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China March 2018 Retail sales: Toyota Corolla surprise leader

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling vehicle in China in March in our new Retail reports.

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This is a new, exclusive, update on BSCB, and for the second time we can share with you complete retail sales figures for China. These paint a very different picture than the wholesales data we have been publishing and will continue doing so. Volkswagen remains by far the most popular marque in the country, but only one other carmaker posts a six-digit sales figure in March: Toyota, up from #6 in February. Geely is down one spot to round up the podium ahead of Honda (+1) and Nissan (+5).

Very first appearance of the Nio ES8 in the Chinese sales charts.

Helped by the addition of microvans in the Retail ranking, Wuling climbs up to #6 overall, distancing Buick (-3), Baojun (-5), Hyundai (+1) and Audi (+7). Changan, Dongfeng and Haval are grouped just outside the Top 10, all within 338 sales. Among recent brand launches, WEY is down 4 spots on last month to #37 while Lynk & Co is up 7 ranks to #43, Yudo up 12 to #70 and Traum up 4 to #73. Below Sinogold (#80), Xpeng (#81) and Arcfox (#82), Nio makes its very first appearance in any Chinese ranking with two ES8 crossovers fining a new home this month.

I give you the rankings for now, more detailed brands and models analysis will follow shortly.

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New Zealand March 2018: Hilux #1, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in Top 20

The Toyota Hilux snaps its first NZ victory in seven months.

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The New Zealand new car market resumes its growth in March with sales up 1.3% to 14.028 units – a new record for the month – lifting the Q1 volume up 2.4% to a record 40.356 registrations after three months in 2018. Toyota comfortably keeps the brands lead, beating the market at +5% to 17.3% share and distancing Ford (+2%) like in the YTD order while Mitsubishi replicates its historic Australian performance with a third place (+1%) only four sales above Holden with Mazda (-7%) rounding up the Top 5. Once again repeating its success in Australia, Honda (+23%) is the fastest-growing brand in the NZ Top 10 with Nissan also strong at +9%. Further down, Tesla (+156%), Peugeot (+82%), Chinese LDV (+72%), Jeep (+52%), Subaru (+20%), BMW (+18%) and Mini (+12%) impress whereas Volkswagen (-49%), Fiat (-32%), Land Rover (-24%), Hyundai (-22%) and Mercedes (-19%) disappoint.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is already inside the NZ Top 20.

Over in the models ranking, the Toyota Hilux soars 24% year-on-year to snap the pole position for the first time since last August but its tiny advantage over the Ford Ranger at #2 (three lonely sales) means the latter comfortably hangs onto the YTD top spot for now. The Holden Colorado (+12%), Mitsubishi Triton (+5%) and Nissan Navara (+9%) make the NZ Top Five 100% pickup trucks for the second month in a row. Surprise in 6th place: the new generation Holden Commodore (+85%) is the best-selling passenger car above the Mazda CX-5 (+22%) and Toyota Corolla (-28%). The Suzuki Swift (+37%) and Honda CR-V (#15) also shine while the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross breaks into the Top 20 for its 2nd month in market and the Hyundai Kona is down 11 spots on last month to #28. Finally, note the LDV T60 pickup recording its first three-figure sales mont at 107.

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Israel March 2018: Hyundai Ioniq snaps world-first pole position

The Hyundai Ioniq is the best-selling vehicle in Israel so far in 2018.

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Thanks to our partnership with, we can share with you today Israeli March brands data as well as complete models data for Q1 and every month so far in 2018. In March, new car sales in Israel are up 3.1% year-on-year to 29.037, yet the Q1 volume is down 4.4% to 94.340 units. Hyundai (+15%) reclaims the brands pole position it also holds YTD, overtaking Kia (+15%) and Toyota (+5%). Nissan (+4%), Skoda (+5%) and Mazda (+22%) follow but Suzuki (-12%) struggles at #7 while Seat (+3%) is up three spots on February to #10. Further down, Volvo (+133%), Isuzu (+114%), Cadillac (+23%) and Mercedes (+14%) shine while Chinese MG reappears in the Israeli sales charts at #34 thanks to the launch of the ZS crossover.

