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USA Q2 2023: Market bouncing up 16.9%, Honda (+42.6%), Nissan (+32%) rally back up

The Nissan Rogue is back inside the US Top 10.

US new light vehicle sales over Q2 2023 jump +16.9% year-on-year to 4.11 million units. In the groups ranking, General Motors (+19.1%) flies off to just under 690,000 sales, distancing Toyota Motor (+7.1%) and Ford Motor (+9.9%) both trailing the market. Hyundai-Kia (+15.1%) also does so but overtakes Stellantis (+6.3%) to rank in 4th overall. American Honda (+44.7%) compensates for a particularly drab year-ago score and stays in 6th place. Nissan Motor/Mitsubishi (+31.2%) shines below.

Brand-wise, Ford (+11.2%) passes Toyota (+5%) to take the lead, with Chevrolet (+17.6%) in third position. Honda (+42.6%) and Nissan (+32%) are very solid to round out the Top 5. Tesla (+38.4%) and Subaru (+22.3%) also impress in the remainder of the Top 10 while Jeep (-2.9%) underperforms at #8 and both Kia (+15.4%) and Hyundai (+14.1%), separated by just 33 sales, post lukewarm results. Further down the charts, Acura (+63.2%), Mazda (+57.6%), Infiniti (+56.5%), Buick (+47.8%) and Dodge (+36.7%) stand out. For its part newcomer Rivian (+350%) cracks the Top 30.

The Ford F-Series (+34%) surges ahead to cement its lead in the models charts, whereas both the Chevrolet Silverado (-0.5%) and Ram Pickup (-0.1%) are in difficulty below. The Tesla Model Y (+93.5%) edges past the Toyota RAV4 (+2.6%) to snap the best-selling SUV title at #4 overall. The Honda CR-V (+66.2%) rallies back up to #6 to reclaim the #3 spot in the SUV race. At #7, the Toyota Camry (+13.8%) remains the best-selling passenger car and the only one in the Top 12. The Nissan Rogue (+67.9%) climbs back into the Top 10 at #9 vs. #16 over the Full Year 2022. The Jeep Grand Cherokee (+18.9%) outpaces the market to hold onto its Top 10 spot at #10. The Rivian R1S is the best-selling recent launch at #142.

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Full Q2 2023 Top 15 groups, Top 45 brands and Top 310 models below.

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