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South Korea September 2020: Kia Carnival hits volume record in surging market (+20.8%)

The new generation boosts Kia Carnival sales to record levels.

After a small slip-up last month (-3.5%), new car sales in South Korea resume their pandemic-defying surge with September volumes up by a fantastic 20.8% year-on-year to 160.189 including 138.350 (+23.1%) for local carmakers and 21.839 (+13.6%) for foreigners. The year-to-date tally now stands at 1.379.371 units (+7.7%) including 1.178.624 locals (+6.6%) and 191.747 foreigners (+14.8%). This fantastic rebound in September pushes us to adjust our 2020 South Korea forecast up from 1.92 million sales (+7) a month ago to 1.98 million now (+11%), keeping in mind the 30% consumer tax cut will remain valid for cars up to December, potentially unleashing a pull-forward of sales during the last Quarter.

Genesis (+187.5%) is back to #3 brand at home.

Market behemoths Hyundai (+22%) and Kia (+21.9%) give the market its growth rate as they represent a discouraging 67.5% of all September new car sales in South Korea. Genesis (+187.5%) climbs back onto the podium to the third place it holds year-to-date with a splendid 6.4% share vs. 5.6% so far this year. Ssangyong (+10.4%) and GM Korea both trail the market but are up one and three spots on August respectively to round out the Top 5. Renault Samsung (-24.1%) vastly underperforms this month. Still #1 foreign brand by far, Mercedes (-22.7%) is however struggling YoY. It distances BMW (+24.1%), Audi (+26.7%) and Mini (+7.5%) while Volkswagen (+401.1%), Porsche (+175.4%), Ford (+68.1%), Lexus (+49.5%), Honda (+47%) and Toyota (+36.6%) impress further down.

The Hyundai Grandeur remains the best-selling vehicle in South Korea.

Incredibly, the Top 9 local models all gain at least 75% year-on-year. The Hyundai Grandeur (+140.8%) remains the best-seller at home while the Kia Carnival (+162.8%) is boosted by the new generation, soaring 4 spots on last month to #2 overall and securing its first ever 5-digit monthly volume at 10.130 (previous best was 9.343 in July 2014). Kia reports 32.000 orders for the new Carnival. The Kia Sorento (+144.5%) closes a surreal podium ahead of the Hyundai Avante (+86.4%) and Porter (+76.6%) while the Kia K5 (+188%) continues to ride on the success of the new model. The Genesis G80 (+303.7%), Hyundai Palisade (+126.2%) and Kia Bongo (+82%) also sport stunning upticks just as the Genesis GV80 returns inside the Top 20 at #16. The Mercedes E-Class (-38.8%) reclaims the #1 foreigner spot off the BMW 5 Series (-49.5%) this month.

Previous month: South Korea August 2020: BMW (+69%), Genesis (+54.2%) defy first post-pandemic sales drop (-3.5%)

One year ago: South Korea September 2019: Hyundai Santa Fe back to #1, Kia Seltos up to #4, Mercedes up 4-fold in market up 4.1%

Full September 2020 Top 30 All-brands, Top 57 All local models and Top 10 foreign models below.

South Korea September 2020 – brands:

5GM Korea6,0973.8%17.9%860,0754.4%11.4%66
7Renault Samsung5,9343.7%-24.1%673,5815.3%21.8%44
20Land Rover3680.2%-25.2%193,3300.2%-42.5%1918
31Nissan00.0%-100.0% –1,8650.1%-18.9%2321
 –Total local manufacturers138,35086.4%23.1% –1,187,62486.1%6.6% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers21,83913.6%8.1% –191,74713.9%14.8% – –
 –Total market160,189100.0%20.8% –1,379,371100.0%7.7% – –

South Korea September 2020 – local models:

