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USA Q2 2022: Ford (+1.8%) catches up on Toyota (-23.3%) in market off -20.6%

Ford sales are up 1.8% in a market down -20.6%.

New light vehicle sales in the U.S. drop -20.6% year-on-year over Q2 2022 to 3,514,107. We’ll study the H1 2022 figures in a separate post. In the groups ranking, General Motors (-15.4%) climbs back above Toyota (-22.9%) to snap the pole position. Ford (+1.8%) is the only mainstream group in positive but stays in third place overall. Stellantis (-15.9%) and Hyundai-Kia (-19.1%) resist better than the market in contrast with American Honda (-50.7%), Nissan Motor/Mitsubishi (-36.6%) and the VW Group (-29.1%) in complete freefall. Tesla (+61.9%) and Mercedes (+6.9%) also gain volume year-on-year below.

Brand-wise, Toyota (-23.3%) remains in the lead but Ford (+1.8%) is catching up fast, ending the Quarter just 7,569 units behind. Chevrolet (-10.5%) contains its fall to half that of the market in there place, while Honda (-50.6%) cuts its Q2 2021 result in half. Jeep (-11.3%) ranks at a splendid 5th place thanks to a modest drop, it distances Hyundai (-23.3%) and Kia (-16.8%). Nissan (-38.4%) and Ram (-26.6%) underperform while GMC (-13.7%) rounds out the Top 10 with a relatively solid hold. Tesla (+61.9%), Mercedes (+6.9%), Chrysler (+95.4%), Lincoln (+1%), Porsche (+2.8%), Genesis (+25.9%), Polestar (+858.3%), Bentley (+2.9%) and Lamborghini (+2.1%) all defy the negative market with year-on-year upticks.

Over in the models ranking, if a year ago we had a remodelled top-selling trio, this time the normal order is reestablished, with the Ford F-Series (+0.3%) even managing a slight uptick to reclaim the market lead. The Chevrolet Silverado (-14.6%) follows ahead of the Ram Pickup (-28.2%) in difficulty. The Toyota RAV4 (-6.8%) continues to lead the SUV race, well above the Chevrolet Equinox (+9.4%), Ford Explorer (+13.6%) and Jeep Grand Cherokee (+7.3%) all in excellent shape whereas the Honda CR-V (-51.4%) implodes to just outside the Top 10. The Toyota Camry (-25.2%) retains the Passenger Car lead above the Toyota Corolla (-16.5%), these two nameplates being the only cars in the Top 15 as the Honda Civic (-67.2%) freefalls to #29 over the period. Now that the Ford Bronco (+3803.7%) has been around for more than a year, the Ford Maverick (#54) is the best-selling recent launch in the U.S. above the Toyota Corolla Cross (#83), Jeep Wagoneer (#90) and Hyundai Santa Cruz (#93).

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Full Q2 2022 Top 15 groups, Top 45 All-brands and Top 295 All-models below.

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