There’s a big surprise atop the Q1 models ranking: the Hyundai Ioniq snaps the pole position thanks to deliveries up 121% year-on-year, making Israel the first country in the world to crown this nameplate. The Hyundai Tucson (-9%) and Kia Sportage (-20%) rounds up the podium ahead of the Kia Picanto (-22%) and Hyundai i10 (+5%), making the Top Five 100% Korean. The Renault Clio (+98%) and Kia Niro (+202%) blast into the Top 10 with the Toyota C-HR (+90%) just outside at #11. The Mitsubishi ASX leads recent launches (<12 months) at #22, followed by the Suzuki Ignis (#35), Skoda Kodiaq (#36), Hyundai Kona (#57) and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (#83).

Previous month: Israel February 2018: Kia #1, Toyota up 61% in market up 3.9%

One year ago: Israel March 2017: Hyundai Ioniq just outside Top 10

Full March 2018 Top 40 All-brands and Q1 2018 Top 267 All-models (incl. each month data) below.


Vietnam March 2018: Toyota Vios and Innova top market down 21%

The Toyota Innova is up 33% to 2nd place overall in Vietnam in March.

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The Vietnamese new car market sinks a harsh 21% year-on-year in March to 21.1287 registrations, pulling the year-to-date tally in negative at -8% to 59.558 units. Thaco-Kia remains the most popular manufacturer in the country despite a 16% decline to 28.9% and solely thanks to its heavy truck lineup accounting for 62% of its March sales. Toyota (-4%) comes in 2nd place at 21.3% share ahead of Mazda (-3%) while Ford crumbles 24% to 9% share. Isuzu (+16%), Honda (+24%), Suzuki (+343%) and Peugeot (+1352%) go agains the grain with splendid gains. The Toyota Vios (+58%) continues to dominate the models ranking, widening the gap with the rest of the market thanks to very dynamic year-on-year gains. It is followed this month by the Toyota Innova (+33%) and Kia Morning (-13%) while the Honda City leaps up 23% to #4 and the Kia Cerato is up 92% to #5. The Honda Jazz lands at #35.

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Japan March 2018: Mitsubishi (+21.7%), Lexus (+38.1%) defy market down 3.5%

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross breaks into its home Top 30 for its first full month of sales.

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The Japanese new car market disappoints once again with a 6th consecutive year-on-year decline at -3.5% to 667.275 registrations, pulling the year-to-date tally down 2.3% to 1.540.691 units. Brand leader Toyota is hit a lot harder at -9.9% to 27% share, with the Top 8 best-sellers unchanged on February and the YTD order. Mitsubishi once again is the best performer with a 21.7% surge and Daihatsu (+4%), Mazda (+2.2%) and Honda (+1.1%) are also in positive but Subaru (-9.2%), Nissan (-6.6%) and Suzuki (-1%) all decline. Further down, Lexus (+38.1%) posts the largest gain in the Top 20, with McLaren (+136.4%), Alpina (+78.9%), Alfa Romeo (+69.7%), Lotus (+68.4%), Land Rover (+58.8%), Chevrolet (+58.1%), Cadillac (+44.3%), Citroen (+21.8%), Peugeot (+14.9%) and Porsche (+10.8%) also showing great form.

The Nissan Note is the best-selling regular car in Japan for the third month running.

In the regular cars ranking, the Nissan Note manages a third consecutive month in pole position despite a steep 21% year-on-year, making it 8 monthly wins for this generation Note, starting in November 2016. The Toyota Prius freefalls 30% but remains in 2nd place while the Nissan Serena (+3%) overtakes the Toyota Aqua (+17%) to climb onto the third step of the podium. The Honda Fit (+8%) rounds up the Top 5, followed by the Toyota Voxy (+15%) while the remainder of the Top 10 all post double-digit declines, the hardest hit being the Toyota C-HR (-35%). Further down, the Honda StepWGN (+49%), Toyota Alphard (+46%), Land Cruiser (+104%), Camry (+1020%), Nissan Leaf (+91%), Daihatsu Thor (+76%) and Lexus NX300H (+126%) post the largest gains in the Top 50. Launched last month, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross shoots up to #27 for its 1st full month of sales, becoming the #1 recent launch (<12 months) above the Mazda CX-8 (#29), Suzuki Xbee (#31), Honda Civic (#41) and Lexus LS500H (#50).

