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Media post: 5 Common Road Traffic Injuries

Traffic accidents can be a major headache, especially when concerning your wellbeing and health. You may experience a large number of injuries that can be a financial drain and an emotional drain as well. When you speak to a New York City auto accident attorney after your recent car crash, you should inform them of the type of injuries you received and any pain and suffering you experienced so they can accurately estimate your damages. How severe your injuries make up most of how much you will be owed in your settlement. Here are the most common road traffic injuries you may have sustained:

Muscle Sprains And Strains

The impact of the car during a bad crash can force your body to plunge forward and back, resulting in many muscle sprains or strains. The lower back is easily affected by this and can cause you to suffer from a chronic sore back. Neck sprains often cause whiplash, which can make it difficult for you to move your head because of the strained muscles.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Car crashes can throw you against the sides of the vehicle and even onto the hood of the car if the glass breaks. You can experience broken bones when your limbs hit a hard surface. Fractured ribs and collarbones are common because the chest area is open and exposed to hitting the steering wheel. The chances of broken bones and fractures are even worse when a motorcyclist gets hit.

Cuts and Contusions

Because of broken glass, flying blunt objects, and other debris, you may suffer from terrible cut wounds. You may also get bruised when thrown around the car, leaving black and blue marks caused by ruptured blood vessels trapped under the skin.

Spinal Cord Injuries

In addition to back injuries, you may experience spinal cord injuries, which are much more severe. This can amount to ruptured discs, slipped discs, severed nerves, pinched nerves, and other spinal cord injuries. These injuries are one of the most dangerous because they can cause temporary to permanent paralysis and even death.

Traumatic Head Injuries

Hitting your head during a car accident is very common, especially when the airbags deploy and hit the face. If your head hits a hard surface, this can result in a traumatic head injury such as a concussion. Other common traumatic head injuries include hematomas and hemorrhaging within the brain. These injuries are often long-term and take a long time to recover from, and can also create permanent disability.

What Do I Do After I Experience One Of These Injuries?

After you’ve been severely injured, you should get medical help. Not only do your medical bills create a record of the type of injuries you have as proof, but also you must be treated so that you can begin recovering from your injuries. Waiting too long for treatment can also weaken your personal injury claim. Getting immediate medical treatment for your wounds will show that they were so severe that you had to seek a doctor as soon as possible. It also shows on record that the crash directly caused your injuries and not for any other reason. Once you’ve started to experience damages, you should speak to an attorney to get the help you need.

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