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France July 2022: Market down -7.1% to weakest July in 51 years, Hyundai (+20.9%), Fiat (+35%) defiant

The Fiat 500 is inside the French Top 10 in July.

Just 107,547 new passenger cars found a buyer in France in July, a -7.1% year-on-year decline marking the 14th consecutive month of losses. Up until the pandemic one of the biggest months of the year in the country, July 2022 is the lowest volume for the month in over 50 years: since 1971 (104,811 units). This as July 2021 was already down -35.3% over 2020. When looking at pre-pandemic figures the market is down -37.5% on the 172 225 units of July 2019… The year-to-date tally is now down -15.3% at 879,527 and won’t hit the million units before September whereas it did so in July last year. This is down -34.3% on the 1,338,667 units of the same period in 2019 and -35.5% on the 1,363,574 sales of 2018.

Over the first seven months of the year, petrol sales drop -24.4% to 331,171 units and 37.7% share vs. 42.2% over the same period in 2021, diesel is down -37.6% to 147,818 and 16.8% share vs. 22.8% n 2021, hybrids edge up 0.6% to 258,862 and 29.4% share vs. 24.8%, that includes 70,036 PHEVs, off -15.1%. BEVs soar 32.6% to 106,156 and 12.1% share vs. 7.7% a year ago. Note BEVs are up 69% in July and PHEVs down -33%. Private sales account for 46.3% of the market in July, stable vs. last month but up more than three percentage points on July 2020. Fleet sales represent 53.7% of the market.

Hyundai breaks its market share record in France this month.

Peugeot (-16.7%) reclaims the top spot it holds YTD, expanding its lead over Renault to over 3,500 units. Renault (+14.5%) for its part sports a strong gain due to a historic low in July 2021 when the brand held only 11.4% of the market which was believed to be its lowest share since World War II. Citroen (-7.6%) manages to claw back onto the podium for just 42 units above Dacia (+4.9%) still in outstanding shape and the only year-on-year gainer in the Top 6. Toyota (-9.6%) overtakes Volkswagen (-25.1%) to land in 5th place. For its part Hyundai (+20.9%) is back up to #7 and breaks its market share record in France to 4.4%, roughly double what it commended a couple of years ago and an impressive long-term trend for the Korean carmaker. Fiat (+35%) lodges the best performance in the Top 20 and climbs to #8 vs. #13 so far this year and over the Full Year 2021. Kia (-2.5%) and Mercedes (-8.6%) close the Top 10.

Over in the models ranking, the Peugeot 208 (+5.1%) cements its year-to-date lead by easily winning the month with 5.2% share. The Citroen C3 (+46.6%) surprises with a stellar year-on-year gain and rallies back up five spots on June to land in 2nd place. The Peugeot 2008 (-0.7%) is back on the podium  and is now only 20 sales off its archenemy the Renault Captur (+8.6%) in the year-to-date charts. The Dacia Sandero (-37.4%) takes a harsh hit as it ranked #1 a year ago in July 2021 and ranks #4 above the Peugeot 308 III repeating at #5. The Dacia Duster (+36.7%) chalks up an outstanding month at #6, its highest ranking in France since… February 2013 when it ranked #5. The Toyota Yaris is up 8 ranks on last month to #7 while the Renault Clio (-2.4%) endures another catastrophic July at #8 overall after ranking #7 in July 2021. The Fiat 500 (+115.6%) more than doubles its sales year-on-year to a stunning 9th place with the Renault Captur (+8.6%) closing out the Top 10. Just outside, the Renault Megane IV (+66.9%) has its swan song at #11 vs. #17 so far this year. The Toyota Yaris Cross is up 8 ranks on June to #13 and becomes the best-selling recent launch at #13, only 52 sales above the Renault Megane E-Tech up 9 spots to #14 just as the Dacia Jogger is down four to #16.

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One year ago: France July 2021: Sales sink -35.3%, Dacia Sandero repeats at #1, Renault at historic low, Toyota breaks share record

Full July 2022 Top 20 brands and Top 75 models below.

France July 2022 – brands:

1Peugeot  17,53716.3%-16.7%2145,74916.6%-21.2%11
2Renault   15,14914.1%14.5%1142,18016.2%-14.1%22
3Citroen  9,4808.8%-7.6%477,1208.8%-23.5%33
4Dacia  9,4388.8%4.9%374,1288.4%3.0%44
5Toyota  7,7727.2%-9.6%651,4725.9%-17.8%66
8Fiat  3,5513.3%35.0%1023,3982.7%-6.0%1313
9Kia  3,4813.2%-2.5%1326,4093.0%2.5%1011
10Mercedes  3,4133.2%-8.6%726,8593.1%-10.6%87
11Audi  3,1833.0%-16.9%1124,1572.7%-23.7%128
12BMW  3,1492.9%-1.9%1225,0452.8%-11.5%119
13Opel  2,9882.8%2.3%822,8812.6%-10.1%1414
14Ford  2,6112.4%5.7%1426,8003.0%-8.7%912
16Skoda  2,0441.9%-16.1%1616,8191.9%-18.9%1515
17Nissan  1,5471.4%-25.7%1716,2591.8%-3.3%1618
20Seat  9770.9%-58.1%209,4511.1%-52.6%2116

France July 2022 – models:

1Peugeot 2085,6405.2%5.1%152,1225.9%-3.3%11
2Citroen C34,8484.5%46.6%733,9913.9%-13.5%45
3Peugeot 20084,7254.4%-0.7%629,7133.4%-34.5%63
4Dacia Sandero3,8673.6%-37.4%335,5094.0%-21.6%34
5Peugeot 308 III3,2543.0%n/a526,3743.0%9455.8%794
6Dacia Duster3,1382.9%36.7%918,7022.1%2.9%99
7Toyota Yaris3,1192.9%-3.7%1513,9341.6%-40.0%128
8Renault Clio2,9792.8%-2.4%237,8284.3%-25.1%22
9Fiat 5002,9262.7%115.6%1117,5372.0%15.0%1113
10Renault Captur2,8812.7%8.6%429,7333.4%-14.9%56
11Renault Megane IV2,0941.9%66.9%1411,5911.3%-40.0%1711
12Peugeot 30082,0061.9%-56.2%1322,2842.5%-37.5%87
13Toyota Yaris Cross1,9891.8%new2113,1571.5%new1582
14Renault Megane E-Tech1,9371.8%new234,7360.5%new44 –
15Hyundai Tucson1,9011.8%13.4%2510,4901.2%-6.4%2222
16Dacia Jogger1,7511.6%new128,8731.0%new28 –
17Renault Arkana1,4241.3%27.5%818,1682.1%272.1%1021
18Mini Hatch1,3971.3%18.6%389,1491.0%0.8%2527
19Hyundai Kona1,3511.3%52.8%377,5970.9%12.7%3140
20Citroen C4 III1,2961.2%-13.0%3310,7421.2%-15.3%2017
21Citroen C5 Aircross1,2431.2%-32.8%1610,7441.2%-30.4%1918
22Kia Sportage1,2431.2%122.4%277,1080.8%79.5%3365
23VW T-Roc1,2101.1%-18.2%2410,5661.2%-16.2%2120
24Renault Twingo1,1881.1%-24.2%1013,5171.5%-37.2%1310
25VW Polo1,1801.1%-48.5%2210,9061.2%-35.1%1815
26Opel Corsa1,1451.1%4.7%199,6561.1%-15.4%2426
27Ford Puma1,0791.0%-5.4%2912,8201.5%13.0%1625
28Peugeot 50081,0701.0%-46.6%268,9951.0%-41.3%2719
29Citroen C3 Aircross9760.9%-38.6%1713,4541.5%-18.9%1412
30Toyota Aygo X9610.9%new323,1180.4%new70 –
31Renault Zoe9530.9%-17.0%189,0771.0%-24.0%2616
32Opel Mokka9000.8%25.7%495,1420.6%102.6%4168
33Ford Kuga8190.8%57.8%506,2740.7%23.3%3954
34Nissan Qashqai7380.7%11.0%366,7790.8%57.5%3662
35VW Golf7310.7%-31.6%287,3100.8%-28.3%3230
36Volvo XC407200.7%27.9%923,1590.4%-40.8%6955
37Mercedes Classe A7140.7%-39.9%306,9590.8%-16.3%3432
38Opel Crossland7060.7%48.3%344,5160.5%-15.7%4959
39VW Taigo6970.6%new564,0650.5%new54n/a
40VW Tiguan6690.6%-56.0%424,8700.6%-52.9%4228
41Mercedes GLA6630.6%63.7%524,5690.5%6.5%4658
42Dacia Spring6610.6%916.9%319,8641.1%703.3%2336
43Audi Q36550.6%-20.4%415,2760.6%-20.3%4039
44VW T-Cross6420.6%-41.4%486,9130.8%-27.5%3531
45DS 3 Crossback6340.6%-21.9%633,5540.4%-43.8%6148
46Audi A16080.6%-14.1%713,4250.4%-45.6%6547
47Toyota C-HR6000.6%-55.2%407,7330.9%-25.8%3029
48Renault Kadjar5930.6%20.8%456,4440.7%-18.3%3837
49Skoda Fabia5510.5%31.2%554,5070.5%14.6%5074
50Mini Countryman5420.5%1.3%733,8450.4%-7.0%5861
51Toyota Corolla5410.5%-63.4%606,5460.7%-41.0%3724
52Renault Kangoo5260.5%98.5%353,4700.4%122.6%62104
53Kia Niro5230.5%-38.6%704,1410.5%-31.9%5346
54Audi A35210.5%-17.4%464,5170.5%-26.0%4850
55Volvo XC605130.5%9.1%842,4390.3%-19.3%8380
56BMW Série 15070.5%-40.7%803,8600.4%-46.2%5742
57Hyundai i204980.5%44.3%643,5690.4%-3.3%6075
58DS 7 Crossback4860.5%-33.4%614,3590.5%-43.5%5235
59BMW X34700.4%16.6%533,3770.4%24.7%6678
60Citroen C4 Spacetourer 4670.4%-14.6%473,6790.4%-14.7%5957
61Peugeot 5084610.4%-36.3%682,4500.3%-54.3%8252
62Kia Stonic4480.4%11.7%902,7030.3%-19.4%7473
63Mercedes GLC4230.4%-10.4%433,1790.4%-19.4%6856
64Skoda Kamiq4060.4%-40.4%762,7460.3%-38.4%7163
65Suzuki Swift3660.3%-55.1%584,5060.5%-36.5%5138
66DS 43600.3%295.6%574,5520.5%4544.9%47n/a
67Nissan Juke3500.3%-55.6%544,6010.5%-26.2%4545
68Cupra Formentor3490.3%15.2%593,3120.4%70.5%67106
69BMW X13460.3%-31.5%514,7820.5%-5.9%4353
70BMW Série 43440.3%121.9%991,8790.2%62.5%93125
71Audi Q23370.3%-12.9%663,4480.4%-13.7%6364
72Mercedes CLA3330.3%2.1%891,9570.2%-6.9%9098
73Nissan Micra3060.3%-28.8%693,4310.4%-19.7%6466
74Kia Picanto3060.3%-27.7%852,6950.3%-25.2%7567
75Kia Rio2960.3%-40.1%972,5880.3%-20.8%7776

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