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Media post: 5 Must Have Mobile Apps for Every Car Owner


Mobile phone usage is out of control, and there seems to be an app for almost everything to make your life easier, so why not have some apps that could make driving your car easier and affordable.

In this article we will touch on five of the most valuable mobile applications to make your car driving experience that much better, and best part is most of these apps are absolutely free to use. We should note before we even begin to talk about any of these apps, is that driving while looking at your phone is a distraction, and unsafe. If you are going to use these apps, please sync them up with your vehicle display, or use them when your car isn’t in motion.


Have you ever pass a gas station, because you were hoping to find cheaper gas elsewhere? Well now you don’t have to, because GasBuddy app actually will show you a list of gas stations, and their prices, so you can find the most affordable fuel in your area.

Do your teens love to text while driving? Or maybe you have been guilty of this neglectful action? This is incredibly dangerous, and to keep your teens safe, and yourself safe, you need to look into this application. This app will actually read your messages to you as you drive, so you don’t have to physically read them. This includes text messages, Facebook messages and even emails.


So your teen is still texting while driving, or even talking on the phone while driving. If you want to stop your teen from doing any of this, you should download MMGuardian. This application for your smartphone will actually block out phone calls and text messages while your teen is driving. This will help remove any distractions that may come from their phone.


Another free app, with a totally different value. This app is something that helps track your repair costs over time, but it also will help generate real estimates for actual repairs for your vehicle. Then based on your service or repair needs, the application will actually give you a number of recommended repair shops and mechanics in your area, like a Mcloughlin Chevrolet.


This is arguably the best navigational tool and application that any car driver could ever use while driving. There are over 50 million users, and Waze does more than just give you direction, it actually will adapt to show you best alternate routes on the fly, as well as take note of road hazards. All of this is done with clear voice-assisted navigation.

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