land Rover Discovery Sport (#15) and Mercedes GLE (#20) the most popular newcomers.

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Full H1 2016 Top 30 All-brands, Top 60 local models and Top 170 foreigners vs. Full H1 2015 data below.

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South Korea June 2016: Hyundai Avante up 76%, Kia Niro in Top 20

Kia Niro South Korea June 2016Kia Niro

* See the Top 30 All-brands, Top 55 local models and Top 143 foreigners by clicking on the title *

Now updated with foreign brands and models rankings.

The South Korean new car market is up 16% year-on-year in June to 184.437 units, lifting the half-year tally up 9% to 929.255. Local manufacturers are solely responsible for this uptick with sales up 19% in June and 11% year-to-date whereas foreign brands are down 4% in June and 2% year-to-date. Hyundai under-performs once again at +11% to 69.970 units and 42.3% share whereas sister company Kia does better at +17% to 52.506 sales but is still below market growth. Reversely, GM Korea shoots up 48% to 18.058 and Renault Samsung gains 60% to 10.778 deliveries, solely thanks to the tremendous and continuing success of the all-new SM6 (aka Renault Talisman), once again the 6th best-selling vehicle in the country this month.

Hyundai Avante South Korea June 2016. Picture courtesy minyouhwa.comThe Hyundai Avante is up 76% in June at home. 

Hyundai places four nameplates in the Top 4 this month, with the Avante (aka Elantra) shooting up 76% to reclaim the top spot ahead of the Porter, Santa Fe and Sonata. The Kia Sorento holds strong at #5, the Hyundai Tucson is up 33% to #7, the Chevrolet Malibu is up almost 5-fold on June 2015 to break into the Top 10 for the very first time in South Korea thanks to a new generation, the Ssangyong Tivoli is up 57% to break its monthly volume record anew to 5.711 sales but is down 4 spots on May to #13, the Kia K7 is up 205% to #15 and the Kia Sportage is up 65% to #16 thanks to the new model. Let’s also salute the very solid performance of the Kia Niro hybrid, breaking into the Top 20 this month thanks to 3.246 sales, to be compared with just 761 deliveries for its platform twin the Hyundai Ioniq (#34). The Genesis EQ900 has stabilised around 3.000 monthly units.

Audi A6 South Korea June 2016The Audi A6 is the most popular foreigner in South Korea in June.

Among foreign carmakers, BMW remains on top for the third consecutive month despite sales down 16% to 4.820, distancing Mercedes (+8%) and Audi (+28%) while Volkswagen implodes down 58% due to renewed stop-sale orders on its scandal-embroiled diesel lineup. Jaguar (+83%), Lexus (+76%), Volvo (+76%), Toyota (+64%), Honda (+48%) and Land Rover (+38%) on the other hand display spectacular gains. Model-wise, a generation changeover has cost the Mercedes E-Class its YTD pole position, now held by the BMW 5 Series despite sales down 47% to #5. The Audi A6 is the most popular in June ahead of the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes S Class, with the Land Rover Discovery Sport also impressive at #11.

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Full June 2016 Top 30 All-brands and Top 55 local models and Top 143 foreigners below.

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Israel June 2016: Kia Picanto, Sportage and Hyundai Tucson on podium

Kia Sportage Israel June 2016The Kia Sportage is up to #2 year-to-date so far in 2016. 

* See the Top 40 All-brands and Top 280 All-models by clicking on the title *

The Israeli new car market is up 4% year-on-year in June to 26.400 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total up 15% to 165.461 units halfway through 2016. Hyundai (+1%) retains the top spot for just 32 units above Kia (+10%) while Toyota (-11%) and Mitsubishi (-17%) struggle. Skoda (+16%), Nissan (+39%), Chevrolet (+73%) and Honda (+87%) impress in the Top 10. Model-wise, we have access to the First Half data and the Kia Picanto remains in pole position thanks to deliveries up 19% to 7.984, while the Kia Sportage soars 35% to 2nd place overall with 7.681 sales, overtaking the Hyundai Tucson (new) and Toyota Corolla (-23%). The Skoda Octavia (+13%) rounds up the Top 5 just above the Mitsubishi Outlander up 67% to #6. Other great performers include the Subaru Impreza up 23% to #14, Skoda Rapid up 51% to #15, Suzuki Vitara up 850% to #18 and the Skoda Fabia up 151% to #21.

