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Media Post: Two signs that your car doesn’t have the best protection

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The general consensus of imposing mandatory car insurance has many benefits when it comes to motoring; unbiased examination and legislation of accidents, responsibility and payments etc. In recent years, the need for protection against the unexpected problems of the road has become more and more necessary but having insurance doesn’t always mean you are covered – if only legislation was that clear-cut.

Because of this, one may find that the day insurance is needed, you may not actually be covered and it is therefore essential to get the right balance between getting the right amount of cover for when something does go wrong and making sure you don’t pay too much. No one wants to be in a position of paying more than they should but nobody wants a policy which doesn’t cover their vehicle for the majority of accidents.

In short, there’s a lot to think about.

Protecting others

The main reason behind making some types of insurance compulsory is to ensure that even if it is too expensive to pay outright, every driver on the road can produce the basic financial ability to pay for any damages or injuries caused towards others.

Vehicle repair and health costs can prove critical to the wallet at best but what becomes more apparent is the fact that this would greatly outweigh the costs of insurance if you were liable. The only problem with a cover such as third party is that one person’s welfare is not included here – yours.

Protecting yourself

With a more comprehensive cover you could ensure everyone affected by an incident is covered if one was to occur. The option to include more requirements in your cover such as vehicle repairs, medical expenses, property damage just goes to show anything can happen, to anyone, at any time. Remember the saying, ‘failure to prepare is preparation to fail?’

So don’t wait for something to go wrong, use cheap car insurance from More Than and tailor a policy that is right for in order to guarantee peace of mind!

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