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USA November 2023: Lexus (+70.3%) stands out in market up 7.3%

Lexus RX sales are up 160.8% year-on-year.

An estimated 1.22 million new light vehicles found a buyer in the USA in November, 7.3% above November 2022. The SAAR is up 6.2% to 15.3 million vs. 14.4% a year ago and 15.4 million last month. The average daily selling rate is up 7.3% to 48,746, calculated over 25 days. Passenger cars drop -2.4% year-on-year whereas light trucks gain 9.9% to a 81% market share.

Among groups still sharing monthly data, Toyota Motor (+16.9%) surges ahead whereas Ford Motor (-0.4%) is in difficulty. Hyundai-Kia (+7.5%) matches the market while American Honda (+32.8%) is the most dynamic. As for brands, Toyota (+10.4%) distances Ford (-0.5%), Honda (+32.2%) and Hyundai (+10.7%) while Lexus (+70.3%), Acura (+37.5%), Volvo (+26.4%) and Genesis (+19.6%) also impress. 

Model-wise, still looking at those with available monthly sales, the Ford F-Series (-3.8%) can’t manage growth whereas the Toyota RAV4 (+52.9%) and Honda CR-V (+59.7%) are in full throttle. The Toyota Camry (-10%) remains the most popular car ahead of the Toyota Corolla (+31.2%) and Honda Civic (+47.8%) while the Honda Accord can only muster a +1% gain. The Hyundai Tucson (+33.1%) is also in great shape, as are the Lexus RX (+160.8%), Ford Bronco Sport (+97.7%), Subaru Forester (+63.8%) and Hyundai Palisade (+59.4%). 

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Full November 2023 data for selected groups, brands and models below.

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