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France August 2022: Market up 3.8%, Toyota breaks record share, Citroen C3 teases Peugeot 208 for #1

First Top 10 finish for the Toyota Yaris Cross in France.

9/09 update: Now with Top 300 all models ranking.

New car sales in France end 14 consecutive months of decline in August with a timid +3.8% year-on-year lift to 91,406 units. This is still down a harsh -29.3% vs. pre-pandemic August 2019. The year-to-date tally now stands at 970,933 sales, off -13.8% over the same period in 2021 and down -39.3% over the first 8 months of 2019. Petrol sales gain 5.8% to 35,164 units and 38.5% share vs. 37.7% a year ago, diesel is down -11.4% to 14,177 and 15.5% share vs. 18.2% in August 2021, HEV are up 14.7% to 19,607 and 21.4% share vs. 19.4% last year, PHEV are off -7.8% to 6,900 and 7.5% share vs. 8.5% and BEV are up 24.4% to 13.5% share vs. 11.3% a year ago. Note long term leases now account for 53% of private sales vs. 46% a year ago in August 2021.

In the brands ranking, Peugeot (+14.4%) sports a very satisfying year-on-year uptick to keep the pole position with 15.6% of the market, easily outselling Renault (-15.4%) in great difficulty at 11.9%, among the brand’s historical low market shares. The three next brands outpace the market: Citroen (+7.3%) climbs back above the symbolic 10% share mark at 10.5%, Dacia (+13.1%) follows with a very strong 9.7% share vs. 8.5% so far this year, and Toyota (+9.8%) simply scores its highest ever market share in France at 7.9%, eclipsing its previous best of 7.5% reached exactly a year ago in August 2021. Volkswagen (-6.1%) is weak at #6 while the rest of the Top 10 also outrace the market with Opel (+37.2%), Hyundai (+9.4%) and Mercedes (+19.4%) all in excellent shape as is Kia (+24.2%) just outside at #11. Below, notice Fiat (+45.2%), Skoda (+17.8%), Nissan (+33.7%), Volvo (+12.3%), Land Rover (+35.1%), Lynk & Co (+874.1%) and Mitsubishi (+125.5%) all very solid.

Model-wise, the Peugeot 208 (+23.6%) holds onto the top spot with 6.1% share but the Citroen C3 (+49.5%) is even more impressive and ends the month less than 100 units below the 208. The Dacia Sandero (-20.2%) pays the price of being #1 a year ago while the Peugeot 2008 (+33.9%) reclaims the #5 spots YTD off its archenemy the Renault Captur (-31%) slipping out the Top 10 for the month. The Renault Clio (-36.9%) completely implodes to remain surprisingly weak at #5 overall and is now threatened by both the C3 and Sandero for the 2nd place year-to-date. The Toyota Yaris (-9.1%) hits its highest ranking since breaking its record position in August 2021 (#5), with the Dacia Duster (+27.8%) very strong once again at #7 overall. The Peugeot 308 III is down three spots on July to #8 above the Fiat 500 (+70.2%) staying at #9. The Toyota Yaris Cross claims its first ever French Top 10 finish at #10.

Previous month: Market down -7.1% to weakest July in 51 years, Hyundai (+20.9%), Fiat (+35%) defiant

One year ago: France August 2021: Market down -15%, Sandero 3peats at #1, Model 3 up to #7, Arkana to #11

Full August 2022 Top 60 all brands and Top 300 all models below.

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