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Media post: The Most Important Modern Car Safety Features

Technology has progressed at an incredible rate over the course of recent years, and nowhere is this more evident than in the automobile industry, with the cars of today being a far cry from the models of the past.

Modern-day automobiles are sleeker, more streamlined, more beautiful, more fully-featured, more powerful, and, perhaps most importantly of all, much safer than those of times gone by.

In the past, the concept of ‘safety features’ for cars was limited to airbags and seatbelts, but these days, technology has changed the game entirely, helping today’s drivers and passengers enjoy far greater protection than ever before.

With six million auto accidents occurring on American roads each and every year, these safety features are very much necessary, and reports show that modern advancements in automobile safety are helping to reduce fatality and serious injury rates in auto accidents.

So if you’re looking for a new car, it’s wise to spend some time taking a closer look at the safety options on offer. There are a lot of key features out there, and here are a few of the most important ones of all.


AEB stands for autonomous/automatic emergency brake, and it’s by far one of the best advancements in auto security in the 21st century. A lot of drivers are talking about AEB and looking for it when buying a new vehicle, and it’s not hard to understand why. AEB is basically able to stop the car for you, without any manual input required from the driver.

It’s essentially a system that monitors the surrounding environment, road conditions, and other factors, making use of radars and cameras most commonly. If the system detects a dangerous situation, it will engage the brakes immediately, applying just the right force at just the right time to keep you safe.


ACC is another acronym of the auto safety world that every driver needs to know. It stands for adaptive cruise control, and it’s found on most new cars for sale today. Like AEB, it makes use of high-end radars and sensors to automatically control your car in various ways.

However, while AEB is focused on automatically applying the brakes in dangerous situations, ACC is all about keeping your car at the correct speed, using both the brakes and the accelerator, to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you. Basically, the system works by locking onto the car ahead and then adjusting your speed as needed to stay a safe distance from that vehicle.

Rear View Cameras

So many accidents and tragedies have occurred over the years due to the blind spot at the back of the car. Too many times, drivers were forced to essentially reverse their vehicles without a clear and uncontested view of the scene behind them, and because of the height of the window, it was easy for cars to accidentally collide with children, animals, or items that couldn’t be seen from the driver’s position.

The rearview camera changes all of that. As the name implies. this is a simple camera, positioned at the rear of the vehicle, which gives you a direct video feed of the scene behind you. It’s perfect for when you want to reverse out of your driveway or back into a parking lot space without hitting the wall or anything else in the way.

Facial Recognition

We’ve seen facial recognition technology employed in a range of ways in recent years, like on smartphones or smart door locks, and it can make a real difference to auto security too. With facial recognition software, which is increasingly becoming available on newly released vehicles, a camera is effectively able to track and monitor your face as you drive.

Powered by intelligent software, the system is then able to monitor your levels of alertness and focus, issuing alerts and notifications if it detects changes in your facial movements that suggest you might be getting tired or distracted. This can be of great use to those who frequently have to make long drives and could be at risk of falling asleep at the wheel or losing concentration on the road.

Final Word

It’s inspiring to see how modern technology can be put to such good use and in such an impressive array of practical, protective applications. Thanks to these advancements, car safety has never been better, but it’s still essential for every driver not to rely too much on tech and always remember the basic rules of smart, sensible driving to keep themselves and others safe.

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