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France July 2023: Renault (+35.1%), Volkswagen (+52.6%) stand out, Toyota threatens Citroen for #5

The Renault Clio is by far the best-selling vehicle in France in July.

The French new car market is up a solid 19.9% year-on-year in July to 128,947 units, leading to a year-to-date tally up 15.8% to 1,018,723. Keep in mind July 2022 was the weakest July in 51 years. Over the first 7 months of the year, petrol is up 16.7% year-on-year to 386,353 units and 37.9% share vs. 37.7% over the same period in 2022, diesel falls -28% to 106,390 and 10.4% share vs. 16.8% a year ago, HEV is up 26% to 237,983 and 23.4% share vs. 21.5% last year, including 140,473 full hybrids (+35.3%) and 97,510 mild hybrids (+14.7%). PHEV soars 30% to 91,223 and 9% share vs. 8% and BEV surges 46% to 154,973 and 15.2% share vs. 12.1% over the first 7 months of 2022.

Renault (+35.1%) rallies back up from disappointing year-ago results to 15.9% share vs. 16.2% so far this year. Renault confirms it has now confidently snatched back the #1 brand spot off Peugeot (-8.8%) in real trouble this month with only 12.4% share, its lowest of the year. Dacia (+23.9%) continues to display insolent health and climbs to 9.1% share in third place. Volkswagen (+52.6%) is even more dynamic ad overtakes Citroen (-11.3%) once again in a rut at just 6.5% share, its weakest of 2023. Worse: Toyota (+7.6%) points just 45 sales below in 6th place. Kia (+29.1%) equals its highest ever French ranking it has already held five times before this month and sports its strongest market share since April 2022 at 3.5%. BMW (+30%) is also in great shape at #8 but Mercedes (+14.7%) can’t quite match the market growth and Hyundai (-18.7%) freefalls year-on-year. Below, notice Ford (+43.1%), Skoda (+48.7%), Tesla (+3340.5%!), Nissan (+58%), Suzuki (+114.8%), Cupra (+245.3%) and MG (+216.4%) all posting very satisfying results.

Over in the models lane, the Renault Clio (+170.9%) surges ahead on a dismal year-ago performance when it ranked at #8, and surpasses its YTD market share at 6.3% vs. 5.5%. The Peugeot 208 (-6.4%) is almost 3,000 sales below at only 4.1% share vs. 5.1% YTD. The Dacia Sandero (+28.4%) easily beats the market but stays in third position while the Citroen C3 (+1.2%) advances to #4 ahead of the Renault Captur (+37.2%). The Peugeot 308 (+13.9%) is back up one spot on last month to #6, exchanging ranks with an imploding Peugeot 2008 (-31.6%). The Dacia Duster (-9.2%) is back inside the Top 10 at #8, a ranking it now also holds year-to-date. The Toyota Yaris Cross (+17.9%) is the best-selling foreigner at #9, followed by the Fiat 500 (-26.1%) at #10. The Dacia Spring (+221.8%) is up 10 ranks on June to #11, the Renault Austral is down two to #14, the VW Tiguan (+121.6%) up 13 to #17 while both the Tesla Model Y (+2074.7%) at #20 and Model 3 (+26100%) at #32 both post surreal gains.

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