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Media post: What do I need to get car insurance in Canada?

What do I need to get insurance on a car? This is a question any new driver or vehicle owner may ask themself.

Car owners in Canada need to have insurance compulsorily, irrespective of the territory and province where they reside. Most parts of Canada require drivers to have third-party liability insurance of at least $200,000.

As a driver, the property and lives of the passengers, pedestrians, and fellow drivers are in your hands. So whether you have just started to learn to drive or are commuting to and from work in your vehicle, it’s important to have car insurance.

This article covers everything you need to know to answer the question: What do I need to get car insurance?

Let’s get started with knowing the factors that affect the car insurance premium. Visit Surex to learn about car insurance premiums in Canada. 

Significant Factors Affecting A Person’s Car Insurance Premium

Your driving record will affect your car insurance premium. The premium of individuals with a clean driving record is low compared to the experienced drivers with an accident or conviction record. So having a good driving record is always beneficial.

The premium is also affected by the model of the car you drive since the car ratings differ. It helps determine the right Insurance coverage because vehicle safety ratings, cost of historical repairs, and stealing rates vary significantly depending on the car type.

Next, a major factor that affects car insurance rates is how frequently the person drives. The more frequently you drive, the higher the premium will be. On the other hand, if you often use public transit or your workplace is near your home, your car insurance will be much lower.

Details Required For Car Insurance

The insurance premium rate is calculated based on the information you provide to the insurance company. It is recommended to gather all the necessary details before submitting your car insurance application. You may need to disclose some basic details, including the ones listed below.

Details Of Your Car

Car owners are required to provide the vehicle registration papers to show license plate numbers, identification numbers, and proof of ownership. Plus, you may need to generate a copy of the bill of sale to confirm the date when the vehicle was purchased.

You will also need to provide the lease agreement if the car you are driving is leased. Also, you need to give details of the lessor or lienholder.

Plus, you’ll need to submit a copy of the training certificate if you have taken any driver education course.

Information About Your Current Insurance Provider, Broker, Or Agent

You need to provide valid car insurance papers to the agent, broker, or insurance provider. The papers should feature the applicant’s name, date of the policy, and policy number. You may also need to inform them about your claims history (if applicable).

Details Of All Drivers That Use The Car

There may be occasions where some other person uses your car. In that case, you are required to provide details about that particular driver, whether they reside with you or elsewhere.

What Do I Need to Get A Car Insurance Quote?

Today, car insurance providers use advanced insurance technology to speed up the quote process. It takes only a few minutes to determine the premium rates. You’ll need only the license plate number when applying for car insurance.

But some car insurance providers may also need additional documents, including the ones listed below:

Driver’s License

Submit a valid driver’s license to the car insurance company. Make sure the license you submit is renewed. An invalid license may result in the rejection of your insurance application. You may also need to provide details of the drivers having access to the vehicle or living with you.

Record Of Previous Tickets

The driving history of an individual shows the insurance company what type of risk is to be insured. Plus, it also helps insurers to define the premium rates.

It is advised not to hide the records and provide authentic information, even if it includes driving infractions like speeding. If the insurance company finds out about unreported infractions, there are high chances that they may blacklist you. In this case, it will become difficult for you to obtain insurance, even from other providers. 

Information About Current Insurance Policy

If you have any current insurance policy, the policy number will be required to make the switch. Keep the details in handy, including the company’s name and policy number. Plus, keep track of your policy renewal date. It helps in determining the effective date for a car insurance policy quote.

Make, Model, And Other Information About The Vehicle

Model, make, and vehicle manufacture year are some of the most essential points insurance companies consider when providing car insurance to individuals. The information helps companies determine the Vehicle Identification Number so that they can calculate the correct quote for insurance. The car model has a huge impact on the insurance premium.

So take note of your car’s physical condition. Insurance companies look forward to having all the necessary information about the vehicle while deciding the quote.

Details Of Claims Filed In Past 8 Years

The claims history of the vehicle helps in deciding the right insurance premium. You need to include details of the accidents (that occurred in the past while driving the vehicle) along with other claims, even if they aren’t related to the accident, such as vandalism, windshield damage, etc. A no-claim history would mean that you are a low-risk customer for the insurer. Thus, the premiums would be lower.


If you have been wondering, “what do I need to get car insurance,” now you know. After choosing the right car insurance policy that best fits your needs, the insurance provider will provide you with an automobile insurance certificate for your vehicle. It includes details of the insurance coverage, insured vehicle, and the period of insurance coverage. Note that if you lose this certificate, you may request a new copy from your insurance provider.

Ensure that you have proper documents before applying for an insurance policy. Talk to an insurance professional who can guide you through the process.

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