The Daihatsu Mira is up 44% year-on-year in March, the largest gain among the Top 10 kei cars.

Over in the kei cars ranking, the Honda N-BOX remains the dominant force in the segment and the overall market as a 3% year-on-year gain propels it to 26.851 units and the best-selling vehicle in the country. The Suzuki Spacia (+24%) and Daihatsu Move (+16%) both overtake the Nissan Dayz (-14%) to rank 2nd and 3rd respectively for the month, while the Daihatsu Tanto (-18%) closes out the Top 5 but posts the steepest decline in the Top 10. Below the Suzuki Wagon R up 3%, the Daihatsu Mira on the other hand signs the largest year-on-year improvement among the ten best-selling kei cars in March at +44%. Further down, notice the Honda N-ONE (+205%), Daihatsu Atrai Wagon (+137%), Mazda Flair Wagon (+64%), Subaru Pleo (+53%) and Toyota Pixis (+28%) all significantly higher than a year ago.

The Audi Q2 makes its first appearance among the Top 20 foreigners in Japan.

As is the tradition every quarter we have access to foreign models ranking in Japan, and over the First Quarter of 2018, and it’s a mini-event on top: for only the second time in the past eight quarters, the VW Golf (+2%) takes the lead, knocking the Mini (+2%) to 2nd place. The Mercedes C-Class, E-Class and BMW 3 Series round out the Top 5, replicating the Q4 2017 and FY2017 orders. The Volvo V40 shoots back up 6 spots on Q4 2017 to #6 ahead of the BMW X1 and VW Polo. The Mercedes GLC (+29%), A Class (+18%) and BMW 5 Series (+12%) all post very solid gains. We have two new arrivals in the Foreign Top 20: the Audi Q2 leaps directly to #16 while the VW Tiguan is propelled by its new generation to #18.

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Full March 2018 Top 55 All-brands, Top 50 regular cars, Top 33 kei cars and Q1 Top 20 foreigners below.

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Colombia March 2018: Renault topples Chevrolet for #1 brand

Renault is the #1 brand in Colombia in March and the Sandero returns to #1 model YTD.

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The Colombian new car market drops a steep 7% year-on-year in March to 19.572 registrations, pulling the Q1 volume down 3.3% to 54.369 units. Renault (-6%) overtakes traditional leader Chevrolet (-21%) to snap the brands pole position for the third time in the past 10 months after last July and December. Nissan (+7%) passes Kia (-5%) to #3 but it’s once again Toyota (+49%) that posts the most impressive year-on-year gain in the Top 10, with Mazda (+4%) also in positive but Hyundai (-32%), Ford (-29%), Volkswagen (-12%) and Suzuki (-9%) all crashing faster than the market. Among smaller brands, Citroen (+222%), Peugeot (+141%), Jeep (+88%), Mini (+36%), Audi (+34%), BMW (+22%) and Foton (+22%) are among the most dynamic in the Top 30.

The Chevrolet Beat is up to #6 this month in Colombia.

Model-wise, thanks to a very strong March result at 1.741 sales and 8.9% share, the Renault Sandero reclaims the YTD pole position off the Chevrolet Spark (1.022 and 5.2% in March). The Kia Picanto cements its third place above the Renault Logan and Chevrolet Sail while the newly launched Chevrolet Beat leaps up 18 spots on February to a best-ever 6th pace, now ranking at #19 so far in 2018. The Mazda2 replaces the CX-5 in the Top 10, the Nissan Versa is up 9 spots on last month to #19, the Fiat Uno is up 10 to #30 while the Toyota Corolla (#34), Nissan Sentra (#42) and Mercedes C Class ( #45) make rare appearances inside the Colombian Top 50.

