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Media post: How To Get Peace Of Mind For You And Your Car With Palmer Administrative Services

Your car is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your entire life. That’s why it is extremely important that your car is covered from mechanical breakdowns you may experience. Palmer Administrative Services is dedicated to providing the type of coverage that will give you peace of mind throughout the life of your car.

Many people seem to think that a vehicle’s extended warranty is enough to provide that peace of mind. Unfortunately, major mechanical breakdowns seem to happen shortly after your warranty expires. In fact, many of the parts of your car are designed specifically to break down once the warranty has lapsed.

You are then left footing a hefty bill for repairs. That’s where a solid auto protection plan comes in. Palmer Administrative Services has you covered. A leader in auto protection, they are backed by reliable plans and stellar customer support.

The fine people at Palmer Administrative Services know that no two cars or drivers are the same. You and your car require plans that not only meet your needs but your budget as well. With several plans and pricing available there is one that will give you the peace of mind you need without breaking the bank.

Palmer Administrative Services auto protection plans include;

  • Elite Exclusionary Plan: A plan that covers everything on your vehicle other than maintenance and basic wear and tear items.
  • Royal Select Plan: An ideal protection plan for newer vehicles that covers all major components and then some.
  • Premier Plan: Coverage for the components of your vehicle that have a higher likelihood of needing repairs.
  • Classic Plan: Provides coverage for the most common vehicle repairs.
  • Powertrain Plan: This is a plan designed for people planning on keeping their cars for a long time. This plan provides the highest level of protection for your most expensive repairs.
  • Basic Plan: The perfect plan for older vehicles, the Basic Plan covers the most important component of your car, the engine.

With over 20 years of experience offering comprehensive auto protection plans Palmer Administrative Services and its team of highly trained agents are great at helping you find a plan that not only meets your needs but fits your driving habits as well.

What really sets Palmer Administrative Services apart from the competition, however, is the benefits that you get with each of their protection plans.

Palmer Administrative Services’ auto protection plans include affordable rates as well as a variety of payment plans designed to meet your specific needs. National coverage that gives you the option to use mechanics nationwide. While other, lesser companies only let you use one dealership Palmer Administrative Services gives you options.

Most plans include reimbursement on rental cars. Free towing and more roadside assistance.

Most plans also include reimbursement for food and lodging if something happens to your car when you are out of town. A friendly and experienced customer support team available to help you answer all of your most pressing questions. An unlimited number of claims for the lifetime of your policy.

Extended warranties can be extremely useful, that is until they run out. When that happens don’t let an untold amount of stress ruin your life. With an auto protection plan from Palmer Administrative Services, drivers can pick the plan that fits their needs, budgets, and driving habits.

Whether you have a new car, an older car, or anything in between the helpful agents and customer service representatives are there to help pick the plan that makes sense. Never again worry about how you’re going to pay for an unexpected mechanical problem, just get a plan that meets your needs and gives you the superior peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.

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