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Media post: If you just bought a car, make sure you do these 7 things within the first few months

Buying a car is not just a huge investment, but also requires considerable commitment. Your responsibility is not over once you finish purchasing it. Instead, your responsibilities have just begun. Your ‘To-Do’ list is likely to increase as soon as you buy a new car. For instance, you need to get your vehicle registered, buy new accessories for it, and do a lot of other things. Here is a quick checklist to ensure you are doing all that you should after purchasing a new car.

Insure your car

Insuring your new car is the most crucial thing that you must do after buying. A car insurance helps protect your car from accidents and thefts. What if your car is damaged in an accident or stolen? Can you get a new one immediately? Most people cannot and this is where car insurance helps.

Once you get your car insured, it would cover for the financial costs involved in repairing it or buying a new car after it is damaged in a car accident. Some car insurance policies also offer financial coverage to other cars damaged by yours in an accident. Thus, you need not pay for any damage from your own pockets.

There are several kinds of car insurance policies that offer different financial covers for your car, depending on the premium you pay. Thus, it would be best for car owners to go through the terms and conditions of car insurance policies and select the most suitable one. Remember, a car insurance does not cover each and every damage of your car. Thus, make sure you know what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t before selecting it.

Getting the car title

Once you buy a car by paying its full amount, make sure the car dealer transfers its ownership to you by transferring the title of your car. A car title indicates who owns the car and is one of the most important things that you must look into after your purchase. What if you bought one of the best selling cars and failed to prove you own it? Car titles are hence important.

Keep your bill intact

Keeping your car’s bill intact is extremely crucial. A bill has all the necessary details of your purchase that includes the details of the car like its model, name, the name of the dealer, the date of the transaction and much more. A bill is generally used for calculating sales tax and is also crucial for registering your car with the State. Thus, car owners must not neglect this and make sure they have an authorized bill from the store they purchase their car from. Remember, just like the dealer, it is your duty to ensure you are provided with a proper bill on your purchase.

Furthermore, a car bill is helpful for claiming warranties. Suppose a part of your car malfunctions within the warranty, you would be entertained at the store only if you provide the original bill. Thus, make sure to keep the bill safe.

Register your newly purchased vehicle

Driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and can push you to several problems. Thus, you must make sure to register your car as soon as possible. Registration of your car can take some time and therefore it is better to do it as soon as possible. You would get a car number plate after your car is registered and it is only after this procedure that you must start operating your car.

Plan your scheduled maintenance

Though most car owners neglect scheduled maintenance after buying their vehicle immediately, it is extremely crucial. Do not be under the impression that your new car does not require maintenance. Thus, it would be best to schedule such maintenance works as per your convenience. Scheduled maintenance can take place monthly, or quarterly. However, irrespective of the time period you choose, make sure not to miss it as maintenance helps in improving your car’s longevity.

Choose a suitable seat cover

Once you finish with the technical activities after buying your car, it is time for some aesthetics. You must first select a suitable seat cover for your car as they protect your seats from being damaged, and wearing out after some time. The seat covers you choose must match the interior of your car, and its seat type.

You must also look into the material of the seat cover, and the most trending designs to add a modern touch to your car’s interior. It would be best to go for easily washable seat covers for you to clean them after regular intervals. If you have a pet dog at home, it is better you refrain from buying soft seat covers as they might claw into them. Instead, go for sturdier seat covers that would last long. You must also place a cloth or a towel before your pet sits on your car seat to keep it free from fur.

Install all the necessary accessories

If you are planning to drive it every day, car accessories are very important. You must have all the accessories important for a long journey. For instance, installing a mobile phone holder is a must. This is exceptionally beneficial as it helps you navigate without holding the phone in your hand. You can also install a music system, water bottle holders and various other accessories as per your choice. However, make sure your car does not look stuffed with unnecessary accessories.

Thus, car owners must strike the right balance between installing all the necessary equipment and yet keeping the interiors of their car simple and aesthetic.


The days immediately after buying a new car can be tedious. You would have too much to do and it would be best to plan for these beforehand. The list mentioned above comprises the most important things car owners should do after buying a new car and you must make it a point to do all of these. Remember, missing out on these can cause severe issues on your car in the long run and hence you must pay extra focus on them.

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