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South Korea August 2020: BMW (+69%), Genesis (+54.2%) defy first post-pandemic sales drop (-3.5%)

The BMW X4 breaks into the foreigner Top 10 in August.

The post-pandemic rebound is over in South Korea with new car sales ending five consecutive months of year-on-year gains in August at -3.5% to 131.876 units vs. +41.2% in June and +9.2% in July. Local manufacturers are down -7.2% to 117.234 but foreigners can’t compensate that loss despite a 20.8% surge to 21.894 units. The year-to-date tally is now up 6.2% to 1.226.434 units, including 1.049.274 locals (+4.8%) and 169.908 foreigners (+15.7%). As a result of this shift to negative territory we have revised our 2020 South Korea forecast down from 1.96 million (+9%) a month ago to 1.92 million sales (+7%).

Atop the brands charts, Both Hyundai (-5.4%) and Kia (-11.4%) both fall faster than their home market, adding up to 60.5% share vs. 65.7% so far in 2020. The hero of the month is BMW soaring 69% year-on-year and 5 spots on July to third overall, toppling Genesis (+54.2%) from the podium and overtaking Ssangyong (-15.5%), Renault Samsung (-21.5%), Mercedes (-10.5%) and GM Korea (-8%), with all the aforementioned brands losing share year-on-year. Recovering from a stop sale order last year, Audi (+886.3%) remains at #9 while Mini (+1.1%) is up 5 spots on July to #10. Porsche (+97.9%), Honda (+74.6%), Lamborghini (+57.1%), Volkswagen (+50.1%), Rolls Royce (+21.4%), Lexus (+16.6%) and Ford (+16.2%) also impress with double-digit gains.

The Hyundai Grandeur (+85.6%) remains the most popular vehicle in the country, distancing the Hyundai Porter (+2.1%) and Santa Fe (-9.2%) while the Kia Sorento (+75.9%) surges ahead year-on-year but drops one spot on July to #4 and the Hyundai Avante (+18.4%) is down 3 to #5. The Genesis G80 (+98%), Hyundai Palisade (+92.4%) and Kia Carnival (+17.6%) also shine in the remainder of the Top 10. The Genesis GV80 remains the best-selling recent launch but drops 7 spots to #21, now ranking just above the Chevrolet Trailblazer (#22) and Samsung XM3 (#23). We welcome the Renault Samsung Zoe at #56 with 8 sales.

The BMW 5 Series (+14.8%) topples the Mercedes E-Class (-40%) to become the best-selling foreign model in South Korea for the month, while far below the Mercedes A-Class, GLE and Audi A6 round out the Top 4. The BMW X3, X4, X5 and Mercedes G-Class also make their appearance in the Top 10.

Previous month: South Korea July 2020: Hyundai (+18.7%), Genesis (+168%), VW Group (+381.7%) stun in 5th straight positive month (+9.2%)

One year ago: South Korea August 2019: Kia Seltos breaks into Top 5 in market down -6.1%

Full August 2020 Top 30 All-brands, Top 57 All local models and Top 10 foreign models below.

South Korea August 2020 – brands:

6Renault Samsung6,1044.4%-21.5%667,6475.5%28.6%34
8GM Korea5,8984.2%-8.0%453,9784.4%10.8%56
19Land Rover2800.2%-51.2%192,9620.2%-44.2%1918
31Nissan00.0%-100.0% –1,8650.2%-17.2%2021
 –Total local manufacturers109,98279.1%-7.2% –1,049,27485.6%4.8% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers21,89415.7%20.8% –169,90813.9%15.7% – –
 –Total market131,87694.8%-3.5% –1,219,18299.4%6.2% – –

South Korea August 2020 – local models:

1Hyundai Grandeur10,23585.6%1102,22057.0%11
2Hyundai Porter7,1182.1%462,352-11.5%23
3Hyundai Santa Fe6,224-9.2%738,580-33.9%94
4Kia Sorento6,11675.9%353,47160.5%59
5Hyundai Avante5,79218.4%254,43428.1%46
6Kia Carnival5,62217.6%2225,072-43.2%165
7Hyundai Sonata4,595-45.3%1047,781-26.2%62
8Hyundai Palisade4,43392.4%941,53310.9%710
9Genesis G804,10098.0%633,093105.7%1125
10Kia Bongo3,996-19.6%841,191-1.9%87
11Kia K53,94465.1%559,231136.2%317
12Kia Morning3,606-10.7%1327,766-15.2%1411
13Samsung QM63,317-26.4%1830,90120.6%1312
14Kia Seltos3,277-46.4%1236,392285.3%1021
15SsangYong Korando Sports2,873-12.7%1521,659-23.0%2015
16Kia Ray2,51835.3%1918,342-10.0%2223
17Chevrolet Spark2,244-38.0%2118,343-19.2%2119
18Kia K72,172-68.8%1731,610-1.4%128
19Hyundai Grand Starex1,95133.4%1123,968-15.1%1716
20SsangYong Tivoli1,901-18.0%2713,728-47.3%2820
21Genesis GV801,810new1421,826new19 –
22Chevrolet Trailblazer1,780new2013,819new27 –
23Samsung XM31,717new2325,878new15 –
24Hyundai Tucson1,664-35.6%2416,448-36.4%2418
25Kia K31,631-49.8%2816,901-43.3%2313
26Hyundai Kona1,574-36.4%1623,073-15.0%1814
27Kia Niro1,498-13.0%2915,070-21.7%2524
28Kia Sportage1,472-0.9%3112,412-36.4%3022
29SsangYong Korando1,4260.3%3012,40228.9%3127
30Kia Mohave1,361213.6%2514,001605.0%2635
31Hyundai Venue1,029-72.2%2612,472128.7%2928
32Genesis G90704-32.2%326,496-51.2%3426
33Hyundai Nexo675173.3%363,98785.9%3940
34SsangYong G4 Rexton592-41.3%336,560-19.4%3331
35Kia K9579-27.6%345,514-28.0%3634
36Samsung SM6562-50.7%356,756-39.4%3230
37Genesis G70448-69.5%375,652-51.3%3529
38Chevrolet Trax419-60.0%404,625-44.1%3732
39Chevrolet Malibu364-50.7%384,564-48.6%3833
40Kia Stonic355-25.4%442,995-54.6%4136
41Chevrolet Traverse318new432,885new4256
42Daewoo Labo2925.8%452,103-9.5%4445
43Daewoo Alpheon273-0.7%491,997-13.7%4547
44Renault Samsung Captur270new421,395new50 –
45Hyundai Ioniq264-61.1%472,587-36.3%4337
46Kia Stinger195-25.6%461,870-30.9%4644
47Renault Samsung Master142-56.7%391,4933.5%4848
48Chevrolet Colorado96new413,272new4055
49Hyundai Veloster95-41.0%481,6684.9%4751
50Chevrolet Equinox71-57.2%52901-40.0%5152
51Kia Soul69-60.6%53864-81.9%5238
52Hyundai i3066-53.5%55392-63.9%5554
53Renault Samsung Twizy48118.2%50595-52.0%5453
54Chevrolet Bolt41-80.7%541,398-36.3%4942
55Samsung SM340-81.4%51621-77.1%5346
56Renault Samsung Zoe8new –8new57 –
57Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro0-100.0% –68-45.6%5659

South Korea August 2020 – foreign models:

1BMW 5 Series2,83414.8%213,97724.6%22
2Mercedes E Class2,357-40.0%119,962-24.1%11
3Mercedes A Class870n/an/a3,856n/a770
4Mercedes GLE751n/an/a1,946n/a1227
5Audi A6745n/a45,943132.2%49
6BMW X3723n/an/a1,50161.4%1332
7Mercedes G Class592n/an/a592n/a21160
8BMW X4572n/an/a73951.7%1954
9Mini Hatchback537-5.0%n/a2,409-30.9%1113
10BMW X5522n/an/a761-24.7%1828

Source: KAIDA, Manufacturers

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