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Media post: 6 Reasons to Upgrade your Car’s Exhaust System

Because automobiles are mass-produced today, manufacturers use standardized, affordable parts designed to fit the wide variety of vehicles that roll off their assembly lines.

Due to bulk manufacturing standards, automakers aren’t overly concerned about enhancing every car’s performance – particularly when it comes to maximizing the vehicles’ horsepower and torque.

That’s why many drivers decide to take their car’s torque and horsepower into their own hands by installing customized exhaust systems.

But customized exhaust systems don’t just enhance a car’s performance – they come with many other benefits.

So, whether you’re looking for a jeep grand cherokee exhaust or a power boost for your Subaru, here are six reasons why you should consider installing one.

1. Increase Your Exhaust System’s Lifespan

When it comes to factory exhaust systems, mild steel is a standard material. While mild steel is practical, it tends to degrade over time. A deteriorating exhaust system leads to progressively more performance issues and exhaust leaks that only get worse with time.

Quality aftermarket exhaust systems are often made with high-quality stainless steel or aluminized steel – which makes them much more durable in the long run.

2. Boost Your Engine’s Performance

While a custom exhaust system has many benefits, the most common reason car lovers install them is to boost their car’s engine performance.

You can increase the engine’s output by optimizing the airflow in the exhaust system – which is precisely what custom exhausts do. They open up the pipe to allow maximum airflow.

Factory-made exhaust systems have crushed bends, whereas custom exhaust systems utilize mandrel bends. These large-diameter mandrel bends allow more consistent exhaust flow – allowing the engine to deliver more horsepower and torque. Factory-made exhausts have a smaller diameter and a “crushed” or “crimped” bend, which decreases the exhaust flow through the pipe.

3. Enhance Your Car’s Aesthetics

A custom aftermarket exhaust can improve your car’s aesthetics. High-quality aftermarket parts manufacturers offer a wide array of stylish exhaust systems that can complement or enhance your car’s appearance.

The appearance of a high-quality, aluminized steel or stainless steel exhaust can give your vehicle a modern, stylish makeover instantly.

4. Improve Your Car’s Sound

Although every car has its own unique sound, it might not be what you want from your vehicle. Installing a custom exhaust system is the best way to get that low, deep rumble you’ve always dreamed of.

Because custom exhaust systems are generally wider than their factory-made counterparts, they can emit a more aggressive sound. You can opt to make the sound of your exhaust louder and deeper or, if that’s not your thing, you can install a high-quality muffler to tone it down.

5. Get Better Fuel Economy

Although the subject of fuel economy with custom exhausts is a debatable one, the idea is that a more efficient exhaust system will need less fuel to run. Because custom exhausts improve airflow, they can increase your gas mileage.

Many custom exhausts are designed to reduce fuel consumption; however, some may increase the torque and horsepower of the car so significantly that it has the opposite effect. If the engine has to deliver more torque and horsepower, it may need more fuel to match its output.

A high-quality custom exhaust manufacturer will be able to help you find a balance between fuel economy and performance – however, what you want is up to you.

6. Customize Your Exhaust System

High-quality aftermarket options give you a variety of choices for your exhaust upgrade – so you can choose whatever modification works best for you.

Because true car lovers see what they drive as an extension of themselves, customizing your exhaust system can be a way to make a statement. If you want a flashier, louder, faster car, an aftermarket exhaust is the best and most affordable way to do it!

The Bottom Line

Your car’s exhaust system plays a critical role in its power and performance. Upgrading your exhaust is the best way to get value for money and make a statement.

A custom exhaust system can be an aesthetic choice, but it can also be a practical one. It can boost your car’s performance, improve its sound, and make it more fuel-efficient.

Something to bear in mind, though: only use a reputable aftermarket part manufacturer. Choose a supplier with a good customer track record, years of experience, and who only uses high-quality materials. Buying cheaper aftermarket parts may mean paying for additional labor and getting a less durable or ill-fitting product.

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