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South Korea September 2021: Sales down -30%, Hyundai Avante best-seller, Hyundai Casper lands

The Hyundai Casper has landed in the South Korean charts.

The South Korean new car market drops -30% year-on-year in September to 112.196 units, including 91.790 (-33.7%) for domestic brands and 20.406 (-6.6%) for foreign carmakers. The year-to-date tally is now off -6.5% to 1.290.321, with local carmakers off -9.4% to 1.075.653 but foreigners up 12% to 214.668. Our 2021 Forecast for South Korea is now down to 1.76m units (-8%). Hyundai (-36.2%) keeps the lead of the brands ranking with only 423 sales more than sister brand Kia (-30.1%) resisting better. Genesis (-25.8%) remains in third place but scores a weak 6.8% share vs. 7.8% so far this year. Mercedes (+4.8%) lodges the only year-on-year gain in the Top 8 and stays in 4th place overall ahead of BMW (-6.3%) while Renault Samsung (-25.8%) climbs two spots on August to #6, distancing GM Korea (-36.5%) and Ssangyong (-51.9%) both in difficulty. In order of sales, Volvo (+57.2%), Chevrolet (+84.8%), Honda (+110.2%), Porsche (+4%), Citroen (+165.6%), Bentley (+441.7%) and Rolls Royce (+100%) all defy the negative market with year-on-year upticks.

In the domestic models ranking, the Hyundai Avante (-42.9%) scores its first overall win since October 2016 despite losing significantly more ground than the market. In a 100% Hyundai podium, it distances the Sonata (+9%) back onto the South Korean podium for the first time since February 2020, and the Porter (-45.3%) remaining the year-to-date leader by some margin. The Kia Sportage (+247.3%) continues to be lifted by the new generation but drops two ranks on August to #4. The Genesis G80 (-35.6%) cracks the Top 5 for the second time ever after May 2020. All remaining Top 10 members fall faster than the market, with the 2020 leader, the Hyundai Grandeur, imploding -72.3% due to production disruptions linked to the microchip crisis. Among recent launches, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (#13) and Staria (#14) exchange positions vs. last month, the Kia EV6 is up six ranks to #16, the Genesis GV70 is down five to #24 and we welcome the Hyundai Casper compact SUV at #42 with 208 sales.

Over in the foreigners ranking, the Mercedes E-Class (-26%) holds onto the top spot ahead of the Tesla Model Y while the Mercedes GLC (+3845.7%) shoots up 21 spots on August to land on the third step of the podium, knocking the BMW 5 Series (-31.7%) down to #4. The BMW X3 (+22.7%) is up 7 ranks to #5, dislodging the Tesla Model 3 (-66.6%), with the BMW X4 (+73.9%) and Mercedes GLE (+6.3%) also in good shape. 

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Full September 2021 Top 30 All-brands and Top 55 domestic models below.

South Korea September 2021 – brands:

Note Tesla doesn’t report sales to KAIDA and therefore doesn’t feature in this ranking.

6Renault Samsung4,4013.9%-25.8%842,8033.3%-41.8%74
7GM Korea3,8723.5%-36.5%746,6633.6%-22.3%66
20Land Rover2860.3%-22.3%202,2290.2%-33.1%2119
30Infiniti00.0%-100.0% –00.0%-100.0%3028
31Nissan00.0%n/a –00.0%-100.0%3123
 –Total local manufacturers91,79081.8%-33.7% –1,075,65383.4%-9.4% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers20,40618.2%-6.6% –214,66816.6%12.0% – –
 –Total market112,196100.0%-30.0% –1,290,321100.0%-6.5% – –

South Korea September 2021 – domestic models:

