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France February 2013: Renault Clio IV leads, Zoe in Top 100

Renault Clio IV France February 2013Renault Clio IV

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New car sales in France are down 12% year-on-year in February to 143,366 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 268,164 units, down 13% on 2012. As I predicted in my last update, whereas the Peugeot 208 has led for most of the month it is the Renault Clio IV that finishes February in pole position for only the 2nd time ever after last November thanks to 8,499 sales for a 5.9% market share, its highest so far. The Clio IV even takes the lead in the year-to-date ranking at 15,094 units and 5.6% vs. 14,354 and 5.4% for the Peugeot 208, #2 this month with 7,474 sales and 5.2%. What could have been a historical month for both the VW Golf and Dacia Duster ended up… not being one.

Renault Zoe France February 2013Renault Zoe

Only 89 sales (!) separate the #3, the Renault Scenic from the #7, the VW Golf… In between we have the Renault Megane at #3, the Dacia Duster equalling its highest ranking ever also reached in November 2011 at #5 with 3,996 sales and 2.8%, the Citroen C4 doing the same at #6 with 3,986 units, it also ranked in that position in October 2005August 2006 and February 2007. Finally the VW Golf, even though it spent most of the most in third place, ends up 7th at 3,984 sales, its highest ranking since last May. Notice also the Renault Twingo back within the Top 10 for the first time since last October at #8.

Toyota Auris France February 2013Toyota Auris

Further down, thanks to the new generation the Toyota Auris is up 15 spots on January to #33, potentially its highest ever ranking in France, the Ford B-Max improves its share to 0.8% thanks to 1,091 sales at #35, the Fiat 500L is up 49 ranks to break into the French Top 50 for the first time at #36, the Opel Mokka is stable at #39, the Citroen C4 Aircross is up 11 to #50, Hyundai i20 up 19 to #53, Hyundai i30 up 16 to #55 and Dacia Dokker down 5 to #78.

Peugeot 2008 France February 2013Peugeot 2008

A few much anticipated newcomers make their first appearance in the French models ranking this month: the Renault Zoe lands directly at #87 with 440 sales, the Opel Adam ranks #89 at 419 units, the Peugeot 2008 sells 107 demonstration models and the Renault Captur sells 77, in advance of their world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Full February 2013 Top 120 models Ranking Table below.

France February 2013 – brands:


France February 2013 – models:

