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Media post: Everything you need to know about the Mazda 3

The Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automaker founded in 1920. Mazda is up there with other leading automakers like Toyota, Ford, and Honda. The company is best known for its luxury vehicles, sedans, hatchbacks, convertibles, and electric cars. When you think of Mazda, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is the Mazda3. The Mazda3 is one of the best cars of 2021!

The Mazda3 was first introduced in 2003 as a 2004 model. The second generation of the car was introduced in 2009. In 2012 the Mazda3 was equipped with the newly developed Skyactiv technology, a direct-injection engine, and a six-gear transmission. The fourth and latest generation is the 2021 Mazda3 which is equipped with Skyactiv technology, three types of engines, two different body types, and three layout options.

The Mazda3 is the company’s most popular car and fastest-selling vehicle, selling 6 million cars in 2019. Let’s look at the different features and specifications of the Mazda3 that make it such an incredible car.

The Specifications

The fourth-generation Mazda3 production started in 2019. The Mazda3 comes in two body types: the Mazda3 sedan and the Mazda3 hatchback. There are three different types of 4 cylinder engines available: the 2.0 L Skyactiv engine, which has a horsepower of 155 and comes with the front-wheel-drive option.  The 2.5 litre has a horsepower of 250 and is available in the all-wheel-drive option. And lastly, the eSkyactiv hybrid engine. The latest Mazda3 comes with the eSkyActiv engine in Australia, allowing higher acceleration and improved fuel economy.

The sedan and the hatchback come in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options, with the corresponding engine type. The transmission is a 6-speed automatic shiftable gear, and the suspension type is a front independent suspension. The car comes with 18-inch alloy wheels and all-season tires, with an alloy spare tire as well. The sedan is a four-door five-seater, and the hatchback is a five-door five-seater.

The Exterior

The Mazda3 has two different characters in the latest generation. The Mazda3 hatchback is exciting with its sporty curves, and the Mazda3 sedan is sleek and luxurious. The cars follow the Kodo Design philosophy, which attempts to allow light to show a single motion. The way the car is designed means that the light on the car flows forward and makes the car look as though it is in a forward motion. Both body types come in eight exciting colours: Soul red crystal, machine grey, sonic silver, platinum quartz, deep crystal blue, jet black, snowflake white pearl, and polymetal grey, with metallic and mica options.

The Interior

The 2021 Mazda3’s cabin has been designed with the best quality materials. The seats are made of cloth and leather, with different material and colour trim options.

The front seats are heated to provide extra comfort. The leather steering wheel, centre console, dual vanity mirrors, two front seat headrests, three back seat headrests, LED lamp, child seat anchors, front and read cup holders and door pockets, and dual-zone front climate control are all features that add to the comfort and luxury of the car.

The LED instrument panel is 7-inches wide with a newly designed active driving display. The panel is in full colour and displays all the information you need while driving. The infotainment system features the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as per your choice. The 8.8-inch touchscreen is placed at the perfect level to be used while the driver focuses on the road. There is an eight-speaker system with high-quality Bose speakers so that sound is well balanced throughout the car.

The Mazda3 hatchback comes with a fifth door for the boot. The boot has a storage capacity of 351 litres, making it one of the biggest hatchbacks on the market. The rear bench is also foldable to offer more space.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety, the Mazda3 is one of the best cars of 2021, with an ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) rating of 5 stars. Some of the newest and more technologically advanced features that the Mazda3 offers include the smart brake support with pedestrian recognition monitors that warn the driver of a likely collision and brakes automatically if needed. The lane departure warning and lane-keep assist system allow for easier steering. A blind-spot monitor scans for any obstacles in your blind spots. And radar cruise control uses radar technology to help you maintain safe distances from cars ahead of you.

The car also comes equipped with a 360-degree exterior view camera and reverse sensors so that you have a clear view behind you and can stay informed about any obstacles in your way, front and rear airbags, front side-mounted airbags, stability and traction control, tire pressure monitoring, rear door child locks, and turn signal mirrors amongst other safety features.

Customizations and Warranties

The 2021 Mazda3 also comes with different accessories for the hatchback and the sedan model that can be used to customize your car. From seat covers, floor mats, and window shades to mobile phone holders, rare seat infotainment system holders, and interior welcome illumination lights. The Mazda 3 hatchback also comes with options of a roof rack hatch and a tow bar hatch.

The Mazda3 also comes with company-provided benefits. The company provides a 5-year warranty on unlimited kilometres so that you can drive the car as much as you please. A 5-year premium roadside coverage is also part of the package when you buy a brand new Mazda3.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market to buy a brand new car, we suggest you try out the 2021 Mazda3. The sedan and hatchback options offer you many different features and the latest technology. The sleek and edgy design and the comfortable interior is perfect for anybody. The Mazda3 is the company’s most popular car and fastest-selling vehicle for a reason, after all.

Take a look at all of the features and specs that we have outlined, and if you’re still not sure, check out some Mazda3 reviews and then see where you stand.

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