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Guest post: 3 new technologies in sport cars today

Jaguar XF

It seems you can’t look at a modern review of a car without hearing about this or that new feature. Every new model and make of car manages to bring out a new amazing wonder feature that will change the way we think about cars. It’s understandable that someone could become cynical about the new technologies that seem to be being released every ten minutes. However according to jaguar reviews and modern journals a few things have happened lately that really will change the driving experience for the better. They will be explored here.

Dynamic Driving

The Dynamic Drive selector is a small switch in the centre console that gives you access to three driving modes, low grip for winter driving, normal every-day mode and a foot-to-the-floor Dynamic mode. This quickens shifts, gives the steering more weight and sharpens the throttle response. It also allows you to enter manual mode that will hold onto your gear unless you change it, easily switching to a manual car that allows you to push the limiter of every gear if you fancy it. This allows you a greater control of the conditions on which you drive, convenience, speed and the ability to restrain or let loose as you like it.

Adaptive Dynamics tech

The Adaptive Dynamics technology is standard in Jaguar’s V6S and V8 models. They’re active dampeners to control pitch and roll rates. It’s capable of adjusting the dampers up to 500 times a second. It will change it automatically according to road conditions and driving style. Its easy to tweak with the Dynamic Drive selector but most conditions can be handled by the automatic settings.

For those of you who like to tweak and tinker until they have exactly what they want there is Configurable Dynamics, which allows you to see and change the individual drive settings until you have exactly what you want. If you like the quicker shifts without the extra weight in the steering you can go ahead and do it.

Designer Dash

This one isn’t best shown off by the Jaguar but it is pretty much convenience incarnate. Where once there were static displays of dials and gauges there were programmable screens that can display more information to drivers and allow them to design the look and feel of the front seat. The New Lexus sport model uses a thin-film transistor display a moving tachometer dial to create a hybrid of the traditional and the new. You can toggle from the steering wheel from a dial at the centre of the dash to a flat screen display that can be customised for two drivers. You can change whatever you like, language, measurements, and everything is clearly displayed for options, making life easier, particularly for new drivers who are easily confused and overwhelmed.

These are revolutions of ease and convenience, making drivers lives simple and controllable. With performance on road improving by massive amounts. Ease and convenience in driving are higher, its never been easier to drive.

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