1Renault Clio 48,4995.9%215,0945.6%126
2Peugeot 2087,4745.2%114,3545.4%22
3Renault Scénic4,0732.8%57,8462.9%45
4Renault Mégane4,0252.8%47,9513.0%34
5Dacia Duster3,9962.8%186,1872.3%1114
6Citroen C43,9862.8%106,9262.6%810
7VW Golf3,9842.8%87,0632.6%712
8Renault Twingo3,7802.6%116,6492.5%911
9VW Polo3,6372.5%77,2072.7%57
10Peugeot 30083,3932.4%96,3842.4%108
11Peugeot 207+3,1692.2%145,4052.0%149
12Peugeot 3082,8052.0%125,2742.0%136
13Citroen C32,7351.9%37,1122.7%63
14Nissan Qashqai2,5841.8%174,7961.8%1516
15Citroen C4 Picasso2,5291.8%134,7791.8%1613
16Dacia Sandero2,4181.7%66,0992.3%1218
17Renault Clio Collection2,3051.6%154,5381.7%171
18Citroen C3 Picasso2,0721.4%253,3971.3%2122
19Toyota Yaris1,9181.3%164,1341.5%1821
20Ford Fiesta1,9121.3%203,6401.4%2015
21Peugeot 5081,8581.3%193,6761.4%1919
22Nissan Juke1,7661.2%233,2381.2%2227
23VW Tiguan1,7291.2%272,9551.1%2423
24Fiat 5001,5061.1%223,0341.1%2330
25Peugeot 50081,4871.0%262,7251.0%2724
26Opel Corsa1,4771.0%322,4870.9%2817
27Mercedes Classe A1,4321.0%242,7821.0%2661
28Citroen DS31,3230.9%212,9091.1%2520
29Renault Laguna1,2220.9%352,1360.8%3233
30Dacia Lodgy1,1730.8%292,3390.9%3040
31Ford C-Max1,1700.8%282,3470.9%2928
32Citroen DS41,1600.8%302,2940.9%3137
33Toyota Auris1,1330.8%481,8560.7%3971
34Citroen C51,1070.8%421,9150.7%3631
35Ford B-Max1,0910.8%332,0070.7%34n/a
36Fiat 500L1,0790.8%851,4470.5%49n/a
37Citroen C11,0510.7%401,9280.7%3536
38VW Touran1,0110.7%312,1080.8%3332
39Opel Mokka9850.7%391,8690.7%38n/a
40Mercedes Classe B9670.7%411,8240.7%4038
41BMW Serie 39620.7%341,8760.7%3746
42BMW Serie 19400.7%501,6370.6%4442
43Audi A19260.6%381,8110.7%4235
44Peugeot 1079100.6%361,8150.7%4144
46Seat Ibiza8650.6%431,6700.6%4334
47Audi A38120.6%661,2940.5%5455
48Ford Focus7980.6%511,4940.6%4739
49Citroen DS57610.5%451,5090.6%4651
50Citroen C4 Aircross7360.5%611,2500.5%5688
51Renault Kangoo7340.5%371,6290.6%4541
52VW Passat7320.5%571,3370.5%5250
53Hyundai i207240.5%721,1840.4%6382
54VW Up!7220.5%751,1460.4%6772
55Hyundai i307200.5%711,1850.4%6293
56Opel Astra6970.5%701,1620.4%6449
57Audi A46620.5%581,2390.5%5756
58Audi Q36510.5%641,1400.4%6870
59Kia Sportage6440.4%591,1870.4%6159
60Citroen Berlingo6350.4%531,2970.5%5352
61Opel Meriva6290.4%811,0150.4%7245
62Fiat Punto6180.4%631,1210.4%6962
63Fiat Panda6150.4%461,3580.5%5147
64BMW X16150.4%761,0330.4%7174
65Renault Modus5930.4%441,3610.5%5029
66Hyundai ix355700.4%849380.3%7875
67Peugeot Partner5570.4%541,2120.5%5953
68Mini Countryman5480.4%621,0570.4%6563
69Suzuki Swift5420.4%491,2590.5%5558
70Ford Kuga5420.4%691,0080.4%7365
71Renault Koleos5290.4%1047530.3%8776
72Skoda Fabia5240.4%551,1480.4%6660
73Chevrolet Spark5180.4%679930.4%7480
74Opel Zafira5130.4%749390.4%7748
75Kia Venga5090.4%908180.3%83106
76Nissan Micra5000.3%838750.3%8064
77Kia Cee’d4940.3%689650.4%7594
78Dacia Dokker4900.3%739370.3%79n/a
79Smart ForTwo4880.3%1017300.3%8987
80Toyota Verso4820.3%561,0910.4%7069
81BMW Serie 54820.3%878160.3%8486
82Toyota Aygo4680.3%798660.3%8173
83Toyota Prius/Prius+4670.3%659540.4%7697
84Kia Rio4650.3%471,2000.4%6067
85Mercedes Classe C4650.3%997300.3%9057
86Volvo V404410.3%927440.3%88n/a
87Renault ZOE4400.3%n/a5100.2%102n/a
88Alfa Romeo Giulietta4350.3%828190.3%8278
89Opel Adam4190.3%n/a4400.2%n/a –
90Toyota RAV44060.3%n/a4790.2%10468
91Audi Q53990.3%976670.2%9691
92Audi A53980.3%916980.3%9379
93Renault Espace3950.3%956760.3%9581
94Opel Insignia3850.3%n/a5790.2%100100
95Seat Leon3820.3%897020.3%92101
96Kia Picanto3780.3%777940.3%8585
97BMW X33760.3%807740.3%8677
98Range Rover Evoque3740.3%966480.2%9789
99Nissan Note3300.2%946150.2%99n/a
100Chevrolet Aveo3210.2%936180.2%9884
101Ford Ka3170.2%866840.3%9466
102VW Coccinelle3120.2%787160.3%91105
103Hyundai ix202820.2%n/a4660.2%105104
104Audi A62710.2%n/a4550.2%10692
105Skoda Octavia2440.2%985110.2%10196
106Skoda Yeti2420.2%n/an/an/an/an/a
107Chevrolet Cruze2360.2%n/a4390.2%n/a99
108Honda Civic2330.2%1054390.2%n/an/a
109Peugeot 206+2250.2%607540.3%5825
110Honda CR-V2230.2%n/a4160.2%n/an/a
111Mazda CX-51850.1%1034110.2%n/an/a
112Peugeot RCZ1760.1%885000.2%103n/a
113Seat Mii1760.1%n/a2630.1%n/an/a
114Ford Mondeo1750.1%n/a2240.1%n/an/a
115Volvo S/V601720.1%n/a3680.1%n/an/a
116Toyota Avensis1670.1%n/a2360.1%n/an/a
117Hyundai i401580.1%n/a2710.1%n/an/a
118VW CC1550.1%n/a2380.1%n/an/a
119Seat Altea1550.1%n/a2710.1%n/an/a
120Peugeot 40081530.1%n/a3470.1%n/an/a


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  1. @Pax
    Probably it is a mistake by Peugeot not offering an estate-version of the 208. The upcoming 2008 is meant to replace the 207 Estate, but Renault offers Clio Estate AND (soon) Capture.

  2. And this is the end of Peugeot 208’s glory. Clio has estate version, more powerful base engine and the better price. But I’m sad – I love 208, I have my own one and I must say this is the most wonderful car ever.

  3. I was worried the Golf or the Polo would finish in the top 4…glad its 7th and 9th position! Well done Renault by the way, reasonable month it seems, even the Laguna has done well!

  4. Last days of February were great for Clio, Megane and Scenic ! I’m also happy to see results of Citroen C4, above the 308 despite the absence of a estate version.

    The Laguna is back in the top 30, above the Citroen C5 for the first time since a very long time. But under the 1% of market…

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