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Media post: Best Electric Cars of 2022

It is remarkable to see how quickly the auto industry is switching to electric cars and these vehicles are now a common sight on the roads.. So, what are some of the best- electric cars in the UK in 2022?


The Tesla Model 3 is the vehicle that is ahead of the pack and by some considerable distance. This vehicle has come to epitomize the electric car revolution with its futuristic looks, impressive tech and luxury interior. The Tesla Model 3 can also boast a range of up to 360 miles, so range anxiety is much less of an issue with this car.


The Kia e-Niro is another electric car worth a try. It is capable of covering 282 miles on a single charge and is a vehicle that is both practical and good value for money. Many of today’s electric vehicles cost a fortune, but the e-Niro is on the more affordable end while still being a fantastic car with the added bonus of a 7-year warranty.


The Tesla Model Y only began deliveries in February of 2022. This vehicle is a lot bigger than the Model 3 with an optional third row and a huge storage capacity of over 2,100 liters. The Long Range version is capable of up to 315 miles.


Pros & Cons of Electric

It is important that motorists are aware of both the pros and cons of switching to an electric. In terms of pros, motorists are able to make huge long-term savings by switching to an electric, especially with the rising cost of fuel with no sign of prices falling anytime soon. Obviously, there are environmental benefits to switching and the technology and charging infrastructure are constantly improving, so range anxiety is no longer an issue.


In terms of drawbacks, the cost of electric cars can be hard for many motorists to afford although they are becoming more affordable. As they are such high-value vehicles, it is important that motorists take out electric car gap insurance as a way to protect their investment.


How Fast the Industry is Switching

Many of the big players in the auto industry are announcing just how quickly they will be only producing electric cars. Ford will only sell electric vehicles by 2030, VW state that 70% of sales will be electric by the same year and General Motors have a target of 2035.


As you can see, electric cars are taking over and now could be the perfect time to make the switch.

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