1Hyundai Avante5,217-42.9%555,272-13.1%43
2Hyundai Sonata5,0039.0%445,758-12.6%86
3Hyundai Porter4,916-45.3%173,2552.7%12
4Kia Sportage4,386247.3%220,52250.1%1930
5Genesis G803,892-35.6%1043,20410.4%911
6Kia Sorento3,820-58.3%854,107-13.6%55
7Kia Bongo3,467-42.3%1246,190-2.1%79
8Kia Carnival3,437-66.1%360,70472.4%38
9Hyundai Palisade3,290-35.1%741,537-10.9%107
10Hyundai Grandeur3,216-72.3%1164,978-42.9%21
11Kia K83,18836.0%1634,1320.5%1214
12Kia Ray3,03032.1%2526,68729.3%1623
13Hyundai Ioniq 52,983new1415,467new25 –
14Hyundai Staria2,903new1318,178new21 –
15Samsung QM62,833-11.1%1726,525-22.2%1713
16Kia EV62,654new224,564new38 –
17Kia Seltos2,630-32.3%1830,458-24.4%1512
18Hyundai Santa Fe2,189-51.6%1531,686-26.5%1310
19Kia K32,13025.8%2420,3339.4%2025
20Hyundai Tucson2,093-4.7%938,277105.3%1117
21SsangYong Korando Sports2,061-31.3%2018,055-26.8%2220
22Kia K51,998-73.3%648,488-27.3%64
23Kia Morning1,937-20.5%2624,899-17.6%1815
24Genesis GV701,805new1930,873new1457
25Kia Niro1,7656.3%2313,855-17.2%2726
26Chevrolet Trailblazer1,582-0.7%2116,2955.7%2327
27Genesis GV801,290-55.8%2916,227-34.4%2418
28Chevrolet Spark1,287-52.1%2715,033-28.5%2622
29Samsung XM31,168-32.4%3011,648-57.8%2919
30Hyundai Venue1,163-26.2%3110,134-27.9%3031
31SsangYong Tivoli971-49.0%2812,168-22.2%2824
32Hyundai Nexo939103.7%386,40143.9%3439
33Chevrolet Colorado579366.9%343,225-5.0%4140
34Kia K95590.5%354,877-19.7%3736
35SsangYong Korando536-70.1%336,393-55.0%3529
36Kia Mohave528-59.0%368,732-42.9%3228
37Genesis G70385-14.6%376,018-1.4%3635
38Hyundai Kona347-88.8%329,496-63.7%3121
39SsangYong Rexton291-80.7%394,381-45.7%3932
40Chevrolet Traverse2790.0%402,548-19.5%4242
41Genesis G90261-70.4%414,278-42.0%4033
42Hyundai Casper208new –208new57 –
43Samsung SM6153-62.0%441,909-73.3%4734
44Kia Stinger127-72.7%422,4615.4%4346
45Chevrolet Malibu127-60.9%432,302-52.9%4438
46Renault Samsung Master92-39.5%47603-63.3%5248
47Renault Samsung Captur86-61.9%451,152-28.9%4949
48Renault Samsung Zoe49-61.7%46685403.7%5156
49Hyundai Veloster41-86.2%48438-77.7%5447
50Renault Samsung Twizy20-71.0%49281-57.7%5654
51Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro10n/a51725.9%5958
52Chevrolet Trax6-98.6%502,138-57.7%4537
53Daewoo Alpheon1-99.6% –1,989-11.8%4645
54Hyundai Grand Starex0-100.0% –7,192-73.2%3316
55Daewoo Labo0-100.0% –1,487-37.1%4843
56Chevrolet Bolt0-100.0%521,016-30.5%5050
57Chevrolet Equinox0-100.0% –548-44.0%5351
58Kia Stonic0-100.0% –348-89.3%5541
59Kia Soul0-100.0% –165-82.4%5852
60Hyundai Ioniq0-100.0% –1-100.0%6044
61Hyundai i300-100.0% –1-99.8%6155

South Korea September 2021 – foreign models:

1Mercedes E Class1,859-26.0%122,291-0.8%11
2Tesla Model Y1,594new28,465new3 –
3Mercedes GLC1,3813845.7%245,63723.2%86
4BMW 5 Series855-31.7%314,473-5.0%22
5BMW X365322.7%123,98433.6%1618
6Tesla Model 3612-66.6%57,784-6.3%4n/a
7BMW X460573.9%142,889-1.5%2417
8Chevrolet Colorado579366.9%73,225-5%2014
9BMW 3 Series550-45.3%86,44514.1%75
10Mercedes GLE5386.3%185,08580.0%9n/a
11Mini Cooper Hatch529-9.3%114,3107.4%1311
12Mercedes GLB51183.2%94,5581533.7%11n/a
13Mercedes S Class486-17.9%67,39255.1%67
14BMW X5477-20.2%134,31877.8%1219
15Lexus ES4615.0%104,89235.0%1010
16VW Tiguan454-29.5%44,189-47.9%153
17Mercedes A Class403-30.9%164,298-11.9%149
18BMW X63869.3%213,25897.6%1826
19Volvo S903797.7%252,50080.2%27n/a
20VW Jetta363n/a223,469n/a1725
21Audi A6301-75.8%267,398-1.3%54
22BMW X7301-1.6%173,252107.0%1923
23Jeep Renegade29168.2%n/a2,042117.9%35n/a
24Chevrolet Traverse2790.0%312,548-19.5%2615
25Mercedes CLA26678.5%381,259186.1%4927
26Honda CR-V260364.3%361,2961340.0%47n/a
27Audi Q8236187.8%271,637232.0%3748
28Audi Q5228-18.6%291,11276.5%5536
29BMW 6 Series22766.9%372,70916.3%2520
30BMW 2 Series2242700.0%201,556503.1%39n/a
31BMW 1 Series219177.2%151,971150.8%3642
32Honda Accord21638.5%341,321152.6%46n/a
33Mini Countryman214-0.9%432,19521.7%3122
34Volvo XC9020520400.0%451,229852.7%50n/a
35Mercedes CLS198-6.6%283,067-21.9%2213
36Mercedes AMG GT1901166.7%441,459129.8%43n/a
37Audi Q7184327.9%421,085516.5%5645
38Volvo S601836000.0%n/a1,03842.6%5733
39Jeep Wrangler174-49.4%392,41520.7%2921
40Volvo XC601708400.0%232,39940.7%3028
41Porsche Panamera164290.5%n/a955127.9%61n/a
42Ford Ranger163n/an/a810n/a67n/a
43Volvo V60161-37.6%481,331-8.3%45n/a
44Mini Clubman154-36.1%332,1777.2%3224
45BMW 7 Series14275.3%n/a2,13654.1%3329
46Land Rover Defender14269.0%47623466.4%7249
47Toyota RAV4131-16.6%411,51539.6%4232
48Volvo XC40128-29.7%402,05061.0%34n/a
49Mercedes G Class120-9.8%n/a1,525106.6%41n/a
50Mercedes GLS117303.4%n/a1,1213403.1%54n/a

Source: KAIDA, Manufacturers

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  1. South Koreans don’t buy “Renault Samsung” cars. What a stupid idea of Renault to call some of their cars Renault Samsung instead of only Samsung. French car brands have a crap image in rich countries.

  2. Seems more than 7,800 BEVs were sold with just these 4 models. I guess koreans are buying more BEVs than japanese.

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 2,983
    Kia EV6 2,654
    Tesla Model Y 1,594
    Tesla Model 3 612

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