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Full June 2016 Top 40 All-brands and H1 2016 Top 280 All-models below.

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China June 2016: Focus on the All-new models

Mazda CX-4 China June 2016. Picture courtesy

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Although Chinese June sales fuelled up 18%, this month of the year is traditionally slower in terms of novelties coming onto the market. After 9 all-new China-made nameplates made their first appearance in the May ranking, this figure slows down to two in June – the same as June 2015. As is the tradition each month, BSCB puts a laser focus on these new entries to keep you up-to-the-minute about the largest car market in the world. It’s no surprise the two newcomers are SUVs, but the fact they are both foreign brands is a surprise.

Mazda CX-4 China June 2016. Picture courtesy of

1. Mazda CX-4 (#92 – 6.347 sales)

Incomprehensibly, Mazda hasn’t launched the CX-3 in China yet. Instead, the Japanese carmaker unveiled in Beijing last April its very first China-only nameplate: the CX-4 SUV. Although Mazda hasn’t ruled out export to other countries – Australia where Mazda holds a 10% market share is drooling over it – the company hasn’t announced any plans either. A very aggressive design immediately positions the CX-4 among the best looking SUVs on sale at the moment, and Chinese customers agree: it already sold 6.347 units in May, already the brand’s 2nd best-seller below just the 3 Axela (10.603) and above the CX-5 (4.248). Priced between 140.800 and 215.800 yuan (US$ 21.100-32.300), the CX-4 is manufactured by the FAW-Mazda joint-venture in Changchun and powered by a choice of 2.0L or 2.5L SkyActive petrol engines mated with a six-speed automatic, meaning it can’t benefit for tax-cuts allowed to 1.6L or less.

Mazda CX-4 China June 2016. Picture courtesy autohome

Mazda is marketing the CX-4 as a sportier version of the CX-5 in China, and although the CX-4 is longer (4.63m vs. 4.56m), it is indeed shorter (1.54m vs. 1.71m) and definitely looks a lot sportier. Somewhat disappointingly, the CX-4 shares most of its interior with the 3. This format places it right into the most competitive foreign SUV segment, along with the blockbusters VW Tiguan (16.145 sales in June), Nissan X-Trail (15.920), Honda CR-V (14.883), Hyundai Tucson (13.203) and Ford Kuga (7.297) as well as newcomers Kia KX5 (8.493) and Jeep Cherokee (8.702). Hitting a 5-digit monthly sales figure should be the objective for the CX-4.

Bar for success: 10.000 monthly sales

Jeep Renegade China June 2016

2. Jeep Renegade (#204 – 1.678 sales)

Jeep became a local manufacturer last November when it launched the China-made version of the Cherokee, of which over 58.000 units have since been sold, peaking at 9.201 last April. The Renegade inaugurates a new plant in Guangzhou, operated by the joint-venture between GAC and FCA with an annual capacity of 160.000 vehicles. This means the Renegade is now produced in three countries: Italy, Brazil and China, the most locations of any Jeep nameplate and the only one not produced in North America at all. It is priced between 141.800 and 178.880 yuan (US$21.200 – 26,700), very close to its U.S. price ($18.990-27.990) whereas the Chinese Cherokee incurred a 50% price premium on its U.S. equivalent (see China November 2015: Focus on the All-new models). The Renegade is 4.25m long and is powered by either a 1.4T matched to a 7DCT or a 2.0L mated with a 9AT, with both front-wheel drive and 4WD versions available – some very modern mechanics here.

Even though it is a lot more affordable than the Cherokee, the Renegade may have a hard time finding its clientele in China, as their inaugural sales months already show (1.678 vs. 2.171). At this price point and size, the Renegade indeed finds itself in a bit of a black hole, where only the Honda XR-V and Vezel twins have truly succeeded among foreign carmakers so far (4.28m, 127.800-189.800 yuan and 27.461 combined sales in June). The Chevrolet Trax, Buick Encore, Peugeot 2008 and Citroen C3-XR all quickly faltered after promising launches. But this is where it gets tricky: for this price point you can now afford high quality, much larger Chinese SUVs such as the Geely Emgrand GS (4.40m, 77.800-108.800 yuan) or Geely Boyue (4.52m, 98.800-157.800 yuan). A lower sales target than what the Cherokee is currently selling seems therefore adequate.

Bar for success: 6.500 monthly sales

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