Previous month: Colombia February 2018: Toyota up 49%, Kia Picanto up to #3

Previous year: Colombia Full Year 2017: Renault Sandero repeats win, market down 6.1%

Full March 2018 Top 30 brands and Top 50 models below.


Hungary March 2018: Suzuki Vitara up 90% in market up 30.9%

The Suzuki Vitara continues to dominate the Hungarian sales charts.

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New car sales in Hungary are up a stunning 30.9% year-on-year in March to 12.748 units, lifting the Q1 volume up 29.8% to 31.609. Brand leader and local producer Suzuki frankly outpaces the market once again with a fantastic 54% uplift in March resulting in a 72% uplift in Q1. Ford (+27%) is back above Skoda (+35%) this month and YTD above Opel (+32%) while Toyota (+27%) overtakes Volkswagen (+18%) to land in 5th place YTD. Renault (+82%) posts the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 10 while Hyundai makes a rare appearance in the Hungarian Top 10 brands. Model-wise, the Suzuki Vitara advances three times faster than the market at +90% to 11.5% share, cementing its YTD leadership at +68% and 9.5%. The Skoda Octavia (+51%), Ford Focus (+183%), Opel Astra (+123%) and Suzuki S-Cross (+61%) follow and all beat the market. Notice also the Hyundai i30 at #10.

For the first time Datahouse and local media outlet published details of sales by channel for the Top 10 best-selling models in the country as well as re-export rates. Widespread in Eastern European markets such as Bulgaria and Estonia where car prices are lower than in other parts of the European Union, re-exporting is the practice of purchasing a car as new in a low-price country then immediately export it to other markets in the EU where it is sold at a profit as a 0km used car. Re-exports affect 13% of all new cars sold in Hungary, with the biggest culprits being Jeep (60% re-export), Nissan (43%), Fiat (36%), Ford (28%) and Renault (25%). Therefore the Ford Kuga (#6), Nissan Qashqai (#7), VW Jetta (#9) and Renault Clio (#10) disappear from the Q1 2018 Top 10 when re-exports are deducted, instead the Toyota Auris (#7), C-HR (#8), Opel Corsa (#9) and Skoda Fabia (#10) make their appearance. By channel data also shows the Vitara remains tops with private buyers above the Suzuki S-Cross and Toyota Yaris while the Skoda Octavia is king of fleet (87% of its total sales).

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Full March 2018 Top 10 brands and models and Q1 2018 Top 30 models below.


London (UK) Q1 2018: Ford Fiesta #1, Mercedes A-Class up to #5

Just as the new generation was unveiled, the Mercedes A-Class gains 20% in London.

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The most recent market addition on BSCB gets a Q1 2018 update thanks to our partnership with SMMT. We labelled it London for easy reading, but the area covered is actually Greater London. New car sales in the area drop 10.7% year-on-year over Q1 to 25.559 units, that’s a slightly better hold than the -12.4% recorded nationally over the period. Even though it lost the annual pole position to the VW Golf in 2017, the Ford Fiesta is back in charge over the first three months of 2018 in spite of sales down 9% year-on-year. The VW Golf (+5%) and Nissan Qashqai (+3%) follow, replicating the national podium. The Toyota Yaris is up 3% and four spots year-on-year to a stunning 4th place but it’s the Mercedes A-Class, up 20% and five ranks to #5, that posts the best improvement in the Top 10. The Audi A3 (+2%) also gains ground, up 3 spots to #6, but the remainder of the Top 10 all fall heavily: the Mini (-29%), Mercedes C-Class (-42%), Ford Focus (-45%) and VW Polo (-46%) are in great difficulty.

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Full Q1 2018 Top 10 models ranking below.


Cyprus March 2018: Kia Rio and Mini Countryman on top

The Mini Countryman ranks at a surprise #2 spot in Cyprus in March. 

