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Media post: Why Cash for Cars Hamilton Makes Sense For Old Vehicle Disposal

A new vehicle is a significant purchase. And just like other machines, it can deteriorate over time. Cars that have been around for decades are prone to breakdowns, and keeping them rotting in your yard may cause environmental, health, and safety issues.

Unlike modern automobiles, old cars often have low safety ratings. In New Zealand, aging vehicles account for two out of three road fatalities. That said, it’s recommended that motorists stop using these machines, delist, and send them to the local junkyard. In such cases, owners should hire cash for cars Hamilton services. (1)

But how do these firms operate? And does it make sense to hire them? Discover the answers in this blog.

 – Old cars are unsafe and costly

Cars are considered workhorses capable of addressing your transportation needs until they expire. Like other machines, a vintage car may cost an arm and a leg to maintain. According to NZ authorities, an automobile’s running costs increase exponentially after 16 years. At this stage, motorists should avoid using them on the streets for safety purposes. (1)

Unfortunately, owners don’t have many options to get rid of the car. If you’re stuck in such a dilemma, firms offering cash for cars may be the best solution instead of keeping them in your garage.

– Cash for cars may be your only option

Scrapping an old vehicle is better than listing it on the market, as no buyer will likely be interested in your offer except for vehicle recyclers and restorers. Between the two, you’ll have better luck with the car wreckers, otherwise known as cash for car companies.

Globally, automobile recycling is a significant industry. In the United States, for instance, about 8,000 junkyards exist nationwide. According to the National Auto and Truck Wreckers Association, up to six million vehicles reach their end-of-life cycle annually. In the US and Canada, recycling produces enough steel materials to create 13 million new cars and energy savings of 74% otherwise spent on making new models. (2) (3)

Cash for cars companies purchase automobiles regardless of their condition. Whether you’re offering a newly-purchased vehicle or one sitting in your garage for years doesn’t matter.

– Old cars pose environmental and health risks

Selling to car wreckers can save you from serious ecological problems. Manufacturing cars entails significant resources and energy requirements. However, having an abandoned car on your property doesn’t save you from potential health and environmental risks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, prolonged exposure to harmful chemicals from gasoline may cause skin, neurological, respiratory, and gastrointestinal issues. Old cars, even unused, can still emit toxic chemicals that mix with the air or seep into the soil. So, take your out of your yard and ensure its proper disposal.

– These firms are trained to dispose of old cars properly

Cash for cars companies are regulated by the government. When an industry is regulated, firms are subject to specific rules. They must obtain licenses, permits, and other forms of recognition from the government or regulatory bodies. While requirements vary from country to country, these documents often indicate sound practices and well-trained staff.

Getting rid of old cars demands knowledge and compliance. These companies observe proper procedures and are equipped to dispose of old vehicles without compromising the community’s health and safety.

  • You’ll save time and effort

Some old cars are no longer roadworthy and must be towed. If you’re allowed to dispose of an aging car on your own, you must hire car removal or towing services to take it out. Finding the right company takes time, and the actual reduction may have to be scheduled, as firms will check your car and deregistration papers beforehand.

You don’t need to think about these things when you’re selling to car wreckers. After accepting the price offer, the company will take over and arrange the removal of your vehicle as soon as possible. This arrangement comes in handy when you need fast cash.

The bottom line 

Disposing old vehicles in New Zealand requires deregistration before sending them over to the junkyard. It can become stressful, especially if you’ve lost your abandoned vehicle’s documents or have yet to contact towing service providers. If you want to get rid of your vintage car without the hassle, it’s best to deal with cash for cars companies and let them do the heavy lifting for you.


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