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France April 2015: Peugeot 308 and 2008 overtake Renault Captur

Peugeot 2008 France April 2015. Picture courtesy largus.frPeugeot 2008 sales are up 15% year-on-year at home in France.

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After gaining 9.5% in March, the French new car market returns to significantly more timid growth rates in April: up 2.3% to 170.768 registrations, which brings the year-to-date total to 648.087 units, up 5.6% on 2014. Worryingly and as we already pointed out in our 1st Quarter report (France 1st Quarter 2015: Artificial recovery?), the market growth is solely due to a surge in sales through tactical channels (+13.6%) such as short-term rentals and dealer sales, with private sales down 5.1% year-on-year. Renault (+5%) and Peugeot (+3%) once again fare better than the market while Citroen (-0.5%) does worse. Below Volkswagen in difficulty (-4%), Dacia returns to equilibrium with a very strong 6.6% share thanks to 11.269 deliveries, the French-Romanian brands placing two models inside the Top 10 for the 3rd time in history after April and August 2014: the Sandero at #7 and the Duster at #9. Audi (+2%) is back inside the Top 10 most popular manufacturers in France at #10, above Mercedes (-4%) and BMW (+12%). Fiat (+17%), Hyundai (+41%) and Mini (+46%) take off but once again they are trumped by Jeep (+438%) with the Renegade now at throwing distance from its first French Top 50 (#54).

Dacia Sandero StepwayDacia places two models inside the French Top 10 and ranks #3 overall with private buyers.

Looking into private sales in isolation shows a very different picture indeed. Peugeot is up 0.3% vs. -6.7% for Renault, bringing the two brand at almost exactly the same level – 13.582 sales for Peugeot and 13.579 for Renault. Peugeot places 3 models in the Top 6 private (208, 2008 and 308) vs. just one for Renault (Clio). More spectacularly and thanks to 88% of its overall sales being private vs. 48% average for the market, Dacia manages to overtake Citroen for the first time ever to rank #3 overall with private buyers with 9.949 sales or an astonishing 12% market share vs. 9.323 and 11.2% for Citroen. In April the Sandero is the #2 nameplate with private buyers at 5.5% market share above the Peugeot 208 (4.9%) with the Duster ranking #4 at 4.3%…

Nissan X-Trail France March 2015The Nissan X-Trail is up to #42 this month in France.

In the overall models ranking, the Renault Clio remains sovereign with 6.1% market share but is the only Renault in the Top 4 this month: the Peugeot 208 (+4%) resists in 2nd place while the 308 (+31%) and 2008 (+15%) both post strong year-on-year gains to overtake the Renault Captur (-2%) knocked down to 5th place. The Dacia Sandero (+16%) is up 4 spots on last month to #7 and returns to the year-to-date Top 10 (#9) and with the VW Polo ranking at #13 the entire Top 12 models are 100% French in April. Further down, the Mini III (#29) and VW Passat (#31) confirm their great shape, the Renault Zoe is up 46 spots on March and a gargantuan 209% year-on-year to hit its 2nd best-ever ranking at #33 with 1.237 sales (best is #32 last December), the Fiat 500X is up a further two spots on last month to #41, the Nissan X-Trail is up 16 to make its very first entrance inside the French Top 50 at #42 and the DS 4 is up 19 spots to #44,

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Full April 2015 Top 80 models and Top 20 brands below.

France April 2015 – brands:


France April 2015 – models:

1Renault Clio IV10,4776.1%6%139,1216.0%13%11
2Peugeot 2087,7674.5%4%230,2584.7%1%22
3Peugeot 308 II6,7063.9%31%425,6284.0%54%34
4Peugeot 20086,1353.6%15%522,4803.5%20%56
5Renault Captur5,3533.1%-2%325,1073.9%22%43
6Citroen C35,3033.1%-14%719,8523.1%-5%65
7Dacia Sandero5,0663.0%16%1116,0562.5%-8%910
8Renault Scénic4,6462.7%4%816,7742.6%2%87
9Dacia Duster4,2462.5%-12%1313,2542.0%-13%1312
10Renault Mégane4,1062.4%-6%615,9662.5%2%109
11Renault Twingo III4,0172.4%new917,3002.7%new729
12Citroen C4 II Picasso3,9262.3%-7%1015,0202.3%-9%118
13VW Polo3,1041.8%-24%1213,5872.1%-6%1211
14VW Golf VII3,0631.8%-16%1411,8551.8%-14%1414
15Peugeot 30082,9341.7%-20%1811,2871.7%-14%1513
16Citroen C42,4721.4%2%227,8751.2%-25%2118
17Toyota Yaris2,3831.4%-15%179,8211.5%-1%1717
18Opel Corsa2,3401.4%-7%208,3371.3%9%1921
19Ford Fiesta2,3041.3%-25%159,8801.5%5%1619
20Nissan Qashqai2,2701.3%n/a169,3811.4%13%1815
21Peugeot 5081,8931.1%11%198,3241.3%29%2022
22Citroen C4 Cactus1,7481.0%2231%217,3761.1%4481%2334
23Fiat 5001,7161.0%0%247,5711.2%8%2220
24Opel Mokka1,5490.9%37%255,8490.9%35%2528
25DS 31,5290.9%-21%265,7260.9%-13%2724
26Citroen C3 Picasso1,4080.8%-19%305,1670.8%-26%3025
27Peugeot 1081,3810.8%new235,9400.9%3010%2454
28VW Tiguan1,3720.8%-23%365,2330.8%-20%2923
29Mini III1,3660.8%298%294,5690.7%550%3349
30Nissan Juke1,3600.8%-3%285,7570.9%-2%2627
31VW Passat1,3240.8%92%374,2670.7%71%3559
32Peugeot 50081,2430.7%-15%354,5100.7%-11%3430
33Renault ZOE1,2370.7%207%792,8020.4%190%5575
34Citroen C1 II1,2020.7%new275,2450.8%2646%2866
35VW Touran1,1320.7%-10%403,8390.6%-19%3833
36Toyota Auris1,1040.6%11%384,5730.7%-2%3231
37Renault Kangoo1,0910.6%-3%324,2030.6%-3%3635
38Ford Focus1,0700.6%2%523,5670.6%11%3947
39Audi A31,0560.6%-21%314,7490.7%-6%3126
40VW Golf Sportsvan9400.6%new453,3780.5%new4178
41Fiat 500X9290.5%new432,7250.4%new58317
42Nissan X-Trail8950.5%2195%582,7510.4%1759%57114
43Ford C-Max8920.5%-13%342,8750.4%-23%5139
44DS 48710.5%7%632,8180.4%-14%5446
45Mercedes Classe A8510.5%-3%333,8730.6%1%3732
46Audi A18510.5%-15%552,7800.4%-20%5636
47Dacia Lodgy8480.5%9%752,4500.4%1%6568
48Toyota Aygo II8320.5%new423,0810.5%new43109
49Audi Q38270.5%4%492,8720.4%10%5256
50Nissan Micra7760.5%34%483,1990.5%29%4264
51Seat Leon7720.5%-2%512,7090.4%6%6060
52Fiat 500L7670.4%-3%393,3800.5%8%4045
53Toyota RAV47550.4%20%642,9910.5%32%4658
54Jeep Renegade7410.4%new692,3700.4%new68168
55Skoda Octavia III7370.4%21%762,3050.4%11%7070
56BMW Série 17300.4%-26%572,9090.4%-23%4937
57Citroen C4 Aircross7300.4%64%781,8960.3%4%8288
58Kia Sportage7260.4%10%622,4880.4%-3%6453
59Ford Kuga7180.4%13%532,8840.4%45%5052
60Citroen Berlingo7110.4%-5%612,9280.5%-9%4743
61Seat Ibiza7070.4%-14%562,9120.4%-3%4842
62Hyundai ix356810.4%43%672,3860.4%42%6683
63Suzuki Swift6800.4%-4%722,5250.4%0%6355
64Kia Rio6800.4%45%821,9950.3%-1%7985
65Citroen C56660.4%-26%772,3720.4%-20%6750
66Mercedes Classe C6430.4%-23%472,8500.4%61%5357
67Toyota Verso6220.4%-9%852,1310.3%11%7373
68Mercedes Classe B6170.4%-33%413,0290.5%-3%4541
69Renault Laguna5990.4%-52%442,7110.4%-46%5938
70Dacia Logan MCV II5800.3%-23%902,0010.3%-26%7871
71Skoda Fabia5720.3%1%741,9310.3%-17%8065
72Mercedes GLA5670.3%177%602,2020.3%309%7280
73VW Up!5490.3%-1%702,0630.3%7%7476
74Opel Astra5420.3%4%961,7950.3%-14%8479
75Renault Trafic5320.3%149%1031,4740.2%10%96112
76Peugeot Partner5230.3%-22%911,8980.3%-18%8172
77BMW Série 25140.3%512%592,3310.4%715%69128
78Ford B-Max5030.3%-40%462,6080.4%-14%6151
79Fiat Panda4960.3%-32%682,0210.3%-40%7644
80Volvo XC604910.3%30%931,7730.3%38%8591

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