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Thanks to our partnership with SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT, we can share with you today March sales data for Cyprus, a market up a splendid 35.2% year-on-year to 1.906 registrations, lifting the year-to-date volume up 15% to 4.188 units. After being dominated by the Kia Stonic last month, the Cypriot models ranking, heavily impacted by rental sales in the lead up to the Summer season, goes through another significant facelift in March, this time crowing the Kia Rio (up 8-fold on March 2017) and the Mini Countryman coming out of the February YTD Top 30 directly into 2nd place for the month at 5th position YTD. The Picanto (+115%) makes it two Kias on the podium and now ranks #1 YTD. It is followed this month by the Nissan Qashqai (+44%) and the Skoda Fabia up 13-fold YTD and up to 5th in March for its first appearance in the ranking in the five years we have followed Cyprus. The Nissan Micra (#7), Fiat Tipo (#11), Ford Kuga (#12) and Citroen C3 (#13) also impress while the February leader, the Kia Stonic, is down 20 spots to #21 but still manages a world-best 7th place YTD.

Previous month: Cyprus February 2018: Kia places Stonic and Picanto on top

One year ago: Cyprus March 2017: VW Golf #1, Hyundai Tucson takes YTD lead

Full March 2018 Top 30 models ranking below.


China Imports March 2018: Lexus ES reclaims control

The Lexus ES is the best-selling import in China both in March and YTD.

* See the Top 50 All imported brands and Top 234 models by clicking on the title *

All-brands and All-models 2017 monthly data available, contact us here for more details.

China imports data is a new monthly update on BSCB. Note no media outside of China is reporting on these figures, BSCB being the first to do so. Import sales in China are up 4.7% year-on-year in March to 96.905 units, leading to a Q1 tally up 12.3% to 281.982. Mercedes brilliantly remains atop the brands imports ranking with deliveries up 17% to just under 17.500, cementing its YTD leadership (it ranked #2 in 2017). The best performer near the top of the charts is without a doubt Lexus shooting up 30% to over 14.000 registrations, by far the best-selling pure importer in China, selling almost 3 times the next best thing, Porsche (5.123). Leader in 2017, BMW drops a worrying 16% year-on-year to #3 this month but remains at #2 YTD (-3%) above Lexus (+28%). Toyota and Land Rover round up the Top 5, both gaining 21% on March 2017.

Tesla is up 13-fold to become China’s 10th best-selling imported marque in March.

If Audi beats the market at +14%, Lincoln (-5%) and Volkswagen (-24%) are in difficulty but Tesla posts the most spectacular gain in the Top 20, up 13-fold on its March 2017 score to land at #10 imported brand vs. #20 over the FY2017 thanks to extremely dynamic sales of the Model X up 1202% to #11 and the Model S up 1125% to #21. Just outside the Top 10, Mini (-17%) and Subaru (-23%) disappoint while further down, Mazda (+7325%) thanks to the newly imported CX-3, Aston Martin (+194%), Ssangyong (+83%), Buick (+65%), Ferrari (+50%), Bentley (+34%), Nissan (+34%), Mitsubishi (+32%) and Infiniti (+17%). Among newcomers (in market for <12 months), Alfa Romeo leads the pack at #22 with the Giulia and Stelvio while Ram ranks 33rd.

The CLA is Mercedes’ best-selling import in China in March.

Over in the models ranking, after being outsold by the BMW X5 for two consecutive months, the Lexus ES reclaims control in a majestic way: up 17% to just under 6.000 units, also earning the #1 YTD spot with sales up 21%. The BMW X5 is knocked down to #2 for the month and YTD, while the Mercedes CLA soars 42% to land on the third step of the podium. Stunningly, the NX (+41%) and RX (+3%) make it three Lexus in the Top 5 in March. The Mercedes S-Class (+75%), Toyota Land Cruiser (+54%) and Range Rover (+23%) also shine in the Top 10. Further down, notice the Mercedes B Class (+78%) and Nissan Patrol (+41%) while among recent launches (<12 months) the Range Rover Velar (#41) remains king above the Porsche 718 (#49), BMW 6 Series GT (#79) and Mazda CX-3 (#81).

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Full March 2018 Top 50 All imported brands and Top 234 models ranking below.

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