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Media post: Best Aftermarket Tesla Modifications

Your Tesla has an array of upgrades available. While most modifications based on performance are provided automatically by the company, there’s an increasing move towards a pay-to-play model for upgrades.

Despite this, Elon Musk’s company has swept the automotive world, with 911,000 Tesla Model 3/Y vehicles sold in 2021 alone. It’s clear that Tesla is the dominant force in electric cars.

If you decide to upgrade your Tesla, here are some of the best aftermarket modifications you should consider.

Lowering Kit

Perhaps the easiest way to alter the look and feel of any car is to lower it. When done correctly, lowering kits provide your Tesla with a more sporty, aggressive look. It also changes the way it drives.

Lowering the center of gravity of a car stabilizes the handling and leads to a more confident drive. Naturally, dropping your vehicle too much can ruin the car’s camber and decrease the quality of your ride. Choosing the wrong lowering kit will impact everything from tire life to comfort.

Make sure you search for a lowering kit that maintains the performance settings of the Tesla to avoid invalidating your warranty.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is not just something for celebrities. The power of the window tint is that you can enjoy an elegant, classy look without changing the specs of your vehicle.

Investing in Tesla window tinting is one of the most cost-effective modifications you can make. Plus, it can be attached quickly, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your Tesla in the shop. There are even DIY kits available for you to add window tinting at home.

If you decide to tint your windows, make sure you look up your state’s laws on tinting. States have strict road traffic laws regulating how much tint you can have.

In general, the driver still needs to be seen from the outside for law enforcement purposes. Failing to adhere to these rules could get you pulled over, or your car could even be towed.

Aero Wheels

The Aero Wheels upgrade is an optional extra available from Tesla. It’s designed to help you get maximum efficiency from your car.

The style of the Aero Wheels looks tremendous and creates an aerodynamic slipperiness that allows your Tesla to stand out from the crowd. You also have the option of removing the Aero covers to expose the alloy road wheel underneath. It’s purely an aesthetic preference, but it’s good to know that it’s an option.

Aero Wheels is not just an aesthetic switch. These wheels offer better handling and acceleration because they’re lighter. By reducing the mass of your car, you get a better road driving experience, including additional range.

ECU Tuning

Tesla and Nissan have both received ire from the tuning community that both companies can no longer ignore. The tuning community forever grumbled that these all-electric cars have no tuning options.

However, tuning is not an option with the ECU Tuning upgrade. These modules can be wired into the Model S to boost the car’s power output by a mammoth 30%.

What this upgrade does is trick the Tesla computer into believing that it’s a dual-motor model, hence its popularity with Model S owners. The factory HP is a mere 416, but it manages to reach a ridiculous 508 HP with this upgrade.

Note that since this module interferes with the Tesla’s computer, you need to ensure that it remains disconnected when taking it in for servicing. Tesla tends to take umbrage with these types of modifications.

Big Brake Kit

The standard Tesla factory brake hardware comes with its limitations. The Big Brake Kit aims to address those problems with a Brembo 6-pistol caliper hardware solution and a Superlight Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit.

Note that the Big Brake Kit is designed for those who want to push their Tesla cars to the limit. They’re commonly found on Ferrari GTs, Porsche GT2s, and modern Formula One cars. However, they’re less effective on ordinary streetcars because their stopping power is entirely related to maintaining high temperatures.

For example, this aftermarket modification may not be suitable to city drivers.

Snow Tires

Most people rate a car’s performance on its ability to accelerate quickly, take corners like a dream, and brake immediately. However, the fact remains that your Tesla needs to operate in all weathers for safety purposes.

If you live in an area of the U.S. where harsh winter weather is the norm, you need to consider how your car will take on snowy and icy conditions.

Tesla has released its Aero Wheel and Winter Tire package to address these issues. If you’re serious about squeezing as much real-world performance out of your car, whatever the weather, the winter wheel package is a must-have.

The company currently charges $2,000 for this upgrade, making it a pricey upgrade for what you get. Those who live in the northern states, though, must consider this upgrade if they’re going to enjoy their Tesla ride during the winter.

Important to Note Before Upgrading

Third-party providers of aftermarket modifications are increasingly entering the market. To head off this problem, Tesla has some strict policies on the types of upgrades you can make.

Anything that interferes with the car’s computer is strictly off the table. While nothing prevents you from adding these modifications, you will be unable to receive further Tesla firmware upgrades.

Check the terms and conditions introduced by Tesla before adding anything to your car. If you’re unsure whether an upgrade will cause problems, feel free to get in touch with a Tesla service center for clarification.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Tesla has long been praised for its commitment to constantly upgrading its existing vehicles. It’s something that most auto manufacturers have never embraced, at least not without significant upgrades.

If you want to get the most out of your Tesla, aftermarket modifications enhance your vehicle’s performance and aesthetic.

Which upgrades do you want to add to your Tesla?

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