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Media post: How to Make the Safe & Reliable Toyota RAV4 Even More Affordable

Cheaper insurance for Toyota RAV4

Owning a car doesn’t stop at signing the papers at the dealership slot. Owning a car also involves other financial responsibilities like signing up for an insurance policy. This leads many to ask about how much to insure their cars.

How much to pay for car insurance depends greatly on the car type, and if you are looking for how much to insure your Toyota RAV4, here is all you need to know.

This piece looks into what to know about Toyota RAV4 car insurance, such as which insurance provider offers the best rate and how to get a cheaper insurance rate.

Which Insurer Has the Cheapest Insurance for Toyota RAV4?

With many insurance companies out there, it is quite difficult to know the best. However, while each company boasts of having the best car insurance, GEICO is generally considered the cheapest for Toyota RAV4, but this shouldn’t stop you from inquiring about other companies around.

Recent data from top insurance companies show that insurance rates for the 2021 RAV4 can vary between $500 and $750. While GEICO has the cheapest rate of 529, Progressive has $740. However, it is worth noting that these figures can vary with trims, even with the same insurer. For example, the hybrid version of the Toyota RAV4 attracts higher charges than the gas-only version.

Models also play an important role in the insurance rate of the Toyota RAV4, marginally though. For example, the difference in the 2017 RAV4 and the 2018 model insurance is only $40.

Another point worth noting is that insurance rates vary from region to region, meaning what you get in one region might be different from what you get if you use your car in another region. Plus, insurance rates vary from driver to driver.

This is to let you know that what you see here is not the general rate.

Is GEICO The Overall Best?

According to available data, GEICO offers the cheapest insurance for RAV4. It is cheaper than Erie, the closest on the rank, by more than $100. However, GEICO is not the overall best in the industry.

Though Erie is not as cheap as GEICO, it offers several benefits to earn the overall best. However, the insurance company covers only 12 states, and those outside its coverage can consider GEICO their best option.

How Much Is RAV4 Insurance?

Again, RAV4 insurance varies widely from one insurance company to another. Here are the available data to back up how much your RAV4 insurance may cost:

  • GEICO: $529
  • Erie: $711
  • USAA: $529
  • Progressive: $740

Note that this is only the recently available data as some companies don’t provide data about their offers publicly without fulfilling the quote requirements.

Best Insurance Providers for the Toyota RAV4

Again, the best insurers for the Toyota RAV4 include GEICO, Erie, USAA, and Progressive. Each of these companies has a few reasons to make it to the list of the best insurers.

GEICO: while it is not the largest coverage, it is considered the best insurer in the United States, thanks to its outstanding rates and customer service. GEICO’s customers can enjoy various benefits, from rental car reimbursement to accident forgiveness, to mechanical breakdown, with their RAV4.

Erie: this insurance provider covers only 12 states but has the best rates for their appealing benefits. Benefits to enjoy as an Erie customer include travel expense coverage, glass repair, accident forgiveness, and personal item coverage.

USAA: this is the best insurance company for members of the military and veterans. USAA offers its subscribers different discounts, such as multi-vehicle discounts, safe driver discounts, and good student discounts.

Progressive: though Progressive is not the best in the industry, the rates are worth it, thanks to several benefits and ad-on. For example, the company offers coverage for custom parts, pet injury protection, and gap insurance.

How to Get Discounts on Toyota RAV4 Insurance

Once you know the best insurance providers for your RAV4, it is equally important to know if you can get a discount on it and how to get it. Fortunately, there are several ways to cut back on your insurance rate. Applying for multiple options will help reduce your insurance rates significantly.

Here are a few ways to get discounts on your Toyota RAV4:

Pay in Full: the first way to pay less for your RAV4 insurance is to pay in full. An extended subscription helps cut back on your pay than short subscriptions. Though not all companies will cut back hugely with this subscription, it is best to consider a longer subscription, such as a six-month or annual premium.

Safety Features: vehicles with safety features generally attract lower insurance rates. This means you will benefit from cheaper insurance if your RAV4 is equipped with the latest safety features like collision avoidance, blind-spot monitors, and radar cruise control.

Maintain Good Credit: Your credit score also plays into how much you pay as insurance for your RAV4. Keeping a good credit score helps cut back on your insurance charges, hence the need to pay on time.

Clean Driving Record: this is one significant factor to help you have cheaper insurance. While this might sound simple as you can control your driving habit, avoiding getting into an accident might not be under your control. However, if you can manage to have a clean driving record, expect to benefit from cheaper insurance rates on your RAV4.

What Are The Causes Of High Insurance Rates?

Several factors contribute to high insurance rates, but the most significant factor is the area you reside. High-risk areas, such as a city, are prone to higher insurance rates. Other factors that can heighten your insurance rate include a poor driving record and a bad credit score.

Do Older Toyota RAV4s Cost Less To Insure?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, an older Toyota RAV4 can cost less to insure since it is also cheaper to buy. However, older Toyota RAV4 models don’t have cheaper insurance since many lack the latest safety features that can attract cheaper insurance.

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