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Taiwan April 2022: BMW (+34.6%) counters market down -7%


The BMW iX has appeared in the Taiwanese charts.

The Taiwanese new car market skids -7% year-on-year in April to 35,254 units, leading to a year-to-date tally off -12.5% to 139,598. Toyota is immobile year-on-year in the brands ranking and holds 30.8% of the market, in line with its YTD level (30.7%). Ford (-0.4%) also manages a stable result and climbs one spot on March to #2 overall with 6.9% share vs. 6% YTD. BMW (+34.6%) is the best performer this month, up from outside the March Top 10 directly to #3 with 6.1% share. It distances Nissan (-21.7%) diving and CMC (+1.6%) solid. Mercedes (-8.5%), Lexus (-4.2%), Mitsubishi, Honda (-27.1%) and Hyundai complete the Top 10. #9 last month, Tesla records zero sales in April.

Model-wise, Toyota monopolises the podium this year as it does year-to-date, with the Corolla Cross in the lead above the Corolla Altis and RAV4. The CMC Veryca is up two spots on March to become the best of the rest, ahead of the Ford Kuga up 5 ranks to #5 and the Nissan Kicks up three to #6. The Toyota Yaris and Ford Focus retain their March ranking at #7 and #8 respectively while the Toyota Town Ace and Lexus NX round out the Top 10. Notice also the Subaru Forester up 19 spots to #14, the BMW X3 up to #20, the Hyundai Porter up 25 ranks to #21 and the Kia Picanto up to #25.

Previous month: Taiwan March 2022: Tesla Model 3 up to #3 in market down -8.7%

Previous year: Taiwan Full Year 2021: Toyota Corolla Cross dominates market off -1.6%

Full April 2022 Top 10 brands and Top 60 models below.

Taiwan April 2022 – brands:

4Nissan, Infiniti2,1296.0%-21.7%48,6596.2%-22.9%34
8Mitsubishi (est)1,5004.3%n/a105,4003.9%n/a96
10Hyundai (est)1,1003.1%n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
n/aVolkswagen (est)6501.8%n/an/a2,9782.1%-13.2%n/a11

Taiwan April 2022 – models:

1Toyota Corolla Cross3,4469.8%113,0019.3%11
2Toyota Corolla Altis1,7284.9%46,2974.5%33
3Toyota RAV41,4324.1%57,4235.3%22
4CMC Veryca1,3994.0%65,5284.0%45
5Ford Kuga1,2603.6%103,7752.7%96
6Nissan Kicks1,0733.0%94,4693.2%78
7Toyota Yaris1,0573.0%74,5303.2%69
8Ford Focus9922.8%84,0312.9%87
9Toyota Town Ace9162.6%12n/an/an/an/a
10Lexus NX7812.2%132,9282.1%1113
11Honda CR-V7782.2%25,1463.7%54
12Mitsubishi Delica7432.1%152,9272.1%1210
13Toyota Sienta6531.9%162,5641.8%1412
14Subaru Forester6451.8%33n/an/an/an/a
15Toyota Vios5841.7%142,6341.9%1316
16Mazda CX-55771.6%191,8001.3%1817
17Mercedes GLC Class5621.6%221,8951.4%1715
18Nissan Sentra5381.5%182,1691.6%1511
19CMC Zinger5301.5%172,1681.6%1614
20BMW X35031.4%n/a1,0360.7%28n/a
21Hyundai Porter4621.3%461,1930.9%24n/a
22Honda Fit4481.3%113,3012.4%10n/a
23Hyundai Tucson4241.2%281,7071.2%20n/a
24Mitsubishi Colt Plus3711.1%261,2290.9%2323
25Kia Picanto3160.9%n/a3210.2%55n/a
26Lexus RX3130.9%211,7481.3%19n/a
27Volvo XC403080.9%259330.7%31n/a
28BMW X43010.9%n/a6490.5%39n/a
29Nissan Tiida2870.8%399720.7%29n/a
30Volvo XC602710.8%436980.5%36n/a
31Mercedes E Class2600.7%368640.6%3325
32Toyota Camry2530.7%358850.6%3224
33Lexus UX2400.7%441,0720.8%2720
34Mercedes GLE Class2280.6%298050.6%35n/a
35VW Tiguan2270.6%516620.5%3822
36BMW X62170.6%n/a3330.2%54n/a
37BMW 5 Series2090.6%485630.4%44n/a
38Mercedes C Class2040.6%301,3291.0%21n/a
39Toyota Corolla Sport2030.6%426450.5%40n/a
40Skoda Kamiq2000.6%415680.4%43n/a
41Mitsubishi Outlander1830.5%405800.4%42n/a
42Nissan X-Trail1820.5%348090.6%34n/a
43Skoda Kodiaq1780.5%54n/an/an/an/a
44Mazda CX-31780.5%n/an/an/an/an/a
45Suzuki Carry1780.5%386070.4%41n/a
46Toyota Hilux1670.5%326830.5%37n/a
47Honda Odyssey1660.5%n/a4700.3%48n/a
48Suzuki Swift1590.5%58n/an/an/an/a
49Audi A1/A31590.5%n/a1590.1%n/an/a
50Lexus ES1570.4%271,2360.9%22n/a
51BMW 3 Series1530.4%n/a5320.4%45n/a
52Mazda CX-301420.4%241,1690.8%25n/a
53Mercedes S Class1390.4%n/a4180.3%51n/a
54BMW X51320.4%n/a1770.1%n/an/a
55Kia K25001290.4%n/an/an/an/an/a
56VW Caddy1260.4%n/an/an/an/an/a
57VW Golf1220.3%n/a5130.4%47n/a
58Mercedes GLA Class1210.3%n/a9650.7%30n/a
59Toyota C-HR1170.3%473680.3%52n/a
60BMW 2 Series1170.3%n/a2410.2%58n/a
n/aAudi Q31080.3%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aMercedes CLA Class980.3%n/a4350.3%50n/a
n/aLuxgen URX940.3%454690.3%49n/a
n/aHyundai Venue920.3%371,0770.8%2619
n/aVolvo S60/V60860.2%493360.2%53n/a
n/aMercedes A Class850.2%n/a5270.4%46n/a
n/aLexus LS750.2%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aBMW 1 Series590.2%n/a2460.2%57n/a
n/aBMW iX570.2%n/a570.0%n/an/a
n/aMitsubishi Grand Lancer 530.2%n/a2350.2%59n/a
n/aSkoda Scala500.1%n/a1380.1%n/an/a
n/aHyundai Ioniq 5390.1%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aPorsche Taycan370.1%572810.2%56n/a
n/aSkoda Octavia310.1%n/a1620.1%n/an/a
n/aToyota Prius310.1%n/a1090.1%n/an/a
n/aKia Stinger 260.1%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aVW Polo230.1%n/a2290.2%60n/a
n/aSuzuki Ignis210.1%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aAudi e-Tron Sportback150.0%n/a690.0%n/an/a
n/aHyundai Kona110.0%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aAudi e-tron GT90.0%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aAudi e-tron70.0%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aAudi RS e-tron GT50.0%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aCMC e-Veryca50.0%n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aJaguar i-Pace40.0%n/an/an/an/an/a

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