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South Korea December 2011: Kia Ray directly #12, Hyundai i30 up Full Year 2011: Hyundai Avante and Kia Morning dominate

Kia Ray

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A record 105,037 import models were sold in South Korea, up 16% on 2010 on the back of a new free trade pact with the European Union and increased demand for luxury brands. Imports are classified by version, not model, which artificially brings them down the rankings. The Mercedes E300 CDi comes at #1 with over 7,000 sales, followed by the BMW 520d and 528i. This means the BMW 5 Series would rank at least #27 in the overall model ranking with over 12,000 units.

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129,497 local cars were registered in South Korea in December, bringing the full year 2011 total to 1,484,082. The big event in December is the arrival directly in 12th position of the all-new Kia Ray with 4,107 sales and 3.2% share. Koreans have a taste for that type of car, having ‘invented’ the similarly sized Daewoo Matiz and Hyundai Atos to tremendous success locally at the end of the nineties

Hyundai i30

Another December highlight is the progression to #25 (+18 on November) of the 2nd generation Hyundai i30, much more modern in her new robe. Hyundai monopolises the podium again with the Avante, Sonata and Porter in the lead while the Chevrolet Malibu is down to #26 with 1,333 sales.

Hyundai Avante

Over the Full Year 2011, the Hyundai Avante is the best-selling model in South Korea with 131,016 sales and 8.8%, it was #1 9 times out of 12 this year. Boosted by the arrival of the new generation pushing it to #1 in February, the Kia Morning finishes the year in 2nd place at 117,029 units and 7.9%.

Kia Morning

Four Hyundais follow: the Grandeur probably has the nameplate’s best year in South Korea at #3 and 107,652 sales, ranking #1 in April and May and ahead of its little sister the Sonata, #4 at 102,947 units, and the Porter at 99,466 sales. Another Kia, the K5 ranks 6th.

Hyundai Grandeur

2011 also marks the morphing of all Daewoos into Chevrolets, with the Chevrolet Spark #7, the Chevrolet Cruze #17 and the Chevrolet Orlando landing at #22.

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December 2011 Top 40 and Full Year 2011 Top 35 Ranking Tables below.

South Korea December 2011:

1Hyundai Avante10,5008.1%1131,0168.8%1
2Hyundai Sonata9,1607.1%2102,9476.9%4
3Hyundai Porter8,3716.5%399,4666.7%5
4Kia Morning8,1426.3%4117,0297.9%2
5Hyundai Grandeur7,8176.0%5107,6527.3%3
6Kia K57,7256.0%687,4525.9%6
7Chevrolet Spark5,5834.3%863,9634.3%7
8Hyundai Grand Starex5,1644.0%953,2563.6%8
9Kia Bongo5,0313.9%752,8643.6%9
10Kia Sportage R4,7993.7%1052,0163.5%10
11Samsung SM54,1783.2%1150,0013.4%11
12Kia Ray4,1073.2% –4,1070.3%38
13Hyundai Tucson ix3,7762.9%1243,1982.9%12
14Kia Sorento R3,6442.8%1340,6022.7%13
15Samsung SM32,9672.3%1534,5812.3%14
16Kia Carnival R2,4691.9%1627,0911.8%16
17Hyundai Santa Fe2,3691.8%1826,0771.8%18
18Hyundai Genesis2,2291.7%2323,1161.6%21
19Kia K72,1571.7%2023,7081.6%20
20Chevrolet Orlando2,1431.7%2217,2371.2%22
21Chevrolet Cruze2,1031.6%2426,9871.8%17
22Kia Pride2,0521.6%1915,5851.1%25
23Hyundai Accent1,9641.5%1723,9461.6%19
24Kia Forte1,7611.4%1434,3892.3%15
25Hyundai i301,5991.2%433,6870.2%39
26Chevrolet Malibu1,3331.0%213,0490.2%40
27SsangYong Korando C1,2230.9%2810,6150.7%29
28Samsung SM71,1330.9%2917,0221.1%23
29Hyundai Equus1,0890.8%3013,5080.9%26
30Daewoo Alpheon1,0130.8%3210,2920.7%30
31Kia Soul9380.7%2516,7921.1%24
32Kia Mohave8630.7%357,6560.5%32
33SsangYong Rexton7220.6%348,3570.6%31
34Hyundai Veracruz7060.5%317,5390.5%35
35SsangYong Actyon Sports6570.5%2710,9050.7%28
36Kia Opirus6270.5%385,6000.4%36
37Samsung QM55480.4%377,6180.5%33
38Daewoo Damas5390.4%367,5590.5%34
39Hyundai Veloster5300.4%2610,9870.7%27
40Daewoo Labo4050.3%41n/an/an/a

South Korea Full Year 2011:

1Hyundai Avante131,0168.8%
2Kia Morning117,0297.9%
3Hyundai Grandeur107,6527.3%
4Hyundai Sonata102,9476.9%
5Hyundai Porter99,4666.7%
6Kia K587,4525.9%
7Chevrolet Spark63,9634.3%
8Hyundai Grand Starex53,2563.6%
9Kia Bongo52,8643.6%
10Kia Sportage R52,0163.5%
11Samsung SM550,0013.4%
12Hyundai Tucson ix43,1982.9%
13Kia Sorento R40,6022.7%
14Samsung SM334,5812.3%
15Kia Forte34,3892.3%
16Kia Carnival R27,0911.8%
17Chevrolet Cruze26,9871.8%
18Hyundai Santa Fe26,0771.8%
19Hyundai Accent23,9461.6%
20Kia K723,7081.6%
21Hyundai Genesis23,1161.6%
22Chevrolet Orlando17,2371.2%
23Samsung SM717,0221.1%
24Kia Soul16,7921.1%
25Kia Pride15,5851.1%
26Hyundai Equus13,5080.9%
27Hyundai Veloster10,9870.7%
28SsangYong Actyon Sports10,9050.7%
29SsangYong Korando C10,6150.7%
30Daewoo Alpheon10,2920.7%
31SsangYong Rexton8,3570.6%
32Kia Mohave7,6560.5%
33Samsung QM57,6180.5%
34Daewoo Damas7,5590.5%
35Hyundai Veracruz7,5390.5%


Note: these rankings exclude imports.

South Korea Imports Full Year 2011:

1Mercedes E300 CDi7,0196.7%
2BMW 520d6,2115.9%
3BMW 528i5,9405.7%
4Mercedes C2002,3742.3%
5VW Golf 2.0 TDI2,2712.2%
6Nissan Cube2,2562.1%
7Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Quattro2,2012.1%
8VW CC 2.0 TDI BlueMotion2,1212.0%
9Toyota Camry V62,0201.9%
10Toyota Prius HSD1,9521.9%

Source: Korea Automobile Importers and Distribution Association

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  2. Kia Ray seems to be a copy from the Nissan Cube! And make sense since Cube was the best selling foreigner car last month (735 units).

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