1Hyundai Grandeur11,590140.8%1113,81062.8%11
2Kia Carnival10,130162.8%635,202-26.6%125
3Kia Sorento9,151144.5%462,62268.9%59
4Hyundai Avante9,13686.4%563,57034.1%46
5Hyundai Porter8,99576.6%271,347-5.5%23
6Kia K57,485188.0%1166,716141.1%317
7Genesis G806,040303.7%939,133122.6%1125
8Kia Bongo6,01382.0%1047,2044.2%77
9Hyundai Palisade5,069126.2%846,60217.4%810
10Hyundai Sonata4,589-35.9%752,370-27.2%62
11Hyundai Santa Fe4,520-42.1%343,100-34.8%94
12Kia Seltos3,882-36.5%1440,274158.9%1021
13Samsung QM63,187-21.3%1334,08814.9%1312
14Hyundai Kona3,109-14.5%2626,182-14.9%1814
15SsangYong Korando Sports3,00011.2%1524,659-20.0%2015
16Genesis GV802,918new2124,744new19 –
17Hyundai Grand Starex2,82030.4%1926,788-11.8%1716
18Chevrolet Spark2,689-2.0%1721,032-17.3%2119
19Kia Morning2,437-43.8%1230,203-18.6%1511
20Kia K72,344-62.0%1833,954-11.2%148
21Kia Ray2,29416.6%1620,636-7.7%2223
22Hyundai Tucson2,19635.6%2418,644-32.1%2318
23SsangYong Tivoli1,905-10.4%2015,633-44.5%2620
24SsangYong Korando1,79210.7%2914,19426.2%2927
25Samsung XM31,729new2327,607new16 –
26Kia K31,693-47.7%2518,594-43.7%2413
27Kia Niro1,66117.5%2716,731-19.1%2524
28Chevrolet Trailblazer1,593new2215,412new27 –
29Hyundai Venue1,575-57.3%3114,04753.6%3028
30SsangYong G4 Rexton1,51181.4%348,071-10.1%3231
31Kia Mohave1,288-26.6%3015,289308.8%2835
32Kia Sportage1,263-27.6%2813,675-35.7%3122
33Genesis G90882-5.5%327,378-48.2%3326
34Kia K9556-20.6%356,070-27.3%3634
35Kia Stinger46676.5%462,336-21.4%4544
36Hyundai Nexo4611.5%334,44871.1%3940
37Genesis G70451-60.8%376,103-52.1%3529
38Chevrolet Trax426-51.1%385,051-44.8%3732
39Samsung SM6403-58.8%367,159-41.0%3430
40Chevrolet Malibu325-46.0%394,889-48.4%3833
41Hyundai Veloster298127.5%491,96614.2%4751
42Chevrolet Traverse279new413,164new4256
43Daewoo Labo2622.7%422,365-8.3%4445
44Kia Stonic258-36.5%403,253-53.5%4136
45Daewoo Alpheon258-5.5%432,255-12.9%4647
46Hyundai Ioniq233-62.7%452,820-39.8%4337
47Renault Samsung Captur226new441,621new49 –
48Renault Samsung Master152-70.0%471,645-15.6%4848
49Renault Samsung Zoe128new56136new56 –
50Chevrolet Colorado124342.9%483,39612028.6%4055
51Chevrolet Equinox78-46.9%50979-40.6%5152
52Kia Soul74-58.0%51938-81.0%5238
53Hyundai i3070-35.8%52462-61.3%5554
54Renault Samsung Twizy696800.0%53664-46.5%5353
55Chevrolet Bolt64-64.2%541,462-38.4%5042
56Samsung SM340-88.3%55661-78.3%5446
57Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro0-100.0% –68-49.6%5759

South Korea September 2020 – foreign models:

1Mercedes E Class2,511-38.8%222,473-26.1%11
2BMW 5 Series1,253-49.5%115,23011.2%22
3Audi A61,250n/a57,193181.1%49
4BMW 3 Series64972.6%n/an/an/an/a6
5VW Tiguan644n/an/a8,039n/a320
6BMW X5597n/a101,35834.5%n/a28
7Mercedes A Class583n/a34,439n/a570
8Mini Hatchback58337.8%92,992-23.5%1013
9BMW X3532n/a62,033118.6%n/a32
10Ford Explorer530n/an/a4,18114.6%612

Source: KAIDA, manufacturers

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